Why I Don’t Sell Young Living Essential Oils

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I owe you all a bit of an explanation. Last June, I let you know through my facebook page that I had signed up to sell Young Living essential oils, and then you never heard anything else about it. A few of you have asked me about it, so I felt that I couldn’t postpone my explanation anymore.

The truth is, you haven’t heard anything else about Young Living from me because I can’t, in good conscience, recommend them as a company. 

I have put off writing this post for nearly a year. I felt like I should share my experience, but at the same time, YL is such a huge company with such rabidly loyal distributors that I didn’t want to deal with the backlash that was sure to come.

However, I believe that people deserve to hear both sides. Especially when the “good” side usually comes from the people who stand to profit from your purchase.

So, here it is…

Why I Don't Recommend Young Living Oils

Note: I have dear friends who sell Young Living oils. I have no problem with them doing that and this post isn’t about that. This post is simply my account of my experience and why I decided not to sell them.

Why I don’t recommend Young Living essential oils

As I shared on the blog a few years ago, I had been wanting to learn more about essential oils. In my research, I kept hearing about Young Living essential oils. There were red flags for me right away because I don’t personally appreciate the business model of MLM companies (it’s okay to disagree, that’s just my opinion, I have seen way too many yucky things go on through them).

I wasn’t sure if I would participate as a distributor, but I kept seeing that name over and over, so I took the plunge. I signed up under a blogger, getting the big introductory kit they offer for $160. I also got some bonuses thrown in from the blogger. Some bottle cap labels, and a reference book I had been wanting.

Overall, it was a pretty good deal to get to start out with a good variety of oils. And, I still think that, when things go as planned, the introductory kit that Young Living offers is a good way to get started with a good variety of oils and a diffuser. If you have the large sum up front, it’s a decent deal.

However, for me there were a lot of problems and red flags that prohibited me from partnering with them as a sales rep.

1. MLM Strategy (& how it negatively effected my start with Young Living)

As I said above, one of the initial red flags for me was the MLM set up. I feel that generally this set up drives up prices–you pay more, not for quality, but for all the levels of commissions and bonuses. I also feel it leads to a spirit of putting profit over people. Obviously, this attitude doesn’t affect everyone, but I have seen some really yucky things behind the scenes of several well-known MLM companies.

One of the perks of signing up through this blogger was access to a larger group on facebook. Once I was added to the facebook group the day I placed my order, I found out that a brand new kit was coming out the very next day. My kit was obsolete before I even received it. At the same time, I found out that my leaders and the bloggers I signed up under had known about this for weeks.

I was frustrated that no one had told me this. I also found out that there were bonuses and additional profit for the bloggers I signed up under to promote the old kit rather than advise me to wait 1 day and get the new kit. They led me to do something that was bad for me and my potential business because it would earn them more money. That is the type of attitude I don’t like, and one that is cultivated by MLM strategies as a whole. Again…not everyone! But, that is the attitude that is cultivated and taught.

2. Delivery Problems & Customer Service Problems

I had several problems right away–they began immediately.

My kit was severely delayed. I watched as people who had ordered weeks after me received their kits and got to work. I tried contacting customer service and they were no help. I was told, “you’ll have your kit by Friday.” Friday came and went and I called again…only to be told the same thing multiple times and it still didn’t show up. I received a partial kit (the written info and the diffuser), but no oils…which of course was the bulk of why I had invested such a large sum. I was later told that this was caused by the whole new kit change over, but I don’t know about that. All I know is that I waited nearly a month to get my kit.

I finally received my essential oils…4 weeks after I had purchased it! I never received an apology and was given the runaround every time I tried to contact customer service. And again, by the time I received it, the new kit had been switched over and my kit was obsolete (which is important for a distributor as I couldn’t take my kit to events and show people exactly what they would receive if they signed up.)

About this, I was told, “buy one of the new kits so yours will be up to date.” Yes, the only thing I was told was that I should invest in another $160 kit a month later.

There was also a situation in which I received double of some of the items from the kit (apparently this, too, was caused by the kit change, and several people had this happen during that time frame). I immediately contacted them about this, and they told me at first that I would have to purchase them at full price! Remember, this was their mistake and not something that I ordered. It was completely ridiculous.

Customer service is HUGE to me, and I have a hard time recommending a company that has such horrible customer service as I experienced with Young Living.

3. Distributor Status

In all of the “sign up here” pages I have seen about Young Living essential oils, they say that you don’t have to sell it if you don’t want to. You can just buy the kit and enjoy your 24% discount. They say “it’s kind of like a Sam’s Club membership” You pay a fee, or place your initial kit order and you can access that 24% wholesale discount. Sounds great, right?

But, it’s not exactly accurate. Yes, the active selling part is optional, but signing up as a distributor is not optional. By purchasing that initial kit, you are not simply getting a wholesale account. You are signing up to be a distributor, whether you like it or not. This means that you have all the rules involved with that–including a non-compete clause that prohibits you from selling or representing any other essential oil or wellness products while you are a distributor, or for 6 months after you terminate that agreement.

They have a very broad definition of the wellness category and your involvement with them. Basically, you can’t have anything to do with any other company that involves essential oils. So, if you wonder about the loyalty of Young Living distributors, it’s at least partly forced by their agreement with YL.

4. “No Monthly Minimum” Claims

Again referring back to all those “sign up here” posts from bloggers and distributors, the claim is made that there are absolutely no minimums. However, this is a bit misleading. For distributors (which again, by purchasing one of their wholesale kits you are automatically signing up as a distributor), the minimum purchase in order to receive commissions earned is $100 per month. That is quite a large minimum, and from the way it was explained to me, it does not include anything that you sell or from people signed up under you, it is the amount that you personally must purchase every single month in order to be paid for your earned commissions. You don’t actually get paid the money you earn unless you spend about $100/month yourself.

5. Unsafe Usage Recommendations

Okay, I know this will get into some controversial territory, but I don’t personally agree with some of the usage recommendations that come from Young Living. Specifically, I don’t agree with the recommendation to ingest any oils in all circumstances. Young Living recommends this, and they use it as another marketing gimmick, “We’re the only company that recommends this because only ours are pure enough to ingest.” But this is not true. First of all, there are other companies that sell high quality, pure oils. Secondly, there are many experts that do not recommend ingestion of any essential oils, and of those who do recommend it, they recommend it only with certain oils and only under the guidance of a certified professional (i.e. not a sales person with no independent training). You can read more about this here,  here, here, and here.

Yes, I can choose not to ingest oils for myself, even if the company and reps recommend it. However, this recommendation raises red flags for me about the overall concern shown to education about the safe use of oils, and the way customers are valued (or not).

6. Misleading Claims about Quality

This is somewhat related to the above point. The oils are often recommended for internal use, and they use their “therapeutic grade” as a reason that it’s safe, but only with their brand, of course.

There is no objective, independent standard for “therapeutic grade.” (you can read more about that here). It is a marketing gimmick. I’m not exactly questioning the quality of YL oils, because I do believe they are probably a good quality. However, to say that they are the only one that is a good quality because they alone are “therapeutic grade” is misleading when there is no independent source or qualification for it.

I have also seen YL representatives make some very dangerous claims about what their oils can do, to the extent that the company was seriously cited by the FDA. Now, I’m not completely on board with everything the FDA does by a long shot. However, I do appreciate that, unfortunately, the public needs protection from snake oil promises. You can read more about that here.

Furthermore, there have been some allegations brought against this company about the quality of the oils and how truthful their claims are. I can’t say for sure if these are completely accurate, but it’s definitely something to take into consideration when choosing a company to work with or represent.

Final Thoughts

These are just my personal reasons based upon my personal experience. There are also some very concerning controversies surrounding the founder, Gary Young, which I would suggest that you research on your own.

I chose Young Living at first largely because I was worried about finding a high quality company. So, I settled on an easy option that I thought I could trust. Go here for some tips about how you can choose your own essential oil companyThere are many others that offer pure, high quality oils…not just the MLM companies. 

I do have to say that from a product standpoint, they seem to have quality oils. We still use the oils I received in my kit, and have had a good experience with the usage of the oils. However, since there are other high-quality oils available, I prefer to support and shop through a company with better overall practices in addition to high-quality oils.

EDIT: For those who have asked, I use essential oils from several different companies and the main one I have chosen to partner with as an affiliate is Rocky Mountain oils. This post is already quite lengthy, so I will share  next time why I decided to go with them. Click here to read about some of the reasons I love Rocky Mountain Oils.

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  1. Sally says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I know it was hard to come against the masses, but I’m glad someone had the courage to do it. I, too, have seen some disturbing and unethical practices coming from these oil companies.

    • Leslye says

      THANK YOU! For writing this article. I have been researching for months on various oils & this particular company seemed a little too fishy for me! It’s great to know that I there is someone out there who is on the same boat with me. I admire the courage, and for the way you wrote the article without bashing or insulting anyone.

      • Anonymous says

        I have been using YL OILS for almost 4 years. U don’t have to buy if u don’t want- u don’t have to sell if u so t want – seems to me you had a bad experience with people not the company. Just recently after years I have decided to start the business side of it. I choose to buy the oils at high prices bc of the quality of the oils – u can buy cheaper and that is what u will get. I appreciate tour honest – but it is not the company’s fault – it’s the individuals u have dealt with. Their customer service is great – if u receive something broke or messed up they send u another and let u keep the old product even if it still full and they give u added perks for saying I’m sorry. I am sorry again u have had the issue but the company itself is wonderful and very blessed people who care.

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Like I said in the post, I did contact the customer service of the company several times and was never treated well, nor was my issue resolved through them. However, I am very glad that you have personally had a good experience with their customer service replacing things for you and making mistakes right.

          • Tina Thompson says

            I have been with them for a year now. I have to agree about customer service. I love the oils but hate that I do my order on the 2nd of the month and they take weeks to ship and more weeks to get here. I have called and it is a hassle. I don’t sell them. I use for my personal use which is good because I would loose my customers on their wait time.

          • Anonymous says

            I have been with the company for over five years now. I have never had to wait more than 5 days for my order and can honestly tell you I have never had an order that had a problem filling. Customer service is very accommodating and friendly. I agree with the comment above that you signed up under a blog that wasn’t clearly representing YL or you for that matter. Unfortunately you knew when you signed up it was a marketing company unless you were misled by the people who signed you. Sorry for your bad experience but that’s not to say everyone has shared your bad experience. Not fair to slam the company for mistakes of others. Perhaps you should take this up with the people who signed you.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            With all due respect, the person I signed up under should not affect shipping times. I am glad that you have received everything within 5 days and never had problems with orders being filled. I wish that had been my experience. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for many of us.

          • says

            O.M.G. I love Young Living. I have always had excellent service when I call them. In fact, one of the customer service reps was at the hotel I was staying at during convention and she even wanted to take me under her wing and hang out with her. I, too did much research (I have an MBA, so I was very interested in different businesses)
            before I got my membership with YL, and they won me heart and soul!

          • Crystal Brothers says

            I have to admit I’m a little jealous! I wanted so badly to have a good experience that I overlooked problem after problem until I just couldn’t anymore.

        • Chris Hackler says

          I guess your article raised many questions in my mind.
          1) You stated that you have many friends who distribute essential oils, yet you bought from a blogger online. Do you trust the motives of someone you do not know over the motives of your friends? You said that the system set in place tends for profit over people, However that is human nature not systems-systems set in place tend to stop bad behavior(human nature). I do understand that systems reflect motives.Don’t you think that your friends would have tended to put you over profit? But again you chose a blogger and not your friends.

          2) You said that MLMs tend to have higher prices because of the many levels of distribution. However, The site you recommended ,Rocky Mtn. who does not do MLM Charged more for their kit of comparable size than did YL. And Rocky mtn. keeps ALL the profit. it does not share any with the people who buy the product

          3) You ordered through a blogger online and it took time to get your kit. In most cases if you had gone to a friend to get a kit you would have received it the same day as some distributors either have a kit on hand or know someone local who does.

          4) The use of the term therapeutic grade was created to differentiate between the use of terms such as “Natural” which does not have to be natural, “Pure” which does not have to be pure. However, “Therapeutic” does mean that nothing is added.
          or any other substance is used to dilute it.

          5) Lastly, did you share your concerns with or seek the advice of your friends who could have been a much more informed and concerned circle than the path you choose. Maybe your article could have been “Why you should go with your friend rather than a blogger when you do MLM”.

          I could not in good conscience not answer this article.
          Chris Hackler

          • Melanie says

            Maybe you know. Why does YL use bottles that can be resealed so that the consumer does not know if it was tampered with/diluted etc.? I don’t see the benefit but I can see why it would be a negative feature. If the company is trying to say they are therapeutic how does the consumer know that? The bottle could have been tampered at any time before it was purchased by the consumer

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Chris, In regards to (2) could you please share, in specifics, which essential oils are more expensive with RMO than with YL? YL does not share their profit with people who buy the product. They pay some distributors who are selling their product–big difference.

            In regards to (3) None of my acquaintances (friends might be a strong word as I’m not close to anyone who is a distributor, my comment at the beginning was simply to say that I do know there are good people who are in YL) carry the full kit contents in stock. Also, I am glad that I ordered through YL directly as a customer so that I could learn what a customer would experience. As a matter of conscience, I would not recommend a company without having firsthand experience with them. It is inexcusable for a customer to have the excessive wait and problems that I had–especially when the company took no responsibility, offered no apologies, etc. I’m appalled that you would suggest it is my fault as the consumer. Unacceptable, and not the type of attitude I want a company to have. When I refer customers to RMO, I know that they will get top notch customer service, and that RMO will take responsibility for any problems and will fix them as soon as possible.

            (4) False. “Therapeutic grade” does not mean anything. It is a marketing phrase, created by YL and there is no objective standard for measuring this, anymore than there is with the terms pure or natural. The way we tell oils are pure is that we look at batch-specific 3rd party testing results, which quality companies will provide.

            (5) The blogger I signed up with was an acquaintance, just as the real-life people I know who use YL. But the bottom line is this–a good company has their customers’ best interest at heart. When someone comes into my store, or to my blog store, I want to do what’s best by them. I don’t treat them poorly and then tell them they should have purchased from a friend who cared about them instead. That’s not a solution. It should not come to that, and it’s ridiculous that you would even suggest it. I am not friends with anyone from RMO, but I am a customer and am treated very well by them, which is as it should be.

          • Michelle says

            I have been with Young Living 3.5 years and have dealt with customer service several times and have had SUPERB service, every single customer service agent I have had the pleasure of working with has been nothing short of kind and accomodating. I have never ended a chat or a phone call without my problem being resolved or my order changed because I made a mistake. I think you’re trying to market Rocky Mountain oils and bash Young Living, honestly. I can’t imagine anyone receiving poor customer service from YL.

            Conventions are filled with 30,000+ people who are HAPPY! All crowded into a convention center, bumping into each other trying to get to the next class and everone is SMILING.

            And, YL products are not labeled organic because that is too low a standard for their products. They truly are therapuetic grade. Shame on you for bashing another company. That is one thing Young Living members don’t do is bash another company.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            As I have said over and over, I am glad that you have had such a great experience and I wish I would have! I promise you, I did not set out to waste all that money spent with young living! I was very excited to work with them. It’s true that I now work with Rocky Mountain Oils, but that was due to my poor experience with YL. I could be making a lot more money with young living! And that is what I wanted, they just made it completely impossible. To be honest, I’m a bit envious! You and another girl said that they helped you out when you’re the one that made the mistake. They wouldn’t even resolve my issue when they are the ones that made the mistake! That was unacceptable for me. I can handle mistakes if the company is willing to apologize and make it right but that just wasn’t my experience. Again, I am truly glad that you have had such a great experience with them. I really wish that had been my experience as well.

            I’m not trying to bash anything. I never even said people shouldn’t use young living. I simply was answering the question about why I was so excited and announced I was becoming a young living distributor and then my readers never heard anything more about it from me. They were wondering what happened with it. Also, I wanted to share some of the information that I wished I’d had available to me before I committed to Young Living, so that I could have made a more informed choice. Also, I’m glad if you truly don’t “bash” other companies but I promise you that is not the case for young living as a whole! That was one of the many things that majorly turned me off from them. Saying that YL is the ONLY decent company and the only oils that work is just a lie, plain and simple. There are dozens of quality essential oil companies out there.

        • Elisa Quinones says

          Just because it cost a bit less does not mean it is less quality, some even offer free shipping no matter how much you buy. My problem with YL is how they are not accommodating with prices and shipping shipping , it’s like apple

          • Emily Borth says


            If certified organic is too low of a standard for YL, then why can’t they at least MEET that standard & THEN exceed it? That has always seemed fishy to me. (I was actively with YL for 2+ years).

            Also, the term “therapeutic grade” is an industry created & marketing term that is absolutely meaningless. There is NO agency, FDA or otherwise, that certifies EO’s this way.

  2. says

    I am really sorry you had such a poor experience. From the sounds of it things did not go well for initially and put a bad taste in your mouth. I personally use Young Living and after A LOT of research, this is the company I chose because they really do have the best oils, are the oldest, most trusted, and most researched essential oil company there is. I did not make my decision lightly. Mine was based on a NEED we absolutely had in our family. As for the ingesting I am not sure who was encouraging you to do this. All the recommendations I have gotten from my upline and the company leadership is based on what makes you feel comfortable. And Young Living ALWAYS advises that you seek out professional advice (like your doctor) before making any medical decision. With that being said I also believe that we have to be our own health advocate. We know our bodies better than any other else. I respect your decision not to sell YL. And if you think of the MLM system in terms of people supporting small business (Such as your blog) then the MLM system is for the little guy. It helps pay for someone’s soccer or groceries or kids clothing. YL also has 8 rounds of testing done on every single batch of oil (both internally and by 3rd party companies). They do this so there can be transparency and so members can be assured that what they are getting is truly Therapeutic grade. You can go to their farms, help plant, pick weeds, harvest, go to the distillery, labs, and warehouses. You can see EVERY single process done with YL oils because they really are what they say they are. No other company offers that to the members.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I, too, have put a lot of research and thought into my decision. As I have stated in my post, I disagree with you. However, I’m not going to get pulled into a back and forth arguing of specific points.

      • Kim says

        I am very sorry for your personal experience. It sounds like the blogger and/or uplink people mislead you from the start. However, some of the things are not by your experience but by your opinion or interpretation. While I can appreciate your opinion base on your experience (with the blogger/upline, slow shipping, etc)I hope your readers research for themselves all of the other allegations you are “quoting.”

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by! I’m interested to know which aspects you feel weren’t my actual experience? I assure you, this is a completely honest review. I have nothing to gain by posting it…in fact, as you probably know, if I were selling YL and recruiting others to the business, I could be making A LOT of money right now!

          As for the rest of it, I absolutely hope my readers will do just what you said and research for themselves. In fact, that was the entire point of posting this. My purpose is not to deter anyone from using this company. Instead my goal is that it will inspire others to research all of the options available and then decide which one is right for them, rather than accepting some of the claims made by any particular company.

          • EJ says

            Agree agree agree!! With the one exception that I never had any delivery issues from YL, this could have been MY post word for word!!!

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Thanks for sharing EJ! I purchased right when they were about to switch over the kit, so I’m sure that added to my delivery issues.

    • Glenda says

      Heather, YL is most certainly not the oldest essential oil company. If you were misled about this easily verified fact, what else were you misled about?

      • Sherri H. says

        Glenda, YL company is the oldest modern day oil company around, among other great things. YL sets bar and not raises it for excellency. Few issues here and there like all companies but overall great experiences. Sorry y’all, I refuse to compromise my body and pay for cheaper diluted oils that have additives and maybe toxins in them. That hinders the therapeutic properties in them. Can’t do it! I’ve only had one issue with YL and it was handled very smoothly. I love working with my upline and dowline members. It’s all about relationships and we all pull together to make things happen. I’ve made great friends and built stronger relationships I can’t even get in my home town I reside in. We are a very strong unit for sure.

        • Glenda says

          Young living established 1993, Aura Cacia 1982, not the oldest. That’s just one example. Now if you want to start qualifying the claim (oldest company that does whatever) , or arguing quality, well those are different matters. The bold and simple claim that Young Living is the oldest essential oil company is just not true.

        • Missy says

          YL is NOT the oldest essential oil company! I’m with a company that has been using essential oils since 1985. If you are looking for products the are different. Better. Safer. More effective. Inspired by nature. Proven by science. My shopping club uses natural ingredients combined with advanced scientific tests and formulas. I made the smarter choice.

  3. says

    Thanks for posting this. I'm sure it was hard, but I appreciate your honesty. I also shop Rocky Mountain Oils after a lot of research and feeling uncomfortable about companies like doTerra or Young Living. I'm sure many people have great experiences with them, but no company is perfect. I'm glad to hear a view from "the other side".

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I strive for honesty here and I’m sorry you’re offended by my review of this company. To be completely honest, I wish it were different. I could stand to profit a LOT by promoting this company. However, it’s very important to me to have the highest integrity here and I felt it important to put my experience out there and hopefully save some people from spending a lot of money without seeing both sides of the story.

      • Joy says

        Part of finding joy is seeking truth and being honest. Thanks for sharing your experiences! PS: This has been one of the least negative detracting reviews of an MLM company that I’ve read, so good job!

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot to me because my goal was to share my honest opinion, and to get people thinking about it more critically, regardless of what their individual decision ended up being. My goal was definitely not to be negative, so I appreciate that it didn’t come across as being that.

      • Sherri H. says

        Crystal the reference you provided in your opinion of YL. I clicked on it and found the following: “But Young Living essential oils aren’t a magic cure-all. They’re not even certified organic.“ Ley the record show that the reason YL isn’t organic certified is because our standards are above organic standards as the standards for organic still allows for some pesticides to be used. YL just won’t allow that so no we don’t want to be considered organic bco this. I still haven’t seen any reference to mystical language unless I missed it. Please help me understand what mystical language you refer to. Thanks

        • Paige says

          I’m not sure why a company that exceeds the standard wouldn’t certify their oils as organic. I have absolutely no affiliation with any EO company and while doing my own research have been very disappointed with Young Living. I believe their oils are good quality and I know some amazing people who sell their oils, but as a company their marketing is very misleading. I would recommend that everyone who reads these statements about why YL doesn’t use USDA organic certification step back and really think about the logic behind these “reasons”. Why wouldn’t a company that exceeds the standards want to prove that they at least meet a standard that has some very specific guidelines? The USDA takes the term organic very seriously, unlike terms like “natural” and “pure” and just because someone certifies their product as organic does not mean that they use pesticides. Please do your own research and think logically for yourself.

          • Kelly says

            I totally agree, saying YL exceeds organic standards so they don’t bother to be certified as organic sounds pretty shady to me. If they truly met organic standards then I believe they would have that certification.

          • Sherri H. says

            The reason YL has declined to be under US organic standards is because even organic allows for some chemicals to be applied to the plant. YL doesn’t allow any chemicals. YL uses their essential oils to fertilize and pesticide. They won’t certify as organic for that reason.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            If they were compliant, they could still be certified as organic and then beat the standards. The requirements are merely a minimum.

          • Sherri H. says

            Umm organic standards is suppose to mean no chemicals like it use to be so I think the organic standards needs to improve so it’s not so toxic or just do away with organic altogether or call it something else. Makes me upset to know that organic isn’t organic anymore and it’s been that way a long time. Until the USDA changes back to no chemicals on plants and with cattle no growth hormones or antibiotics then YL will not associate theirselves with organic standards. Just not going to happen. I don’t think there is a way to test above organic standards bc sadly organic is the highest “quality”

          • Paige says

            And as long as organic is the highest “quality” then Certified Organic is the highest quality. There is no “we disagree with the conditions of a substance to be labeled organic so even though our product is produced to higher standards so we won’t go through the process of being labeled organic” qualification. Therefore, sadly, YL oils cannot even be classified as the highest quality no matter how they’ve convinced you to justify and argue differently.

    • Georgette L Koury says

      Tiffany Gaines…another thing: the YL culture. Your remark was totally uncalled for yet represents the brainwashing snarkiness I found while I was briefly a member of the secret YL Facebook group. What a bunch of Stepford Wives. Funny that you’re such a zealous Christian yet feel compelled to make such a judgmental remark. Go away.

  4. Emily says

    Such a joy to see integrity and honesty about your experience. Two-sides of the story is SO important these days and I too am so cautious about MLM companies, I’m just not a sales type person, but one certain essential oil Hamas been helping my mom with her bursitis and I have chronic pain from a back injury at work, which has given me some relief, as well. I didn’t want to sell anything. I was apart of a big name nutrition company called Advocare for 2 years, just to get the product, which I eat all natural now, only, no added products. But, anyways, I reached a distributor level not by my own doing but bc my up line had people sign up under me that he knew and that’s how I moved quickly up the discount, distributor, chain quickly. But, I later found out That he did it illegally and it helped move him up that way… shady! I’m upset that my massage therapist got me signed up for the most basic set with YL, and then when I went to order something for my mom, it was so hard to change Thee credit card. I had to call customer service to change my own account settings and I couldn’t change the order like I was trying bc I accidentally hit send and it confirmed all too quickly, without any verification. Customer service was a nightmare too. I also couldn’t use a gift card I had, instead of a credit card, it was all just super confusing and their website and account setting was are not use red friendly. Thank you for being honest! I felt uneasy about tall of this’s ever since that happened last week and now, I’m just beside myself. And for all those who are distributors for YL, if you were offended by the post, you out could have scrolled on by and not had to read it, if it made you offended. Just saying!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you had a similar experience with the customer service. I’m sorry you had that as well :(

      • CMD says

        This is all very interesting to read, but what I am reading over and over is the same root cause of experience and it is not the product or that it is an MLM it is the people you are dealing with and that no company anywhere can control. To bad you are pointing the finger at the company and an industry instead of who should actually take the blame.

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I don’t entirely disagree with you. I was very open and honest about the fact that I was speaking to my own experience with the company and the service that I received from them. I have said over and over, both in the comments and in the post itself. My purpose in posting this was simply to inform my readers why I was not able to sell and represent YL as I had originally planned and announced. Customer service is to me a very big part of any company that I choose to support with my shopping dollars (and one that I believe they actually can control), and even more so important in those I choose to recommend to my readers.

          • Georgette L Koury says

            I’ve been connected to YL for a couple of years. I don’t sell. I have real issues with two things: 1. processing and shipping of my monthly Essential Rewards order takes forever. The manage to charge my credit card within 24 hours but generally my order is in some kind of “shipping pending” limbo for most of a week…then there’s another week for shipping. (Granted I choose the cheapest shipping method.) So two weeks from order placed to order being received. (And I live just a few hundred miles away from YL HQ.) 2. Why such high tax? Utah’s sales tax is only 4.7%…yet I pay more than double that. I suppose it’s because YL charges tax based on the retail price rather than the wholesale price I pay. (Oh, and there’s a separate tax charged on just the shipping… which I’ve NEVER encountered before.) I predict there will eventually be a MAJOR class action suit to recover some of this ill-gotten tax money that (I’m betting) YL doesn’t pay the state of Utah. I’ve got more but this is enough for now.

        • Nicole H says

          I’m sorry, but customer service is ABSOLUTELY something a company can control. Why do you think companies like Zappos are so well-regarded? It’s because of their customer service. I’m not going to shop at a company that doesn’t believe in putting their best face forward and doing what is best for their customers. Put your customers first and then the money will come. But YL comes across as cult-like. And “above organic standards”? BS. The testing is not saying that they HAVE to use those pesticides.

          • Julie says

            Georgette, you pay tax on the retail amount and the rate used is the rate where the product is being delivered. That also determines if you pay tax on shipping. It is determined by your state tax laws. These are issues of federal law and all companies have to abide by them. Just thought you might want to know.

  5. M.W. says

    Kudos to you for voicing your experience with this MLM company! My friend is an avid distributor for doterra and was very persistent in having me join. Although I was very interested in the products she sold, I was very hesitant in the price tags that came with it and the minimum monthly requirement that needed to be bought every month. As a stay at home mom it wasn’t an expense that needed to be monthly. I ended up buying EO’s from a non-MLM company and brought it to show her ( on the side) when she invited me to an “open house” of sorts to talk about doterra and all its glories. I didn’t bring the oils I bought to deter her sales, I brought them to show only her and ask her opinion of them because I honestly respected her opinion. But instead of allowing me to show her my purchased oils after her presentation she put me on the spot and had me hand over my oils so that they could be sniffed at and made faces at in comparison to the incomparably perfect oils of doterra. I was ashamed and shocked to have been treated that way by someone I’ve been friends with a very long time. Although I left her presentation a little deflated I had to forgive her because money can make anyone ugly. I opted to not join up that evening unlike the others who came and were successfully fished in. I just had too many unanswerable questions on HER friends presentation (which was about how she had cysts growing on her spine and doctors were adamant that nothing could be done looking at the xrays; used doterra on her spine and bam! The cysts were gone and she was pain free, leaving doctors baffled). Uh. So how come doterra isn’t jumping all over this story?? This is proof positive that this shit is amazing! And the doctors!! How are they not wowed and excited about this miracle essential oil doing the impossible?! How is this not getting news flash coverage? When she couldn’t answer me and blithely continued on like I was an annoying little gnat, a seed of doubt crept into my mind that something wasn’t right. Mind you, this friend got my friend into this company and so any orders garnered that night would also benefit her. It was quite a pyramid formed that night.

    She also said that doterra is the only therapeutic grade eo out there and that it was ok to ingest because of its purity. Even though I’ve always read the opposite as true from books and articles not affiliated with an MLM company. I personally believe EO’s can work, I just don’t believe they should cost an arm and a leg to use. I use Piping Rock essential oils and have never been disappointed. Its at a price point that I’m comfortable with paying and I don’t feel like I need to bash other brands or the people who believe in those brands in order to make them believe Piping Rock is THE only company to offer good quality EO’s. There are other companies out there that make awesome EO’s. My favorite lavender EO comes from Alii Kula Farms on Maui! By far the most superior lavender that I’ve smelled and used, but its really expensive so I use that one sparingly while I use another lavender eo for the blends that i make. In the end its to each their own. And if you have to make up groundbreaking medical stories to give validity to your product, chances are your oils and their exorbitant prices are hiding behind pretty packaging and hype.

    So I applaud you on your article. Those MLM distributors are an impassioned lot (to put it nicely) and I wasn’t surprised to see the backlash responses after your article. I seriously believe they’ve been brainwashed into thinking their product is the most superior of them all when in fact good graphic design and marketing is the real super-power at hand. I love how their responses seemed so sugar-coated to hide the seething underneath. My husband calls all this stuff voodoo and scoffs at it all, and I just laugh. I have successfully made a blend that takes away skin tags and a blend for mosquito repellant without it having to be MLM affilliated EO’s. I will continue to use EO’s for whatever I can and do believe in a level of truth behind their healing properties. But I’m not going join an MLM cult in order to figure it out.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you for your support and for sharing your own story. I do believe that more of us need to do that in order to have both sides out there and allow people to make more of an informed choice. I have heard from too many people that they jumped in and then learned some of the “bad” stuff afterwards. My hope is to allow people to make more of an educated decision so that even if they do still choose to work with an MLM oil company, they will at least have more info up front and know what to expect.

      • Stephen says

        DOTERRA uses a trademark CPTG to deceive their buyers by giving them the impression that they only have therapeutic grade essential oils when in fact it’s just a trademark.

        To your point Crystal, there is no actual legal qualification of therapeutic grade, Although I know that Gary Young is working with the FDA to set those standards.

        Young living does own their own farms and distills most of their own oils and they do have some of the best essential oils on the market although their prices are affected by the MLM structure, but also the science, the history and the manufacturing of the oils. Take their Frankincense. Young Living actually met with and fostered strong relationships with the Oman Government and the families that owned the trees for generations, and hand pick the resin before distillation. They are also testing its effects on cancer for possible application. At least there are some promising components to some of these companies and their resources.

        It is the only Frankincense that I choose.

        MLM isn’t for everyone, but there are great companies out there, just be careful which distributors you trust especially when they begin making claims.

        • lanakay says

          This has been the best blog ever!!!! You people are still trying to sale. I mean I literally was just looking up essential oils. Would never buy from a big MLM company anyways, and came across this blog. The average person knows its a scam, she shares her opinion and time after time one after another salesperson after salesperson if I didn’t know before I would never go anywhere near these 2 companies now not because of this woman but because of all the reps who showed up, it cures cancer that’s seriously cruel would you take money from a mother with a dying child all of you need to look in the mirror. You are taking money from people who are looking for a miracle you can’t offer that, and you know that.

          • Sherri H. says

            I’m an YL MLM rep and if we get caught trying to treat an illness we could lose the agreement with our company and can’t be affiliated with them anymore. The only thing I do is if an oil helps me in some way and it comes up in conversation with a friend. I will advise that this is the result I got and it’s not guaranteed to work the same for others bc we are all different. Lots of oils work on many body systems so if one oil doesn’t work for you then try another one that will work. But no we can’t just advertise that oil products will cure cancer but if it worked for my grandmother, I can’t just blast it on Facebook bc the FDA will get us so we are compliant. Some reps aren’t compliant and they make the good ones look bad.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Yes, the FDA has cracked down on it a bit since I wrote this post so there is less of it.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Sherri, unfortunately I had to delete a couple of your comments. Please be sure that you are not cursing, taking the Lord’s name in vain, or engaging in personal attacks. Thank you.

          • lanakay says

            I see can that you are a rep for the company and you have had an amazing relationship with them. That’s awesome honestly I don’t think anyone here wishes you ill will for that. I don’t believe Crystal is trying to push the point of bashing these companies either. She was trying to get the word of caution out and share her experience out like a review of a company like many of us do on Facebook or social media. I have been reading other bloggers who have done way more in depth research on both companies and she was way more far than they were. She didn’t state that LV doesn’t harvest their plants in the native countries so they aren’t really harvested at peak anything. Then the claim that LV is above organic doesn’t mean much anymore because organic allows chemicals to be used anyways so that doesn’t say much anymore. What most people have stated on most websites is shipping is slow that is out of the reps control, but when you are paying so much for shipping and a lot of places are offering free shipping now seems like they would step it up or offer free shipping/two day shipping some way to speed it up. You would think with Amazon killing so many companies that they would strive to have killer customer service but I am thinking they are trying to make up for it in the rep department but in the day and age of the internet this is going to fade away. Here is the thing with so many people making awesome EO and opening stores on Etsy and very good prices I can find the same diffuser on Amazon for 30 that you guys are selling for 200 and I can pay a mom and pop shop 10 dollars a bottle where I am paying LV 20 to 30 see where this is going. Just doesn’t make sense to a normal person I saw the comment where you said everyone has to make money yeah we all have to make money and we all like to spend it wisely!!! You have a blessed day.

      • Sherri H. says

        M. W. Wow calling groups of people like “cult” and other nice/nasty sayings isn’t going to make you more believable. I’ve been using YL for 2 years and no issues. Has there been mistakes my D. Gary Young in the past? YES but he is human and strives for excellency everyday. He doesn’t use pesticides he uses essential oils instead. Every plant is hand weeded. In order for YL to start a farm it must be virgin lands. Plants are harvested in their most peak and testing is done every hour around the clock to make sure harvest is at full peak. We don’t put chemical on our products so more product can be produced. We don’t add alcohols, fillers and rose water in our products and just 5% oil which is the minimum requirement by FDA to call it “pure”. Has YL been sited by OSHA for mistakes in the past? YES no company is perfect and 1 person at the factory has died in the 2000’s as a result of improper handling of equipment. The important thing here is that YL learns from their mistakes and we don’t advocate repeating those same mistakes. We no longer make it mandatory to provide your ssn# when creating your wholesale account. If on essential rewards (YL auto shipment program) you have a $50 minimum to receive initial commissions but have to do $100 to receive downline commissions. Everything is give and take or companies would be broke. Commissions are given out very liberally. Most of the time if you keep sharing the products you love to others then your $50-$100 will be given back to you in commissions. Every company has customer service issues unless we implement robots.There are bad apples in this world, which no company can control but we can certainly set the record straight in that most of our sales come from education and sharing what we love. No effort really

        • Tina Thompson says

          Like I said yes I have had issues with customer service and shipping issues but recently compared my yl oils to others. What I found is that most others are so diluted in carrier oil and the yl oil is not. I have read the comments and with me being a Christian I use them alot in prayer. I don’t look at it as new age but look at ingredients and use them as my bible tells me too. I have seen healing done through using it but I also look at the natural side of it instead of medication. I do use rc instead of cough syrup I do use it on my children. And recently used a formula for my dad which has copd. I have seen results. It is science. I don’t look at it as a cult. Again I don’t sell it I use for my personal use. Only because of the customer service and shipping issues. But after comparing to other oils not that They aren’t good it’s just I prefer yl oils because they are not diluted in carrier oil. If you compare you will use less of the yl oil compared to others and use your own carrier oil which will make up for price in how far it will go.

          • Sherri H. says

            Tina my reply was for M. W. and not you Tina. I’m sorry when I hit reply for MW it would give a place to reply so I had to click on yours so I’m sorry, please forgive me😬

          • Tina Thompson says

            I was really replying to all the claims. Its easy to read someone’s opinion and run with it but unless you experience yourself and do research and I’m not talking about reading an article but actually trying it yourself you can’t really claim to know. The new age claim was out there I stand firm on the word. And I do use alot of my oils for prayer but I also actually read my word and use them according to God command. Just clearing up If any thought I was 100% against yl. I’m not I’m just against selling it because I know how important customer service is.

          • Paige says

            I’m curious how you can know for certain that YL oils are not adulterated and that other oils are. I am not at all trying to say that they are, and I would love to believe everything I read, but I’ve just gotten to a point that I feel like I have to do my own research and not believe something just because someone tells me it’s true.

      • Crystal Brothers says

        I have not had personal experience with skin tags, but my research shows that Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Oregano have been effective for many people. I would start with Tea Tree as it is inexpensive and is good for other things as well–it’s one of my must have oils

  6. Mel says

    I believe that EOs work, butI cringe every time I see another blog post promoting “therapeutic grade essential oils” from bloggers that used to write about a wide variety of subjects that interested me. This post was a breath of fresh air.

      • AnnaRose says

        There are many companies who do MLM, like Thrive Market (one family gives and 4 families get fed),who would legit be mad about that? MLM allows for many families to receive commissions for the work they have put into their clients. I love the business model, though it does make people seem pushy, to everyone is about purpose over profit. However how awesome is it that at least 30 families in the business are profiting from someones passion? The pricing isn’t in place to pay those people in your upline, they are in place for the WORKERs on the farms. Its PEOPLE on the farms, hand weeding and planting. Look up Ningixa wolf berries, look at those workers mitcusouly plucking each berry with their fingers. Do you all support CHEAP LABOR? No I get off on supporting farms, and companies who are composting, not using pesticides and who take EXTRA SPECIAL care to their works & the EARth. Yet other humans are A oKAY with spending $400 for a Prada bag or Cucci…where do your values lie? Want to buy cheap apples, you’ll get pesticides on your lips. Want organic apples you’ll get juicy honey crips..its all where the $ goes. Most products out there as we can all agree are cheaply made in a lab with plastics & synthetic compounds like “fragrances,” “parabens” “talcs” Stuff that If looked up would come on a level 8-10 carcinogetic level on the app THINK DIRTY. This app shows personal care products and their ratings, along with each dirty ingredient so you can see whats been causing your child to have so many respiratory problems. The FDA isn’t shutting them down, however so many people have such a bad rap with “THERAPEUTIC GRADE” or pure oils. I don’t quite understand that yet. If people put that much energy into the companies that were doing the animal testing and openly putting toxic products on the selves for lesser prices, then we WOULD have more affordable organic products on the selves. Supply and demand people. YL had a problem with shipping for awhile since their products were not being produced quick enough from only a few shipping facilities that couldn’t keep up with demand. They have now since opened up more locations. Sorry you had a bad experience.

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Thrive market is not a MLM company. From your comment about spending $400 for a Prada bag and not wanting fair wages for workers, I can only conclude that you haven’t read anything on my site except this post (and even that wasn’t very carefully read as I didn’t say anything to imply that I would spend $400 for a prada bag). There is a big difference between buying quality products and overpriced products. I have several companies that I purchase from that offer high quality products. Also, it’s not about the price. That’s definitely not my chief concern with YL, as addressed in the article.

          • Anna says

            For sure I see you have several concerns with the company. Totally onboard with expressing your piece. I reread my post as it comes off as confrontation. I apologize, I suppose I feel so passionately about giving companies that I personally trust my $. Ive done my research, Ive been to the Lavender farm in Utah to plant seedlings. I spoke to the sweet Mexican men who made sure our lavender seedlings were panted properly. I started opening my eyes to how difficult it truly is to maintain farms in general, ALL companies, ALL farms. I respect every one of them, even moreso the ones that don’t use pesticides. How happy was I to see bees on the farm, my heart jumped for joy!! Thrive offers their members to use a link, the link is directly connected to them and they have a chart that shows if you share your link you; earn $____ if you share this many you’ll earn $___. The chart is in the shape of what an MLM looks like because when your people share the link its connected to you and the chain goes on. Everyone thrives in an MLM way. So it may not be MLM but members who share members are all benefiting from each purchase. My comment about Prada was totally not directed to you, just a statement of how the spectrum of $ being spent is so big. Not bashing people who buy Prada at all either mostly, just opening the conversation to where we could be spreading our money. The world is abundant, money is a currency of energy and my belief is that energy reflects where we want the positive energy to go. YL just rebuilt 100 homes in Nepal after the earthquake devastated the land. This videos show how this company is using their $ to promote positivity and take care of not just the earth but also ALL global citizens. Im sure Gary never intended for YL MLM business model to come off as such a sketchy thing to many. It was meant to spread the joyous abundance of Gods earth, He loves God and loves Gods children. He also built a school in Ecuador called the Young Living Academy. I hope to shed positive light on this MLM and YL as a company in total. This video shows Gary, His son, and his team helping the people of Nepal a month or so before he passed away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP5XnItHTvw

          • Crystal Brothers says

            The only thing I know of that you’re thinking about is that Thrive Market offers free memberships to low-income families. They aren’t an MLM unless something has changed since I was a member there.

    • Paige says

      I second what Mel said! I have literally spent hours and hours researching because I really wanted to believe YL was as amazing as they said they were. I know some really great people who are distributers and even signed up for myself for a time, but only to use the oils for myself. Unfortunately, the more unbiased research I did, the more frustrated I became with the company and will not be purchasing their overpriced oils in the future. Do I believe they are good quality oils? For the most part, yes, but I do not believe that they are the only company out there with a great quality oil. The more I read, the more I want to stand up and scream “Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, do your own research, and think logically and for yourself for just a little bit!”

  7. Life Breath Present says

    I think it’s great that you shared your experience with the company, not just from a customer’s viewpoint, but also as someone who chooses to do the research and look for the accurate information I have not and (most likely) will not ever choose to purchase or sell YL or DoTerra because of these reasons. I would much rather buy some essential oils from Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods before I buy from either of these companies. Simply put, I don’t trust them. I don’t trust their model and I don’t trust how some have made soooo much money off this model. Plus, I too really felt uncomfortable with the whole ingesting oils mess. I did learn a bit from Plant Therapy and Vintage Remedies regarding essential oils and would love to buy from either of them (or Mountain Rose, that you mentioned). :)

  8. says

    Thanks for writing this. It is important for others to hear how the company’s dark side which is not small. Years ago I thought to do this and it felt like I was selling my soul. The money game is an ugly one, and YL’s prices and claims are sensationalist marketing, and those financially and emotionally invested defend it without considering the “other side”.

  9. Shelly says

    Very sorry that u had the experience you had. When I signed up I did not have to sign up as a distributor. I think whoever signed you up did not understand what they were doing. I do receive all the discounts and only have to buy 100 PV a year worth of products to maintain my discount status. Which for me is easy to do. I have never sold any oils but I have sent people to the girl who signed me up. Yes the more I buy one can recieve free products but I never do cause I just don’t spend that much. Last year I only ordered 2 months out the entire year. I too have tried other oils, not the brand u discuss, but they did not work at all. I have young Onset Parkinsons and it is important to me to have the oils for Pain. The ones that work. I do not take any pain meds and rely deeply on oils. Young Living Oils have truly helped me.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Shelly, that is not true. If you sign up with one of those kits and get the wholesale discount, you are automatically a distributor, they just don’t make it clear. Be sure to read through the rules that are imposed on you through that. I’m very glad essential oils have helped you!

      • serina says

        I am sorry your experience with YL was terrible. But it’s really a simple process that it seems the rep. never reached out to explain to you. Yes, you are automatically a distributer when you sign up, however, you do NOT have to sell YL. You just have to make a min. purchase of 50pv per year (I am speaking from experience).

        After years of trying many EO brands, I stick by YL because they’re the most legit source, and you would have known that if they gave you a better customer service experience. YL customer service would’ve handled the situation right away if you called about the issues with your kit. Don’t be fooled by the term MLM. Maybe other brands push their product but not YL. I make an income with YL because I use the products and others want the healthful results that I have too. That’s it. Sure you can make a living with YL, but it isn’t required for you to distribute anything. I think you might be confused about the distributer aspect, again your leader should have walked you through it.

        No one is trying to convince otherwise, and we certainly do not want to argue, but your post is focusing on one experience. We all have crappy first time experiences. we just known the heart of YL and your experience shouldn’t hinder you from trying again:)

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Hi Serina, I was not confused by this process. I think maybe I am just not making myself very clear here. As I stated in my post, I actually did call customer service about this issue and others, many times because I was forced to be the one to spend hours on the phone to deal with their mistake. I never said you have to sell. I said to get the advertised wholesale kit you have to submit to the rules of being a distributor and this is not made clear.

          In my experience (spending months on a facebook group with literally thousands of distributors, many of which were very high level), YL absolutely DOES push their product.

          I have no reason to try again, because I have found a few comparable companies with better reputations in the industry that I have had no bad experiences with, so why would I continue to do business with one that I can’t trust for many reasons?

          • Elsa Long says

            I’m all for people doing full research before trying out a product or a company. It doesn’t seem that it very much contributes to the spirit of open information, though, to push an idea and applaud people who applaud that idea, even when it can be easily proven to be not true, and to ignore those who respond with the truth.

            There is absolutely no “requirement” to buy monthly product from YL as a member. You are perfectly free to buy once and never buy again. You can also buy any product at any time and never worry about the company making charges to you that you haven’t initiated. Those who believe there is a requirement have either 1) been misinformed by an unscrupulous or over-eager up-line or 2) misunderstood or ignored the information that is freely available.

            However, if you enroll in the loyalty program, then you need to place regular orders of $50. Loyalty program. It’s not a requirement, but a Program. It gives many benefits to make your loyalty worthwhile. There’s no reason a company should not expect loyalty from someone benefiting from their loyalty program. As for “having to” order $100/month…if you are making commission, then you must order that amount regularly. I don’t see anything here as unreasonable as you are making it out to be. If a person is making a business through a company and being paid commissions, what is wrong with asking them to be actual users of the products? No one is forced to be loyal, no one is forced to make commissions. Please read thoroughly before passing along misinformation.

            We are all different in how we choose to run our lives in this world. We can choose to make a difference for the better, which I see you are trying to do by telling about a cheaper option that you have found. Giving inaccurate information – albeit minor, and greatly applauded by the majority of your readers – is not doing anyone any favors.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Elsa, no inaccurate information. I did not say there is a requirement for everyone. I said there is a minimum of $100/month if you want to be paid your owed commissions, and I believe that should be told more up front and not after you have made a purchase. Using the product and purchasing $100/month are 2 very different things. I use EO’s daily but don’t use $100/month. You’re right, we are all different in how we choose to run our lives.

      • Tara says

        I’m sorry but you are incorrect about the distributor part. I bought a kit and it is up to the individual if they want to sell the products or just use the products. If you just use, you are a preferred customer. For someone who is simply wanting to share your experience you come across as though you have a hidden agenda of tearing this company to the ground!

        • Crystal Brothers says

          I never said you have to sell. That part is really more for someone who might be interested in selling for a different company. Once you purchase that kit, you are signing up as a member and a distributor and are bound by their distributor agreement, whether you ever sell or not. Their own website states that in purchasing the kit as a member you are thus able to participate in their compensation plan and earn commissions. Again–you don’t ever have to sell, but you are considered a distributor and bound by their agreement. I learned that the hard way.

          • Sherri H. says

            Not anymore! The website might not be updated yet but now when you purchase the kit, you are a wholesale member and don’t have to disclose your ssn# but as soon as you sign someone under you THEN you become a distributor or business builder.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Thanks for letting me know this has changed! I’m glad to hear it. Someone representing YL actually contacted me about this post at one point in time and said that they were looking to address some common concerns, so it’s great to hear that they are doing that.

          • Brittany King says

            This is interesting because I was just told tonight (10/26/18) by Young Living that I am bound by the same rules as a distributor when it comes to paying sales taxes. One of my issues has been that I get charged sales tax on the “retail” price instead of the price I am actually paying (wholesale)–(I do NOT do YL as a business but only purchase for personal use)… So I look at it the same way I look at Costco (or BJ’s or Sam’s Club)… I pay wholesale prices for being a “member” so shouldn’t I be taxed on the price I pay? Not on their “retail price” (which is 24% higher than the wholesale)… I appreciate your thoughts Crystal… I did have some pretty great success with a few YL oils so I do use those regularly and I am grateful for them as I was not overly thrilled with what the doctor was offering (drugs and invasive procedures)… I’m thankful to have found natural alternatives. I’ve had generally an ok time with customer service (your experience? Agreed. Unacceptable.)… Being that I am “technically” a YL “distributor”, I would like to ask you some questions “off the record”… lol… Can you see the email I provide?

  10. says

    that’s so shady. sucks when MLM’s do such shady business. I actually wrote about why I avoid MLM businesses like the plague and why I think other bloggers should too. I am always being contacted by reps, but it’s not worth it. It’s too scammy in my experience. Thanks for this insightful post.

    stop by and chat with me :) http://storybookapothecary.com

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I agree Tianna, I think some of them can be okay to an extent, but I have been a part of several just mainly to get the discount for myself and I have seen shady and greed-based things from every single one of them.

  11. deansandrazmm says

    Thanks for your honesty, as a fellow blogger I know how hard it can be to write posts on controversial subjects. Blessings as you continue sharing the truth in a godly way!

      • Melanie says

        Great job Crystal on this post! I have a friend who just got into YL and I am worried about her financial well being. She thinks she is going to make a business of this and pass the business on to her children. I tried to explain and break it down to her that it is a MLM company but she is already brainwashed. I have done MLM’s in the past and YL is just another one. She wasnt even aware of the taxes she is going to have to pay on her “earnings”, such as federal, state,local, and self employment. They make you agree to their rules when you buy your kit because the “gift/discount” is subject to taxes. It is the same as if a coupon/discount amount you receive at Groupon would be reported at the end of the year in a 1099.Ridiculous! When I warned her about taxes she sent her Diamond up line a text asking what she has to pay, Diamond sent her a message back saying she only has to pay gross receipt taxes. I am not a CPA but I have not heard where as a Contractor you only pay gross receipts and not Income Tax. I tried to deter my friend from getting wrapped up in YL as much as I could without sounding negative but it didn’t work. Sad because he has 2 children and trying to make a living. MLM companies should be ashamed about the people they prey on.

          • Melanie says

            It’s definitely not for me. I am a reseller on eBay and Amazon. Don’t like having parties and relying on my friends and family to buy. She would make more money in 1 month taking $160 and buying stuff at a yard sale or thrift store and flipping it, than she will in 6 months with YL.There were “thousands making money” with lularoe, Mary Kay, body bi vi etc.Where are they now? Did you make thousands or is that what you were told? The other thing that makes selling YL vulnerable is having to compete with some people selling it on Amazon. Anyone would rather buy from Amazon prime that take time out of their day to go to a party or contact a seller to make a purchase.

          • says

            That is where you are wrong. You can make more selling YL in a month than most people make in a year. I make more than what she would make selling her own stuff. I have several friends that bring in $6,000 plus easily a month. And people dont buy YL on Amazon. They buy from people they love and trust. It might not be your thing, but why can’t you just support her? It’s her life and her dream. Just know the dream is real and not fake.

          • Anonymous says

            It’s hard for me to support her because I know deep down she is going to be worse off financially in the long run. Ask those friends to show you their checks for 6k. If they can actually show you a check for that then ask them how much they pay in taxes on that. Obviously all businesses pay taxes but she will never own this business. She is only renting it and at a high price

          • says

            We have no income cap and we see their paychecks every month. We have a post where we post our paychecks and tell how they have blessed us and how we are able to bless others. Money that would blow your mind and it is amazing the way this comoany gives back.Taxes are just like any self-employed person.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Bethany! I am so glad that you’ve had such a positive experience with YL and are so passionate about it. However, you seem to be arguing with everyone who has a different opinion than you. You have made your opinion obvious through all of your comments and now I would ask that you allow others to share their opinion as well, without facing backlash from you. Thank you so much for respecting my comment policy and other readers :)

          • Melanie says

            I really hope YL works out for those in it. This has been weighing on my mind since last night because now I see how many people are (in my opinion) getting the bad end of the deal. I feel a duty to try to help people considering this “business”.The only reason I am posting comments is because I want to help people. I hope some people really question their YL business. There are tones of ways to make money today on their own time at home. People considering YL, try making money instead with Amazon Turk, affiliate marketing, Amazon Merch, resell on various e-commerce platforms. I get that there are people making 6k a month to 160k a month but the number of people doing that are small. And they are working way more than 37 hours a week. I think I read only 2% of people continue after their first year on YL. You might be better off investing your $160 in cryptocurrencies instead of the starter kit(unless you are buying strictly for the product). The other think that got to me was that the seller have to make a personal $100 a month to receive their commission, ouch. Thank you for letting me speak out about my opinion.

  12. monicageglio says

    I am just getting started on my essential oils journey. I love them and have been introduced to Doterra, along with some other smaller business brands through blog reviews. I assume Doterra would be similar to YL? IDK. I don’t want to sell. I just want to enjoy the benefits of them.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi Monica! You might check out my post about why I use Rocky Mountain Oils. Best of luck to you regardless of what you decide! I do think the oils are quality (I have used several different brands), and if you know some potential problems going in you’ll be more equipped to deal with them. I do think it’s important to be aware of the marketing that drives quality claims and to know that you don’t have to pay so much for a quality, effective essential oil. You can find that in non-MLM brands as well.

  13. says

    This is a timely post for me! I am new to using essential oils & was steered to YL. I am attending an upcoming conference where RMO will be so I thought I’d do a bit of research. I can’t wait to talk to their reps & find out more! Sounds just like where I need to be betting my oils! Thanks for your honesty-it is greatly appreciated!

  14. says

    Thanks for honestly sharing your experience. I have friends who distribute both doTerra and Young Living, and they can get quite insistent about their products. Some of the claims seem quite over the top. I am extremely suspicious (not sure if that’s the correct word, but it’s early and that’s what my sleepy brain came up with) of the MLM concept for any product so I have resisted. Found you on #SITSblogging.

  15. TammySue Davis says

    Good- on- ya! People don’t realize sometimes “setting yourself apart” from things, situations and people isn’t enough. We have to take a stand to spare the next “victim”or “mark”
    Your courage is beautiful.

  16. Anonymous says

    You don’t have to sell or buy anything at all after purchasing your starter kit with yl. You do have to purchase a 50pv per year to keep your membership and 24 percent off oils. Only 9 percent of YL Distributors actually do the business side.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi Michelle, you are correct about that. My point is that whether you choose to actively sell or not, you are considered a distributor by them, and are bound by the rules of a distributor, which they don’t really tell you up front.

  17. Sarah Timney says

    I so appreciate all of the research you have done and sharing that research with us! Your honesty shines through above everything else and WOW, THAT IS REFRESHING!!! I want to tell you THANK YOU!!!

  18. Anonymous says

    Sounds like you are just trying to sell your own product. Young Living is a good company and sounds like you ran into a little bit of bad timing. Every company makes mistakes on shipping etc. Good luck to you

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you for commenting. I don’t really have a “product” to sell. Trust me, I could make MUCH more money selling Young Living, but I need to run this blog and promote products with integrity in mind and not just the bottom line.

  19. Anonymous says

    wonderfully written! thank you for your honestly! so refreshing after what seems (to me) like a brainwashing by oil! haha much blessings on you and your tribe, and well wishes into the year.

  20. anonymous says

    Thank you for your bravery. Yes, bravery. It is becoming more challenging to voice an opinion, that is not “popular” with the masses these days! But, that is to be expected in today’s culture. I also did some research, choosing not to become involved in a MLM, and came to the same conclusion as you have regarding RMO. You articulated your story so very well and were ready for the onslaught of attacks. Whenever the light shines on the truth, the darkness cannot stand it … and thus the attacks begin. Stand firm … and soldier on!

  21. Leslie B says

    I’ve never sold anything for a MLM, but I have bought items. I think the key is to get advice from someone you trust. You signed up under a random blogger and then wondered why he/she wasn’t up front with you. Money can make people ugly, but I believe you put your trust in one bad egg. I have ordered from YL, things have been delivered early and late, but there has always been communication. Did you ever try getting in contact with someone further upline? Long time distributors have ways to get things done. Again, any enroller that I’ve ever been involved with would have been able to find out the issue with your order being processed. Because if it’s truly about money, they would want you to be satisfied with your purchase and then continue buying more products. I’ve heard of YL’s customer service going above and beyond – submitted your order before you were ready, a quick phone call will get it all straightened out. While I feel for that situation, I just don’t think you really wanted it to work out after being mislead by your enroller.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I should have been more clear. I did not sign up under a “random” blogger but a blogging friend, and then was invited into a group of several thousand others who were promoting things in the same exact way, so I don’t think it was just one bad egg. There were literally thousands of people in this group saying some pretty mean-spirited things and making it abundantly obvious that for the vast majority of them, money was the only thing they cared about. I won’t share specific stories because it was a private group and I don’t want to betray any confidences, but it was way more than just one bad egg. The issues I found were prevalent and not just one person. I did try to get help and it was someone further up who was finally able to get me my order after all of that time, but there was no apology from the company, it was just dealt with in a terrible manner. You are welcome to your opinion, but I did everything I could and tried many times with phone calls to corporate, and through my own upline and her upline to get this all worked out. I waited months to try and get it resolved adequately before I ever mentioned it, and there was just no resolution at all. I’m sorry you feel I’m lying, but I DID want it to work out. I did not want to waste my $150!

  22. Jennifer Rimbey says

    Thank you for sharing. I like to hear both sides. It seems to me that money is the root of the negative things with this and any other mlm. I am considering selling young living oils, and I may still. I am not interested in grabbing up team members, I’m interested in sharing the benefits of oils and making some money while doing it. I was once a sales person/teller at a bank inside a big box store. It was high pressure sales, which is unethical. I was not a top seller because I would not badger someone into signing up for something they didn’t need and expressed their lack of need. I want to sell something that I am genuinely enthusiastic about, and I wish that all the young living distributor felt that way.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I think that as long as you know what you’re getting into it will be fine. You do have to buy $100 per month personally before you can earn any commissions at all, just something I found out after the fact that they don’t make very clear.

      I felt like the overall feel was definitely one of badgering people. I have been involved in several different MLM companies (just because I liked the products and signed up for the discount mostly), and it has been the same every time with the marketing strategies that will get people to buy even if they don’t want it or can’t afford it. I could never be that way myself, but I also was frustrated with the entire system because it seems to lead to that mindset and it was very sad for me to see people consistently putting money/profits ahead of people.

      But, that doesn’t mean everyone is like that though.

    • Anonymous says

      You actually can earn commissions from YL without spending anything per month at all. There’s a lot of information missing in your original post. Sorry you had a bad experience.

      • Crystal Brothers says

        I’m sorry, but could you provide a source for this? Because everything I saw both from my literature that I received as a distributor, and in representatives from the company, my upline, etc. has verified that there is indeed a 100 pv minimum in order to receive any commissions and that it must be personal purchases and not sales to others. The reasoning I have always been given is that they want to be sure you are using the product you’re selling. I’d be interested in seeing proof that this policy has changed. I will certainly add an addendum to my post if this is different now.

  23. Jasmine says

    Hi, thank you for this post. It’s good to know that how I felt about YL wasn’t out of place, but you promoting RMO also set off an alarm in my head – you’re the 5th blog I’ve read that put down YL, and promote RMO instead, citing them to be a better option. Is that not a format of sales pushing as well? Just a thought.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thanks Jasmine! I’m sorry you feel put off by my offering a non-MLM option to my readers. I actually use a variety of brands: RMO, Plant Therapy, Eden’s Botanicals, and more. My purpose in offering a different option was to provide a high quality alternative for people who wanted another option but don’t have time or feel qualified to choose a good quality one on their own.

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap, ineffective essential oil brands out there and I would hate for someone to waste money on one of them like I did, and think essential oils just don’t work. I share lots more ideas in my post How to Choose a Good Quality Essential Oil Company. I am not brand loyal to RMO or any other company, I believe you should use what works for you and your budget, as long as it fits the criteria outlined in my choosing an essential oil company post. Best of luck in finding a brand that works for you, and thank you for taking the time to comment!

    • Anonymous says

      I agree too. U can bash young living but offer up another company like RMO. It cracks me up just bc they are not an MLM doesn’t mean your not pushing another. Yes everyone can have their own opinions, but if they are not against YL u cldnt like the comments back. I do make money with YL and no u don’t have to spend a certain amount a month if u dont want, if u want the business side, U spend 100 a month yes, but they also send u free product with that as well and loyalty gifts for doing so. U don’t have to spend 50 to keep your membership. I can’t not spend anything up to a year and them your cancelled bc why keep I active if your not buying product, make sense? I have heard where people say we r cultlike , well if you are working for a local business u are going to buy and promote that product wouldnt u? Not being offensive in this reply but u posted on this site and u shld expect others comments too. I have used other eo’s as well but I do find YL are much more potent and work better. Thanks.

      • Crystal Brothers says

        I added that little sentence at the end after many people asked me what I now use. When the post was first published, for the first several months, I did not offer anything. People didn’t like that. They wanted another option to replace the one I said I could not recommend. That’s exactly what I said–if you want to get paid the money they owe you in commissions, you have to spend $100 per month. I’m glad you have had a good experience with young living. As you can see, I have allowed many comments disagreeing with me, so I’m not sure why you said that about not allowing disagreeing comments. There are some very harsh ones.

        • Melanie says

          Crystal, I think your blog/article has been great. You handle yourself very professionally. Maybe one day we can collaborate on something. Me and a friend started a moms talk show on YouTube recently. We hope to help moms and women in general.

  24. Emmalyn says

    Thank you for your post. It does sound like you had a bad experience. I recently purchased a YL Premium Kit and received it within a week. ( My decision to purchase was made after a week of attending a friends Oil party and taking time to research and consider). I have loved essential oils for almost 3 years now and have tried a few brands myself …. ( I only diffused them for those years and realized their are many other uses ….. and I also became aware that not all oils are truly safe). I became more intrested in incorporating reputable oils in different ways and expanding my collection. I personally wanted a chance to experience the Young Living brand. I am excited to incorporate a variety of oils in my home by continuing to diffuse and make natural products etc. I am also helping to support a friend of mine. This Kit allows me to experience the YL oils and products while sharing my experience with my own friends and family. I know that I am not bound to buying products if I choose not too in the future however if I do, I know I can get them at a discounted rate which is not a bad thing. For me….I decided “why not try”…. after much consideration. If I choose to share and sell, then I can. If I choose to opt out…. then I can do that as well. I don’t see a major scheme. We all have to become educated for ourselves in any decision we make. I agree

    I don’t blame you….. I personally have been put off by the idea of MLM companies in the past however it became clear to me that all companies are profit driven. All are commission based or profit sharing/driven. The car we purchase from a sales person, the house we purchase from a real estate agent, the loan we get approved for by a loan officer…etc…. someone makes a commission or profit share from the “Big Guy” from promoting and making a sale….so they can have a chance to make a living and provide for their family. The choice is to sell or not to sell. This company shares the networking idea so others can profit. Thats how I see it. It seems to me that young living is a reputable company (Over 20 years and still successful). The choice is available. If you love the products, experience the benefits and believe in the process, well the door is open to many possibilities. Many individuals can be successful in this business if they choose to go that route. I guess I don’t see so much negative to this. My husband and I work full time and currently live comfortably ( A blessing ) so I don’t need to sell to make a living however if I choose to share my passion for the product (with integrity and proper information)…. and it helps create income for others and myself….why not share the extension? We can all choose to be an individual and research and share knowledge. For example….. I personally choose not to ingest any oils due to my own personal comfort level although I have been told I can with certain oils. I suppose we all can extract the positives and negatives to any situation or company or person who represents the company they work for. I choose to be honest with myself, friends and family about my experiences and knowledge with any product I use :)
    I do choose to continue my research and become educated on oils and uses. So much to learn.

    • Bethany says

      Thank you for this reply! The thing is in life we can take one bad experience and run with it. Then on top of that we can encourage others to not go that route. For instance, if I go to Wal-Mart one day and buy a trampoline. Depending on who is working, my customer service experience can vary greatly. If I find someone is tired, has had a bad day, or just simply doesn’t care then my $160 purchase can leave a bad taste in my mouth and I might decide to tell everyone about it. On the other hand if I go on a day where the person working goes above and beyond to help, has a friendly attitude, and gives the best customer service then I will walk away singing praises for the company. The company is still the same, but my experience and outlook are completely different. I personally do sell YL oils. I have only been a distributor for four months. I LOVE this company. I am not trying to sell you anything, so no need to sugar coat anything. I signed up with this company after three years of using essential oils. I used several different oils including RMO. I used to be a teacher and took a big leap of faith to be a stay-at-home mom to homeschool my kids. I am going on my third year at home. I have been praying for nearly the entire time for the Lord to make a way for me to replace my income while not having to leave my babies. After finally coming to the conclusion that I loved oils, so why not sell them, I began to pray about what company. I had been watching a friend from high school on Facebook. She was with YL. She never sold the oils, she shared them. She simply would post about how she used a certain oil that day. I loved that because I don’t sell. My husband can sell ice to an Eskimo, but I don’t sell. My passion is to teach. I knew this was the door that God was opening. I prayed some more and asked God to show me if that was the route to go by having my husband be on board (this is a huge feat mind you). I mentioned it to him, he said sure go for it because you might do good with it. My door was opened! I then waited a week because I didn’t want to go on an impulse. I attended a class, loved the spirit among the hosts, and bought a kit that weekend. I knew right away that I wanted to sell, so I hopped on the rewards program. I was added to a Facebook group called the Happy Oilers. There I have been encouraged, loved on, been made part of an amazing group of ladies, and I have been taught to not hound others, not sale, not encourage unsafe usage of oils, etc. I LOVE this company because every one of my upline gives God the glory, prays over us, loves on us through generous gifts, etc. I am sorry that your experience was bad. That really is a bummer that your friend added you to a group that is opposite of what I love. I just want you to know that you had a bad taste in your mouth based on a bad experience. If your enroller was different, it very well could have been a completely different story. I do firmly believe though that all things happen for a reason. Maybe this just wasn’t your place to be.

      [A portion of this comment has been removed due to personal attacks.]

      • Crystal Brothers says

        Hi Bethany, I’m glad you have had such a positive experience with Young Living! I said throughout the post that this was based on MY experience and was why I chose not to become a YL distributor, because I could not in good conscience recommend this company. Thanks for stopping by.

  25. says

    I read each and every comment, was sorry for some not being very polite. You only strove to give an opinion, free country. Personally I was glad to have advantage of your experiences and research. Didn’t feel you were pushing Rocky Mtn.
    I have been told I could be helped with oils for lymphedema. This is a disease which has to be dealt with carefully to protect my life. Luckily I had physical therapy for the lymphedema and learned tips to protect myself. Before I try any supposed therapeutic meds or other products I research, consult with a doctor, any valid source I can find to be sure of what I do. For instance is important not to go into a hot tub or Jacuzzi where high temps could cause my death. Scarey to know almost went to friends hot tub.
    Thank you for having courage to state your concerns and experience with YL oils. Never easy to be on outside by yourself stating your case. I know, as I tend to resist popular opinions, have to find out for myself, educate myself, can’t just take somebody’s word for something to do with my health. You are to be applauded for your courage and honesty and cordial responses to comments.
    I have been associated very shortly with mlm companies, am just not an mlm person, never will be.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you so much for your support! I’m sorry to hear about your health struggles, but it sounds like you’re doing just what you need to do to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Yes, education is so important.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Yes, they are quite expensive, and while it is true that you “get what you pay for” in some cases with essential oils, the MLM structure kind of negates that. There are quality, affordable essential oils out there.

      • Paige says

        True, but just because you pay the highest price for something doesn’t mean it’s that much better than the rest.

        • Sherri H. says

          Yes but you can tell the difference in quality then YL and other companies. YL is more potent, totally pure with no additives or toxins and is more effective. This allows for the therapeutic properties of the naturally occurring constituents to go deeper and wider and last longer in your system. You pay more for that. Test a YL oil vs another oil and you will see. Example the fruit oils with other companies smell sweeter bc they have removed natural component (making it smell sweeter) than leaving it in (making it smell like it naturally would. This makes it less effective. This is very important stuff. You all should study aromatherapy if you want to go deep and get to the truth of the matter.

  26. says

    I actually used to use RMO, got fed up with their customer service and lack of affiliate program when I saw so many other bloggers in some secret club of one. I ended up switching to YL. It’s kind of funny to me how everyone can have such different experiences with the same companies. I find YL’s customer service far superior than other companies I have dealt with.

    Will agree with the lack of education both MLMs give their people when first start out. I’m huge on using oils safely and learning from a place that isn’t connected to any one company. Thankfully, my upline is big on reference books and education as well.

    Personally, I love YL. But also feel like there are other companies that offer pure essential oils as well. They aren’t the only one. I would rather someone just use a pure oil than use none at all. Use what works for you. (Which is probably why I’ll never “make it big” in YL. lol)

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Oh, I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with RMO’s customer service! They do have an affiliate program now. It wasn’t exactly a secret club, but they tried it out on a small scale before they released it. AND, they don’t require exclusivity which I love! I am free to talk about and recommend other oils still as well. It sounds like you are one of the few balanced and informed YL distributors. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Julie!

  27. AK says

    Thank you for posting this. Very good and helpful information. I agree with you 100% . I’m also honestly tired of seeing advertisement for these oils EVERYWHERE.

  28. aworriedfriend says

    This was a great blog to come across, as I am struggling with correcting statements my YL selling friend make on FB daily for fear of backlash. Authorities regulate the industry but does not regulate individual’s claims (many of which are hearsay with no scientific proof) and many claims they post are borderline dangerous. I buy YL from my friends to support them and mainly use it for diffusing as I like the aroma around the house, no way do I use it for ingestion or recommend it to anyone as a medical remedy.

    So when I hear them recruiting other friends with their claims, I get very passionate against it and wonder truly about the human mind as we are all so desperate for miracles that all sense and logic seems to go out the door. EO has some benefits for sure, as does Chinese medicines or grandma home made remedies, but is it the utopia of all cure? Surely not.

    I am sure there are many logical people out there who struggle like me to correct an obvious wrong, but one of the powers of MLM is that no one can question out loud because its their friends they hurt by doing so.

    So thanks for putting your post out there, I am only hoping my friends do their research and find your blog before embarking on a YL journey. Unfortunately for me, pointing them to it is not going to convince them if they are dead set on believing.

  29. says

    Interesting, I was contacted by a blogger to jump on board….and didn’t your article makes me glad I held back. I have used essential oils from other sources. Sorry for your experience & thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight party.

  30. says

    I’m stopping by from Inspire Me Monday link up. I’m glad I took the time to read your post. Thank you so much for your honest feedback on the company. I don’t see or use YL oils. I have always preferred RMO due to some research I did when I started using EOs. I’ve also been leery of the MLM approach. I’m sure you’ll get negative comments as well, but I appreciate this post.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Awesome that you were able to do some great research beforehand and make a good decision from the beginning :)

  31. Carolyn says

    Just wondering – do you have an exclusive or non-exclusive affiliate agreement with RMO? I know the % of commission that you earn from sales from your links differ between the two. Thank you.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I am not exclusive as it was very important to me that I be able to share freely and honestly–regardless of brand.

  32. Brittney says

    There’s so many comments stating, “but I FEEL that other companies offer pure oils, too.” Those feelings coming from a place of disbelief in the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” It’s no different than the issue of whole food vitamins vs. synthetic vitamins. These “other” companies don’t actually prove purity. They can’t because they’ve synthesized ingredients (legally!) I first looked into RMO and decided to go with YL because of their standards and testing procedures w/ actual proof.

    This is a great piece of information… https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheddinglightonessentialoils/permalink/297945363981286/

    Yes, it’s a link to a Facebook post, but the man that wrote it supplies references as well as even more info in the comments.

    MLM’s definitely don’t drive up prices as much as stores do. Buying from your friend, helps your friend (and yes, Gary Young, too). But buying from Whole Foods still helps fatten the wallet of a CEO somewhere.

    Your friend hosted a YL party and used your cheaper oils as an example. Yes, that’s tacky… but can you really say she was just out to be rude and did it for money? Could she possibly have been trying to prove the validity of the oils because oils that are not pure are actually harmful?

    You may have based your decision against Young Living on hurt feelings from your friend and your upline, and a completely rare poor customer service experience, but those things have nothing to do with the purity of their oils.

    If all oils are created equal, then all qualities of vitamins must be equal, and all foods, organic or not, must be equal, etc.
    But we all surely know better.

    I obviously promote Young Living. I also only consume Standard Process vitamins.
    There’s so much more to utilizing these things than people think. Each body is different. You have to know what your doing in order to reap benefits. But I suppose I’m just one of those “illogical” people that has just jumped onto a bandwagon…

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi Brittany. I agree you get what you pay for, and I have an entire post dedicated to choosing the right quality essential oil company and the things to look for :) I know that your upline and the MLM culture tells you differently, but there are many quality Essential Oils companies out there. And Actually RMO does provide proof, in the form of 3rd party testing with results made freely available. Nobody said all oils are created equal, so that’s a strawman argument at best.

  33. Angie says

    Thank you for your post and sharing your honest opinion. I have been researching a way to incorporate more oils into our everyday life and the best way to do so for our family. Naturally, YL came up repeatedly in my research and I had been told by a distributor that the minimum purchase was only $50 a year after the initial order of the starter kit. It sounded a bit too good to be true, honestly. I do like their oils but am skeptical of any MLM companies, based on personal experience with them. Though, I often support them, I believe they’re not for everyone. Thanks again for giving me some of the clarity I was searching for.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      To clarify, the $100/month requirement is only if you want to be paid earned commissions as a distributor. It was just something that was an obstacle for me.

  34. Whitney Austin says

    Thank you for posting this. I have been doing months and months of research. I do tend to agree with you on almost every point. I appreciate you not bad mouthing YL and for your honesty. Can you tell me the top oil companies you would buy from and 5 that you would steer clear of? By doing so much research it is over whelming and would like to know your thoughts on this topic. I will still do research on all companies you suggest I just need some guidance on this. Thank you look forward to hear your response :)

    Have a great day!!

  35. Lee L. says

    Well, I’m in a bit of a bind. I’ve been using essential oils for several years, mostly in my diffuser and then three months ago after looking at several different brands I’ve used, I settled on YL and bought the start-up kit. I’m a writer and a marketer too, so I thought why don’t I start a blog about my experience with oils? My upline, by the way, lives far away and so I don’t really have any support other than through their facebook groups, etc. I do all of my own research and education.

    Next chapter: I begin my blog, all the while continuing deep research on the many uses, benefits and precautions of essential oils only to discover that the majority of other YL people I come across online are misinforming the public with dangerous claims about how to use essential oils. My research is in fact leading me to pursue certification as an aromatherapist, because I want to write factual and scientifically supported blog posts. Well, how can I do that if I’m tied into YL exclusively through that clause you mentioned?

    Long and short of it is, I will have to cancel my “membership” (which indeed is a distributorship) from YL oils, mainly because I would be putting myself in legal jeopardy were I to in any way promote any other essential oil. I won’t mention the brands, but like you, I found there are many others that are pure, specifically those that are used in the schools that teach aromatherapy. I cannot honestly begin to share my full knowledge of essential oils until after the six months mentioned in the clause of the membership agreement. This is quite sad, because I truly enjoy YL oils enough to buy the 50 PV per year to keep me on the wholesale plan.

    In the end, YL is cutting themselves short by restricting oil enthusiasts like me who are honest customers who just want to take advantage of the 24% discount by joining up. This limitation squelches honest reviews and testaments to their product, and casts their supporters in that money-driven-only light. But worse, they and Doterra, too, are placing the entire world of aromatherapy at risk of being labeled as “quackery”. As the MLM drivers continue to make unfounded claims aromatherapy is fast becoming a household word. This could be a good thing, but not without all the false claims they make. Just take a look at EO topics on Pinterest: “Lose weight!” “Fight Cancer!” “The complete list of Ingestible YL Oils!” Etc. The public sees them as a “pop culture” version and not the trustworthy version of essential oils usage supported by professional Aromatherapists.

    I can only hope that YL might look at this and restructure their Member Agreement to allow a Member/Distributor to simultaneously promote other EOs. It would be a show of confidence in the ability of their products to withstand such competition, and it would certainly demonstrate that integrity we hear of so frequently.

    • Stephen says

      Hi Lee, The chances of YL enforcing their terms are slim to none. Although it is in their agreement the worst that would happen is they shut down your account.

      In the years of working with several different MLM companies I have found that they are all the same in terms of claims. Whether it was health claims or financial claims these types of distributors cause havoc with MLM. Now that YL is a billion dollar Corp. I hope that it is manageable. I happen to love their oils and products. I’ve spent time with Gary and have seen the incredible farms. He is the real deal.

      Clearly their are other comparable products on the market.

  36. Emily T says

    I personally use young living. but i dont try to sell them. and make money off of creating a “downline” i just buy my minimum $50 a month. they have been great for my family, and i have only seen positive benefits from the oils. and they have an all natural line of household products which i really love. however it just sounds like you got off on a bad start from the beginning but youre great for your honesty. everyone has their own opinion on things. i just recommend everyone should do their research before choosing a brand of oils. i tried doterra before young living and doterra made my skin break out even with a carrier oil but i havent had problems with YL. i suppose it may affect everyone differently though. A+ for honesty, everyone needs to be able to see pros and cons of every company!

    • Stephen says

      First, thanks to Crystal for keeping this blog alive and kicking. :) In regards to DoTerra. there is just about the same positive and negative reviews about both companies. I’m certainly no expert but have read several books on essential oils, how they’re tested, the science behind their power and how other countries are using them both spiritually and topically in their daily lives. With out creating a firestorm here, or attempting to sound bias, Do Terra was started on the heels of YL. Top executives left YL to start Do Terra. You find a lot of similarities in both the names of their blends and treatments including their version of raindrop therapy, which was actually created by Gary Young and YL when Gary first began. A good example is Doterra’s peppermint oil. They use a distillation process that they call complete distillation, (I think that’s what it’s called) where they TRIPLE distilled the peppermint to give a sweeter smell and taste. This doesn’t necessarily make it a bad essential oil, it just means that it’s not the purest form.

      Also, Dr. Hill has some amazing videos on the science behind essential oils. Dr Hill now works for Do Terra, but was personally trained for YEARS by Gary himself, before moving over to Do Terra. All of his trainings that he uses for DT, are EXACTLY the same as when he presented for YL, he changed the products and the logo.

      Cost plays a huge role here. YL & Do Terra are quite expensive. YL has not only spent an absorbent amount of dollars researching, developing and pioneering proprietary ways to properly distilled oils. In addition, Gary and his team has traveled into parts of the world that medical scientists for the big pharma wouldn’t even travel to find healing herbs.

      They have their own controlled farms all over the world, including Ecuador, of which Gary is actually a farmer and sits behind a tractor and plows the fields.

      If you haven’t already, research Frankincense oil, in a broad sense, away from YL and DT, you will find incredible science built around it’s ability to create wellness in some of the most extreme cases. Also, research it’s power in the countries that grow it and look at those regions low occurrence of cancer. There is real science there that is really promising.

      Then look at the relationships YL has fostered with the actual families and the government of Oman to hand pick the resin from the families who own the trees, and not from warehouses in Somalia which is literally a mixed bag (very large bag) of goods.

      I’ve never ordered from Rocky Mountain , but I hear great things about them, i’m going to give them a shot and start off simple.

      I’m know I sound PRO YL, but if you are having adverse affects from essential oils, you are either using them improperly or they are not in their purest form. All skin types are not the same and not all oils are perfect for every situation. I have used every possible combination for a infected cut on my leg, and nothing worked. As soon as I began antibiotics it began to clear up with a day !!!

      Good Luck!!!!!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Emily, that is the main point that I wanted to get out there–that everyone should do their OWN research before buying, and look for information from unbiased sources (especially those that are not affiliated with the company).

      • Everleigh Coulson says

        Honestly, you seem like you’re trying to bash YL to promote RMO, Crystal. I’ve been scrolling this thread for upwards of 40 minutes and all I’ve gotten is your opinion and the fact that you’re upset about someone cranky having given you a hard time over shipping because you didn’t ask the right questions about your kit in the first place to this “blogger friend”. Yes, I get it, you’re grumpy about it. Yes, I get it, you’re entitled to your opinion. But you’re taking good comanies and calling them trash because of this and you call yourself a Christian? If that’s what a Christian is supposed to act like then I suppose I don’t even need to consider it. You’re acting just like my atheist friends, and that tells me Christians are no different. I understand you think you’re helping but really this is just a slam post for people to pay you on the back and say “oh well done thank you so much for your info yay I’ll never do this”. It’s a gimmick to make you look good, and promote your oil company. Pathetic. Yes. MLMs have issues. But honestly honey so do you and the rest of us. I thought about oils but after all this mess? Not a chance. You’ve straight up ruined oils completely for my family and I. So thank you for being yet another piece of internet slander. Thanks for getting your kicks off of arguing online. You’re no better than the worst of them.

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Hi Everleigh, if you read through the post and my replies, you’ll see that I said over and over that this was simply my experience. I am not upset about someone cranky giving me a hard time, though yes that alone would be frustrating when I was being overcharged and not receiving the things I paid for. It was everyone I talked to (at least 3 people over a period of 1-2 months), which makes it seem more like an overarching problem and less like 1 cranky person.

          For me, YL was, unfortunately, not a good company :(, but I did not “call them trash.” I’m sorry that you feel I am not a Christian because I shared my honest experience. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, regardless of how hurtful it is. I did not write this post to trash anyone. However, I felt that I was not given a very full picture of this company, and I wanted to give all the information to others. You said it was my fault for not asking the right questions, and that may be, but I didn’t know the questions to ask. (I can’t ask about certain things if I don’t know about them to begin with). I wrote this post, not to bash the company, but simply to provide that additional information for others who, like me, don’t know the questions to ask. So that when others do sign up, they will go in with eyes open and knowing fully what to expect. I wish that I’d had this in the beginning. I am not trying to make myself look good. (If I were doing that, I would have kept all this in, because as you’ve no doubt seen there are far more attacking comments than thankful ones). But the right thing doesn’t always make us popular and I felt a responsibility to be honest. I could not promote a company that I had such a negative experience with, even though it would have earned me a lot of money.

          I am sorry that this post has made you decide not to use oils. It’s a bit surprising since you said that you know YL is a good company…why would you let a random internet post change your mind about using essential oils if you believe in them and know that YL is a good company? But, you have to make your own choices and do what’s best for yourself and your family. Thank you for reading.

          • Everleigh Coulson says

            I didn’t say I knew they were a good company. I said every company and everyone has problems. I said you’re bashing one to promote another. Don’t put words in my post that aren’t there. I don’t use oils. I don’t hold up YL versus DoTerra and RMO. I’m not letting a random internet post sway my judgement. I’ve faithfully read your blog for a while but this turned the tide. I’m not doing it anymore. So, have a great and lovely day but I’m over this trash.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Everleigh. I did not put words in your post that weren’t there, You said, “But you’re taking good comanies and calling them trash” (you actually put words into *my* post because I didn’t call them trash). So yes, you called them a good company. Again, I am sorry that you have been a faithful reader, and this post from almost 2 years ago made you call my blog trash. I put a lot of work into this blog, but I know it’s not for everyone, blessings to you.

  37. Donna Schnaath says

    Thank you for you candor, and it’s brave of you. Integrity is lacking anymore, so sad. It’s wonderful to see it isn’t totally dead. God bless you. I went to a YL informational meeting and they sure push the product, that kit. I was wary because of it and their claim of being the best out there so didn’t order. Smacked of pyramid to me, but I hate to be so suspicious. Still I am completely interested in oils. I need instruction on how to use w/carrier oils. Will not be ingesting at all. Also need instruction on which quality oils are out there that you’d recommend if you would? Also, does the kind of diffuser matter? So many brands, and varying prices. That’s quite a barrage of questions. I do apologize. I just have so many health issues, and would really like to embark on this particular journey. If for some reason, you can’t answer, ok!!

    Thank you

    • ruggieri says

      Morning Donna, check out diffuser world.com They actually produce many of the diffusers that DT and YL use, but about $20 cheaper. Amazon is also a good start. it really depends on the size of your home you would like to diffuse and also your budget. A diffuser with a higher output will cover more SF but will cost you more money in the long run because you’ll use more essential oils. Citrus oils are the least expensive and they are great are cleaning the air, such as Lemon, Orange or a blend. I use a high yield diffuser where the bottle actually screws into the unit and is sipped through a straw. In my son’s room I use an ultrasonic diffuser which you add water and drops of oil.

      I also have a humidifier which I LOVE made by Air-o-swiss which has a little compartment tray you add drops to and it mixes the oil with the humidity. NOT really a diffuser, but a different option.


    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi Donna, thank you for your kind words. I had reservations for a long time before I finally bought the kit. I wish I had done more research before doing so. Kudos to you for being smarter and sticking to your guns :)

      Here is a post where I discuss some things to look for (both good and bad) when considering an EO company.

      I personally use many different companies–I recommend Rocky Mountain Oils (more of a premium choice) and Plant Therapy (still good quality, but more of an affordable choice). For plant therapy, you can save $10 off your first order of $25 with the code signup10, you must create a new account first.

  38. Anonymous says

    I just reached the rank of Diamond. So glad I trusted my intuition on this one. I have a completely different perspective about this company, the products and the opportunity and I work very hard to share my success with others. My team is nearing 5,000 and I know 85% of these women in real life because our team is built on the strength of our wellness community. If anything ever happened to YLEO, I still have my tribe, for life. Your article means well, but know that people like me would read this and go to the end of the earth to prove your theories wrong. So either way, you win with YL.

    • Alexis says

      I am a Silver with YLEO and I have never been so happy with these oils. You buy when you want to buy and you share your love for them and the wonderful things these oils can do for you. Having a non-toxic home and life is what the strive is with YLEO. You had a bad experience but there are millions of people who have had great experiences with them. I understand when you have a bad experience and you feel you were treated incorrectly, one is bound to write about it. Heck….we can probably write about anything in this world that someone had a bad experience with. I have an amazing group of women and men in my circle of YLEO friends and let me tell you….their life has changed because of these oils and the amazing changes they can do for anyone. You have to find what works for you and if it doesn’t work out for you…simply move on and try another. Kind of like going to a doctor…are you going to go to a doctor if you don’t like him, keep buying food you don’t enjoy, keep buying from a car dealer who you didn’t like. What our world needs is more positive thoughts and posts rather than negative ones. I’m so sorry for your bad experience….the oils are amazing and you do get what you pay for. The reality is…we have a choice and you moved on, which is what everyone should do if something doesn’t work for them, but what we don’t need is more negativity in this world. I wish you the best and I hope you found oils that work for you.

      • Crystal Brothers says

        I’m sorry you found my post negative. I strongly feel that both sides should be put out there so that people can make educated decisions. I tried to be honest without being overly negative (in fact, I said the oils were fine, and I encouraged everyone to do their own research and not take my word for it), but I did feel like I should share my story and get out there the things I wish I had known before purchasing the kit. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      You can’t really prove me wrong, because everything I said was completely accurate account of my experience. I am glad you’ve been able to build such a thriving business and income for yourself through YL. Trust me, it was very tempting, but in the end I just couldn’t put aside all the negative aspects of my own experience in order to earn a profit.

  39. vududali says

    I believe that Young Living uses thought reform tactics, much like other MLM cults.
    We have 3 relatives who sell Young Living. They claim it cures literally everything and are unwilling to offer or accept any criticism of it whatsoever. When my husband and I told them that we were not interested and preferred to use evidence based products, they pretty much cut all ties with us. We recently went to an extended family reunion and they said “hello” and that’s about it. So it appears to me that they are discouraged into actively shunning “non-believers”. I fail to see how the tactics Young Living uses are any different than Scientology.

    Here’s a list of characteristics of another MLM cult from http://kaylafioravanti.com/twelve-signs-cult/
    Here are signs I learned from my experiences:

    1. Members are encouraged to only read the organizations recommended reading list.
    2. Friends, family and experts who do not agree with what the organization is teaching are labeled as negative, ignorant or any other derogatory terms. When someone leaves the organization they are labeled negative, sinful, lost, or confused.
    3. Information that contradicts the teaching of the organization is removed from chat groups, Facebook groups and so forth by the administrators or upline. They defend everything they do and teach even when others say it is harmful or dangerous. (Definition of an upline: A MLM sales rep’s upline receives compensation based on her sales as well as their own. The term is also used to describe those in the ranks above someone in a pyramid scheme.)
    4. Members are deemed negative when they question the teaching of the organization.
    5. Members have an inappropriate or almost star-struck god-like admiration of the leaders. The leadership is charismatic claiming special knowledge, abilities or experiences.
    6. Administrators and uplines have an overzealous and unquestioning commitment to the organization’s leader, belief system and practices. Leaders promote the goals of the group over the good of the individual.
    7. The organization is elitist. They may claim to have a special or exalted status or product above all others. They will often put down other organizations to build themselves up. They teach that they have a special corner on the truth or a special corner on the market.
    8. The group has a polarized “us versus them” mentality. They are openly hostile to anyone who does not share their beliefs.
    9. The leader has questionable character that is overlooked, defended or simply ignored.
    10. The group is highly focused on bringing in new members and making a profit.
    11. Members are expected to attend weekly, monthly or quarterly “training” by the organization via books, tapes, seminars, large and small gatherings, online training and so forth. All the training and teachings usually come from the leader and administration with few or no outside influences or references from other sources.
    12. Members are encouraged to associate mainly with loyal members. Contact with non-members is for the purpose of adding them to your downline organization, selling them product or converting them. There is a subtle control element throughout all the organization does, from friendships and relationships to daily living practices and speech that is considered “beneficial” or “acceptable.”

    • Crystal Brothers says

      That is such a good point! I, too, have noticed some of this behavior. Not in everyone, of course, but as a whole.

      • Bethany says

        Yikes! Calling something cultish is a big statement. If you like one restaurant over another, talk about and promote that restaurant, take others there to enjoy it as well, and then they do the same thing, you all would not be considered a cult. So why would people in a business who love the product, promote the product, and want others to enjoy the product as well, be considered cultish?

        • vududali says

          You are right in a sense. It’s just a product, like toothpaste or shoes. But the sellers of it have a religious belief in it and if you tell them you do not want it or like it, they act like you just told them Jesus isn’t real. I experienced the same thing in the past when I had a friend selling Herbalife. All they wanted to talk about was Herbalife 24/7. If you told them you weren’t interested in Herbalife, then you lost the friendship. THAT is cult-like. I’m curious – can you tell me something that you’d be willing to criticize about (a) Young Living essential oils, (b) the leadership, and (c) the founder?

          • Bethany says

            The problem is there are over 3 million members in Young Living. I dare say you have not even met 1% of them, but you feel comfortable saying it is a cult. What if we took that same ideology and said that about a company for instance car salesmen. Some can be very obnoxious and downright pushy. Then there are some that know there stuff and have realized if a person wants a car then they have already made up their mind to buy one before they hit the lot. No need to be pushy and cause people to run. Would you hear people call them a cult? What member of a company goes and bad mouths the company they work for? Not one that wants to keep their job or be successful. If that makes them a cult then this world has bigger issues. You cannot rightfully label a whole company based of a handful of people you have seen.

          • vududali says

            Once again Bethany – can you tell me something that you’d be willing to criticize about (a) Young Living essential oils, (b) the leadership, and (c) the founder?

        • Crystal Brothers says

          The reps I’ve seen take it WAY farther than that. I’m glad you haven’t experienced the actual cultish atmosphere that many of us have experienced from them.

        • Paige says

          Interesting information about a cult-like atmosphere. I’d like to point out that cults aren’t created by those who follow, cults are created by those who lead and their followers never see themselves as being in a cult. I didn’t meet a single Heaven’s Gate, People’s Temple or Branch Davidian but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they belonged to a cult. Please don’t take this comment to mean that I associate YL with anything like those groups nor do I believe that they are intentionally harmful. My point is that leaders create cults, not followers.

          • Sherri H. says

            😂😂😂😂😂😂 WOW! Just WOW! Leaders do not create cults?! That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard🤣🤣🤣

    • Anonymous says

      Crystal it’s not cult like – elf you go I to hour pkace of employment and bash the company you work for? I think not – you would probably get fired. Same thing here. This is a company you are work I v for – if u were to bash it – hello yes u elf be removed. Smh

  40. Estee says

    $100 a month?
    I’m a YL rep and it’s only $50 – which I find VERY easy to spend considering their broad spectrum of products. I use the wonderful Theives line to clean my home…
    my experience has been very good. I don’t sell, I just enjoy for my personal use but have received dozens of free oils since a percentage of all I buy can be redeemed for prodict.
    And as far as ingesting oils – ingesting oregano oil in a gelatin cap is pure magic. This has been my go-to on the rare occasion that I’m sick for YEARS & it immediately knocks out anything going on.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thanks Estee, I’m just going by what was found in policies & procedures, what their CS told me, what my upline told me, and by what representatives from YL who contacted me after this post was published, have told me. If you found a way to be paid with only $50 instead of the $100 they say, then that’s awesome, but I had to go by what I was told by the company. We will have to agree to disagree on the necessity and safety of ingesting oils casually. I did not say one should NEVER do it, but that it should not be used to flavor waters, taken in caplets with up to 10-12 drops of different oils, 2-3 times daily.

      • says

        I just went through a YL business class, and yes, you must personally purchase 100PV to receive commissions (50PV is just for getting $25 per Starter Kit that you sell. If you want more residual commission of a customer’s future purchases, you have to purchase 100PV/month). If you are just a wholesale customer, there is no minimum (besides the recommended 50PV per year, which really isn’t necessarily true because you can “reactivate” with a 50PV purchase anytime. If you are on their loyalty program, Essential Rewards, you must spend 50PV per month. *These are just some of the details that I didn’t think were fully disclosed when I joined. But again, definitely believe in their quality and process!

  41. Anonymous says

    Thank you sharing your concerns about the YL company. I signed up with YL recently and have misgivings. Not so much about using essential oils, but about some of their claims that border on new age. As a Christian, my conscience is bothering me. I will look further into the Rocky Mountain oils. Like what I’ve seen so far.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I hope you have a better experience with YL. I know a lot of people have had good experiences with them. I, too, have seen some who tend to border on new age terminology.

    • says

      I also have misgivings about YL, and decided NOT to sell them after trying to better rely on my own intuition and reading this post confirmed it! *BTW – Young Living has a somewhat decent return policy, so it might be worth looking into if you feel like you went overboard on a large order. I just did this yesterday!

      I’ve tried a RMO Tea Tree and didn’t love it, but that just might be Tea Tree. I’ve also use Plant Therapy and they are very up front about their process and testing, and I do like that they offer 10ml bottles because I like to have a variety of oils and do not go through a 15ml fast enough and don’t want it to go bad. I’m still confused about whether organic oils are a must. (Plant Therapy offers some organic, and free shipping with a certain amount purchase and no tax). Also – Vitamin Rocket sells Young living oils at wholesale prices without tax. I do think YL has very high quality oils and love that they produce their own product from start to finish, but learning more about the commission structure just showed me how inflated the prices really are (and that I couldn’t sell it to friends or family in good conscience). If I use something on my body, I think I will stick with YL for certain purchases. But for aromatherapy and cleaning, I’ll use RMO or Plant Therapy. Thanks for writing this honest post!

    • anonymous says

      I agree 100% about the oil descriptions. They creep me out. Here are a few:

      “Abundance™ is created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. This higher frequency creates what is called “the law of attraction,” . . .

      Another odd description:

      “Dream Catcher™ is an exotic formula designed to enhance the process of dreaming and visualization. The ability to hold onto your dreams – positive dreams that move you forward emotionally and spiritually – can lead to a greater ability to realize your desires and stay on the path of fulfillment. Dream Catcher also protects against negative dreams that may cloud your vision.”

      Another one that completely weirds me out is Aroma Life:

      “Aroma Life™ combines the harmonizing effects of ylang ylang with known powerhouses cypress, helichrysum, and marjoram. Pulsing with life, this vibrant blend energizes your life force. It is best applied over heart energy – front and/or back.”

      Pulsing with life??? EW!

      Energizes my life force? No thanks.

      I agree with everything you wrote. I give my oil business to a different company–one that isn’t an MLM. :)

        • Crystal Brothers says

          I do understand the regulations, but there are words that can be used that aren’t the mystical types of language YL uses.

          • Sherri H. says

            Hi Crystal! Can you give examples of mystical language YL uses bc I do truely want to pass this on and we want to be the best company that we can be. Thanks. That’s actually constructive criticism and we can work with that and make changes.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Sherri, the commenter above gives several examples of new age and mystical types of language from the product descriptions.

        • Sherri H. says

          Yes their are frequencies in the atmosphere (that’s science) and therapeutic grade, A oils make those frequencies numbers go higher, which makes things that are already here that much better. I would encourage you to study up on things your not familiar with bc as humans, we tend to talk very negatively about things we aren’t knowledgeable about. It’s not sinful bc Jesus and his parents used them. Essential oils are mentioned about 111 times in the biblical context. The big pharma took over and now Oils are coming back. People would rather have something synthetic and fake and created in a lab rather than oils dropped straight from a unadulterated plant – nothing synthetic, man made or fake about Young Living and certainly nothing to worry about. We do encourage all customers to consult with their doctor to let them know your on essential oils. A medical doctor won’t know anything about them unless you to a doctor that is MD and a doctor of natural medicines. They do exist and if you can find one I suggest those doctors where possible. Thanks but I will continue with Young Living to have fun, be healthy and educate.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Sherri, oils were used and mentioned in the Bible, but essential oils as we know them today were actually not invented or available back then.

          • Sherri H. says

            Crystal yes most were. Some were used to preserve just after death, before battle, warriors used them to bring confidence, focus and ward off anxiety, some for worship and anointing and a host of other things. They were mentioned 111 times in the Bible. The reason I use YL is I or ANYONE can go to the farms and prove they do it right. The transparency of it all and they are Christian based. Customer service and distributor mistakes? YES but we love true purity. No other company has the transparency that YL does and personally these things matter to me. To be human is to err. Not all distributors represent YL accurately so y’all please know that YL reserves the right to make distributors membership null and void for using the membership in any way that goes against YL terms and agreements. As far as the MLM compensation model goes, every distributor has the opportunity to move up in ranks with hard work and YL rewards and compensates VERY WELL! I hope I have helped to clarify a few things today.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            As I said the first time, oils were used in Biblical times, but not the products that are produced, marketed, and sold today as “essential oils.” The process of steam distillation was not used at that time and most oils were instead infused oils, which are different in purity and potency. I hope this helps!

            It is absolutely incorrect to state that YL is the only company that cares about transparency. There are many other companies that are more forthcoming and transparent about practices and testing than YL. Also, you must remember that distributors represent the company, and the company knows that. The people I am talking about are very high up in the company. If they were truly misrepresenting YL, then they would address that. Since they have not addressed it, it leads me to believe that YL is satisfied with the way they are being represented.

          • says

            If oil is not the same as in the bible then what did they do to make olive oil? Just because technology gets better it does not mean they are obsolete. We do not say oil is any less oil because it is taken out of the ground differently. The oils are the same and if you have truly oure essential oils they do work.

          • Sherri H. says

            What? I never said any of that. The method of distillation is of course different from then and now but the finished product is the same bc what ever oil drops out of that plant drops right into YL bottles. The farm land must be virgin land. Thoroughly tested many many times in house and third party and no chemicals, hand weeded, fertilized with EOs and harvested at the very peak with testing around the clock every hour until YL sees the best quality available. YL has chemist, doctors, pharmacists, etc ON STAFF. All of this sets YL apart from any other companies bc no other company can afford quality measures YL uses. Others focus on quantity over quality. I choose YL bc I know what I’m putting in my body. Therapeutic grade A (not defined by US FDA or USDA bc the US has no regulations on EOs).Any company can put as little as 5% of oil (probably adulterated oil) then put carrier oil and/or alcohols and slap a label on the bottle that says 100% pure.why? I don’t know. Probably to stretch the oils to make more of a profit. I’m sorry I won’t bite the bait. As far as YL being sited for curing and preventing disease, that is wrong! On my YL Facebook group, we are encouraged to speak I need a complicated manner no matter what we as YL users have seen the oils do. We don’t want to get shut down by the FDA bc we want to continue using oils and their benefits to the body.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            I’m a bit confused by your comment as I never said oils are obsolete or that they don’t work. I use essential oils daily and know that they are effective. As far as essential oils being used in Biblical times, extraction methods actually are important in terms of understanding exactly what the oil is–particularly in terms of purity, potency, etc. In Biblical times they absolutely used oils, they just weren’t the same thing that is labeled and marketed as essential oils today. I hope that helps.

  42. Chai Watson says

    Love it, love it, love it! You rock, sister! My relative just asked me to host a YL party for her, but from the start I have experienced yucky energy from her around these oils. Like she owns them and I can’t have anything to do with them unless I go through her. Wow. Okayyyy, I thought we were family. So even your own family will treat you as profit op when working for YL. I almost made the invite for her party, when I found this post! I canceled on her immediately, also validating my intuition. I am in total agreement about not supporting MLMs. And to think that this low vibrational frequency of greed energy gets into the oils?! Eww. Anyway, lets support the beautiful, excellent, responsible, ethical companies out there that are informed, and thoughtful. Companies that really want to provide healing, and love the relationship with the plants and the people themselves, more than the size of their bank account! <3 Woot woot! Ethical Earth medicine!

  43. Renee Schuhmacher says

    I came across your blog after googling “what people dislike about YL” I did this because I signed up three months ago for the discount and while I love one of the lady who has been teaching me about oils I would never attempt to sell them. My chief reasoning for this is the horrible delivery time (I haven’t gotten an order in less than two weeks yet), the most un-user friendly website I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across, and the herd mentality of the groups. How can they in all honesty ask you to buy things when your business is obviously not a priority? I also have used Rocky Mountain Herbs oils. High quality herbs and oils and they don’t take forever to deliver.

    • says

      Hey Renee! If shipping is an issue you will be happy to know that Young Living is opening up a second distribution center! YL went through a fast growth and like most companies there will be growing pains. The great thing is the oils you love will make a way to your door faster just as soon as they are complete. I do know that currently they have been getting help from another company for their shipping needs. I encourage you to really pray about the business side. It is not for everybody, but it definitely is a blessing. I have nothing to gain by saying this, since I am not your upline, only in hopes for a blessed future for you.

  44. says

    The incivility and backlash you have received from a few of the YL cult zombies as a result of your article is shameless, not to mention a real testament to their lack of credibility and sensitivity as humans. Anything to make a sale or protect their own interests! Instead of owning up to the fact their company has issues which need to be addressed, it’s much easier to attack you and come up with all sorts of excuses aimed at negating your personal experience. Absolutely Incredible. You were much nicer that I would have been. I was considering becoming a rep for the company, but have decided better. In part because of the article you wrote but much more so because of the rude and ignorant responses you’ve had to endure from some of these obtuse minded individuals. Your naysayers have only succeeded in hurting their own company by their disingenuous, and obvious self-serving responses. Bravo to you for speaking your truth and standing on principle! You just saved me a few dollars and most likely weeks of aggravation in dealing with this company.

  45. Susan Nelson says

    I’m curious… how did you become interested in using essential oils? These advocates or promoters of essential oils are paid promotion for the industry of essential oils. If it were not for MLMs, essential oils would still be dusty bottles on the shelves of health food stores. The information shared from advocates, has changed the way the world thinks of and uses essential oils… these other companies, including ROcky mountain oils are piggy backing off the work and income of MLM companies. I would wager you would have never tried essential oil if not for the ground laying work of MLMs and these other companies would not be in business at least to the level they are. I share.. mostly knee cap to knee cap I spend countless hours reading, reasearching, and promoting and sharing my brand.. and I am paid for that… horror!!! This is a free market society…. research that. Where are the bloggers picking apart high end cosmetics, or designer lines of clothing because you can buy similar use from JC penny… guess what those high end designers set the fashion industry all the way down to the bottom feeders…in the essential oil industry those bottom feeders are pretending to be the unsung hero’s of EOs who offer a top quality product for less… but they meager promotions budget because we do all their work!

    • Melanie says

      Hi Susan, you’re right, you are working hard to promote essential oils and others are piggy backing off that. And you are getting a small % for your labor and marketing. I would advise anyone doing YL just Private Label your own oils and market like you would for YL. It will probably take just as long to build up a business with YL as it would to build your own brand. Look up “how to private label” on YouTube. It will show you how to start your own EO company/brand. You can find a wholesale company to buy oils from.And then you can personally benefit from all the marketing that YL and Doterra do for oils in general. It will be building your own company that is just yours without the rules of a YL or Doterra.

      • says

        But why would I do that? I have no desire to bring that lack of integrity into this marketplace. YL and DoT both have the right to claim that market. They have set the standards, they have scoured the world for the best oils, they employ or partner with amazing teams of scientists, EO experts, growers, distillers, and doctors. I love representing that. I’m confident in our brand and I love this supportive environment.
        What I dont understand is why any blogger has to vilify these companies and their “rabidly loyal” consumers?
        Were David, Job, Solomon and other wealthy biblical men and women sinners because they acquired monetary blessing?
        God is not against people being paid for their work and value.
        “do not muzzle the oxen whole it is treading out the grain” Even though the context is in regard to pastors and missionaries, the application can apply to any field.
        I’ve been deeply down this same path of thinking, questioning, and concern. My way was tested and refined. I believe strongly that the tone and content of this article is incorrect, and verges on the precipice of foolish slander. As a sister in Christ I emplore you to re examine your thoughts and motives around this subject and this piece. I am available to be a sounding board, a representative of another view. From a biblical perspective, I have the knowledge to go head to head with you based in truth and seasoned with love, as iron sharpenth iron.

        • Melanie says

          Created life collective,
          I think you have misunderstood what the blogger was trying to accomplish and what any skeptics of this company are trying to accomplish. I choose to comment about MLM companies like YL because I have seen too many times where the average woman gets burned trying to make an income from these types of companies. You are mistaken if you think this company has so much integrity lol. I have no tie to this company bad or good but I know what they are about. Only 2% of distributors make the money from all the little people who buy into their crazy claims (37 hours a week for 160k a month) . That kind of money takes hard work (60 hours a week for an entrepreneur). You want to bring the Bible into this, okay. I feel as a Christian woman I feel a duty to put out my thoughts about these deceptive companies so other woman don’t get taken advantage of. Be honest with yourself, are you gettting the income you were pitched by an experienced/trained sales person for YL or DOterra? I believe the blogger and others are simply trying to say be honest with yourself and do the research before you become a victim of someone preying on a pipe dream of having your own business at home and making more money than the amount of work you put into it. If a job is trying to recruit you to work for them then it isn’t a job, it’s a scam. How many jobs have you interviewed for that are trying to convince you to work for them and not vice versa? Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is….

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Hi! I did not say or imply that people should not be paid for their hard work (I’m a blogger–and I get paid sometimes for my hard work too, I have several products available for sale in my store here). There is no slander. I said repeatedly that this was based on my personal experience with this company. Yours may be different and that’s great. But I believe both sides should be out there for everyone involved to make informed choices. I prayed hard over this before I published it because I knew the hostility I would face because of it, and quite frankly, I selfishly wanted to avoid that. Trust me, it is no fun to have your values, morals, and even salvation questioned simply because you had a bad experience with someone’s favorite EO company. But at the end of the day, I know that I wish that other view had been available to me before I wasted money, time, and endured so much frustration and problems.

  46. Julie says

    I am so sorry you had such an awful experience with customer service in particular. I am a distributor with YL and have been very happy with the oils and I am blessed to have an excellent up line. My experiences with customer service have been very good, but I know a friend of mine has had a couple of issues.

    I have two people in my “down line” but I still don’t meet the $100 min to get a commission each month. I was aware of that condition before I even signed up because the person I joined with told me. One of my people doesn’t even order very often. She just wanted the starter kit because it was a great price point for a lot of oils. I do make a minimum order of $50 each month because of the incentive to earn cash back on future purchases. But that is a cost that is obviously passed down through price as are all operating costs of every business.

    I do think a lot depends on the people you are involved with. You mentioned your FB group being a certain culture shall we say. That is influenced by the leader of that group. Our leader will immediately remove any post that is non compliant. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and complaints are handled with grace and a desire to help. I can see the
    personal variance of “company culture” being a problem and leading to inconsistencies in individual experiences.

    I have a few other oil companies I use. I’ve been happy with Auracacia as well as some oils sold by a local co-op. I have found that after the discount as well as the 20% incentive that I currently receive that most oils are cost comparable. But as someone mentioned above, it really does take a long time for shipping. I was literally shocked this month that I placed my order on the 18th and received it on the 23rd.

    Again, I’m sorry your experience was so negative and I appreciate you sharing your side of it.

  47. Meg says

    Hello! I recently signed up with YL as a distributor. I got sucked in by being told that I can make a great home business out of it. My upline is highly supportive and very successful. I’m still waiting on my kit. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been doing a TON of research on EO’s. I’ve been a bit discouraged since I’ve found so many negative reviews about YL and realized that they are a bit flippant about ingesting them! So I am thinking about switching to a different company. I have already bought the kit and signed up for ER’s. Would you mind telling me where the clause is that says I can’t sell anything else for 6 months after terminating my contract? I’ve been searching through tons of stuff on their website but can’t find anything that says that. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot. We are thinking about switching to NYR Organics instead. I’ve been pretty impressed with their products so far. But I’m feeling even more discouraged now because of having to wait 6 months in order to sell the products! ugh. Thank you so much for posting your experience! It has helped me in my decision.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi, Meg, it’s in their Policies & Procedures that will come with your kit, and also here online: https://static.youngliving.com/en-US/PDFS/P&P_June2015.PDF

      The particular passage is on page 15: Notwithstanding the foregoing, during the term of the Agreement and for a period of six (6) months after the cancellation, expiration,
      or termination by either party for any reason of the Agreement, you agree not to directly or indirectly serve in any capacity as a
      member, representative, consultant, employee, agent, officer, director, shareholder, partner, member, or owner of or with another
      multilevel marketing, network marketing or direct sales company, network, business, or opportunity that promotes, sells, markets, or
      distributes Essential Oil as a wellness, health, beauty, nutritional, or life-style product
      or that engages in any business competitive to
      Young Living in any city, county, state, region, country, or other recognized geographic area where Young Living does business. T

      • Melanie says

        Hi meg, if you are really interested in selling for a competitor, I would do more research. I am not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice.Technically you are a contractor when you sign up as a distributor. Under federal laws contractors have a lot of freedom. Most non compete clauses apply to employees not contractors in other types of business. I’m not sure on how far of a reach an mlm company has on a contractor but I suspect not much since you pay your own taxes etc.

        • Crystal Brothers says

          It’s a part of their policies that you sign and agree to abide by when you purchase the kit. So, I didn’t want to take any chances with it. plus, I wanted to honor my word (even though I felt it was went at deceptively on their part).

  48. says

    I agree with most of all you said, I recently joined to complement my soap biz. There are things that bother me that I don’t want to share on a public forum. I got in under my sister in law and my niece. I would be glad to share by pm. Every one in the business is on FB.
    Very enlightening post. I wonder how many YL people read this blog.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I’m sorry that you have had trouble as well. I was contacted by a company that was supposedly working on PR for them, so I hope they took some of the issues to heart that were raised and will possibly work to address some of these things.

      • says

        Crystal this write up is really about you not recommending YL essential oils to your audience, which is your right bco freedom of speech. Your riding a very thin line when you say that your goal is to help others weigh their options. This is none other than a negative review, which screams DONT use YL oils. I understand you had bad experiences with this company but YL just added more warehouses for quicker shipping. The FDA citations are from independent distributors that went against the YL rules about compliancy. We all know that humans make mistakes but I feel that one instance of bad customer service isn’t enough to write them off. I’m not discounting how you feel but any means. I want to validate that 100% just to be clear. This talk about YL being cult like is just wrong! YL does not advocate this kind of behavior as some have posted about. That is individual distributor behavior and YL reserves the right to take away their privileges temporarily or permantly and I’ve seen that happen. This business provides a lot of people to make a very nice living. I have the same opportunity to move up in rank as everyone else does. One instance of customer service and one bad apple distributor doesn’t make the whole company bad. Other companies we deal with have worse customer service relations than YL. I’m not saying lay down and ignore it but YL has lots of rules and regulations that not everyone complies with. I have seen 1 of my friends have her distributorship temporarily suspended a few times before she learned and stopped and started complying. We do deal with the issues and are always trying to improve. No company is perfect. I am a distributor and my team does stand in compliance and hold ourselves accountable strictly. Thanks

        • Crystal Brothers says

          Hi Sherri, I can only speak to my personal experience and I spoke with many people trying to get this issue resolved. They did not do that for me. I can only make my judgments and recommendations based on my own experience. I promise you, I really wanted to have a good experience. I wanted to recommend them, because I do believe I could have been earning quite a hefty income through them. This is why I kept on and an, trying for months to get this resolved in some sort of reasonable fashion but that just didn’t happen. I’m glad you are one of the people who has had a positive experience and been able to earn a good income. That is what I wanted for myself, honestly. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way :( I know that you and others feel that only positive experiences should be shared and the negative ones should be stuffed, but I feel it’s important to have both. In any other industry that’s how it works. You get positive reviews and negative reviews, and people are able to make their choices based on those honest experiences and reviews. In this it’s a bit different because the negative reviews are harassed until many just give up, and many of the positive ones come from people who are making a living from selling it, so very biased. I have nothing to gain from sharing my negative review, except being attacked and cutting myself out of the opportunity I had to earn money with YL. I just felt that both sides deserve to be out there so that people can make an informed decision. Thanks for stopping by.

  49. Liz says

    I greatly appreciate this article! Young Living makes it much more complicated for someone that needs to purchase oils often (I own a cleaning company and make and sell all our products) but I thought that Young Living sold the best quality oils (because they said so lol). I began researching after having such runaround with YL and I’m so glad I did! I’m very impressed with what I’m learning about Eden Botanicals and I’m excited to receive our order.
    I get that this article really upset people because they sell YL. I despise companies that are dishonest and manipulative for the sake of profit.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I have had a good experience with Edan Botanicals and I hope you do as well! They have a rose blend that is just heavenly.

  50. Anonymous says

    After 4 years of being a distributor, I’m starting to doubt my decision based on how I’m being treated as I ask legitimate questions of my upline and the company. I’ve also started taking CBD oil (which YL claims one of their oils works just as well; it doesn’t) and when I posted about my success with it, all the likes and comments were from non-YL people.

    Shipping problems, diffusers that break within a week of receipt, oils constantly going out of stock and ever changing kits, it’s all a little too much drama for $500/month.

    • says

      I am also a distributor, didn’t take long to recognize multiple red flags with the distribution of EOs. For one, when selling oils, MSDS sheets should be readily available and that is required by law. No one at YL or upline has even heard of an MSDS sheet. Secondly, I don’t believe some of these oils, because of their potency, should be injested. Third, I feel that if you’re going to sell EOs you should have some amount of training before you start offering oils to your customer and distributor base. Fourth, shipping, some oils can only be shipped Ground because of their volatility and flaspoint. I could go on but I won’t, it is not the fault of the distributors for the most part, they’re just trying to make some extra money. I got in because I thought it would complement my soap business, but to use them in my soaps is cost prohibitive when it requires one-half ounce of EO per pound of base oils. I usually pay way far less for organic EOs. Yes, with some people money comes first, but I’m not one of those people.

  51. Anonymous says

    Like others have said, it sounds like the main problem was with your upline. Perhaps he/she was not as educated as they should have been. I have been blessed with an awesome upline. I have had only positive experiences with customer service, although I agree that shipping is slow. Your upline is a valuable tool … for educating you, supporting you, etc.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      My upline is HUGE in the company, so I really don’t think it was that. Also, as I explained in my post, my main problem was in my horrible experience with customer service. I can totally deal with problems if the company will take responsibility, apologize, and correct them. That just didn’t happen here, in any of the 3-4 times I was forced to contact them over the course of a couple months that I spent dealing with all of this.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts though, and I am glad for you that your experience has been more positive!

  52. Hannah says

    Advice: I think your motives are not ethical, to sell your products, you bash another company!
    Why don’t you market yourself and the company that you represent through positive engagement by marketing your products and your company only! Your published article is just poor marketing campaign for the company that you represent!

    • Melanie says

      Hannah, the article doesn’t bash, it merely exposes truth. MLM companies sell pipe dreams. That’s how they make money, period. The products they sell can be found elsewhere, for a better price.If the products were so good they would be sold through conventional retail channels, not through thousands of “business owners”. MLM marketing is the most profitable way for a company to market, because it’s makes the most money for the owners/creators, not the distributors. People involved with them don’t want to hear that but they need to be honest with themselves.

      • Sherri H. says

        Melanie, honestly if someone is in YL for the money.. their in it for the wrong reasons. I’m with YL and when I share the products it’s bc I have information the whole world can use to help the body in every way. The income part just happens when it happens -so what – I have a full time job and my bills are getting paid. Disease is rampant in our world and YL has products to keep your body above the wellness line. The chemical free way. Period!

        • Crystal Brothers says

          If you were truly doing it solely for the good of others, you wouldn’t worry about the money at all. I share many things on my blog where I do it solely to provide information and care for others–things that don’t earn me money at all. It’s perfectly fine to make this a business, but please be honest about it.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I am not a distributor for another company, nor was this post written for that purpose. I edited that information into this post later after people were asking me. When I wrote this post, I was not an affiliate for any company nor working with any other company.

      • Susan Nelson says

        Better yet, a bottom feeder profiting off the hard work of those poor friends who you think are being taken advantage of. The ones who’ve used their time and resources to share essential oils with the world. I maintain, if it weren’t for the dreaded network marketers, essential oils would be dusty bottles in the back shelves of Heath food stores and used by very few people.
        Think about what your precious RMO would have to increase their add budget by to even be in a profitable business today if it were not for the work of your friends and their associates. Oh but I’m sure that would not effect their cost of goods.
        Look intently sister at the whole picture.

        • Kim says

          Why would you become so nasty to someone who is simply sharing their honest experience? I had the same experiences the author did with this company. And having used EOs for over 15 years and studying them in massage school, I can tell you that the quality of these oils is not what it is made out to be. Please do reaearch outside of what YL tella you about EOs. They didn’t invent them and they certainly didn’t perfect them, despite what the company wants you to think.

  53. Female Human with a Cupcake Addiction says

    I have read your post from top to bottom (took me nearly several hours to thoroughly read through each and every comment – who does that these days?) but anyway I recently signed up with YL a few days ago not from the sales woo of anyone, not by misleading marketing, just because I want to try the oils and to receive the ‘discount’ (I call these the inflated price after commissions and profits minus discretionary cash – most companies that offer MLM does this but I think most will know what I mean). I have purchased essential oils from other non-MLM brand companies and experienced a lot of headaches when I used them in my diffuser regardless of how many drops I used. I have a pretty ‘detective’ body and it always signals to me when something is not good for me. Initially I assumed I was using too much drops and I dialled it back – but even the smell opening the bottles still conjured terrible headaches. I am passionate about living a God-fearing and healthy lifestyle for my family. I did not sign up to make ‘my dreams come true’ from selling someone else’s product and anyone thinking they can do so will easily be frustrated by listening to the wrong sales pitch. If you start your OWN business and fuel it with passion, great customer service and strong beliefs customers will flock to you.

    I appreciate feedback from users and their experiences both positive and negative and yes many businesses lose customers for the very main fact of poor customer service regardless of the quality of the product. Many people will pay the price for a good product because of belief and superior customer service or a company that apologises quickly and tries to make things right. I would be curious to know how you were treated after their PR reached out to you and after the several months of back and forth. Did this company ever make things right for you regardless? I have worked in customer service for over a decade and I can tell you I am hands-down pro-customer service – it is what separates any company from it’s competitor. No one can claim to be the best – period. If I do plan to sell the products, I wouldn’t ever say that.

    I have not yet received my box which in this day in time companies need to know the excitement quickly dies after each subsequent day of waiting. I would not want my potential ‘downline’ to experience the frustration of impatience matched with over-excitement. Tracking doesn’t provide any estimated delivery date either – I just moved to Europe so maybe it’s just my frustration. The two do not mix (is there an oil for that? ;) And I had imagined that I would have been contacted by someone from the company by now but just an auto-email doesn’t quite add the personal touch I was hoping for in the absence of a sponsor/enroller. I do however think making it mandatory to spend $100 or more just to earn a commission is a bit extreme but I assume it is an incentive in some way to retain loyal purchases. I didn’t expect to have to pay nearly 350 euros upfront for the Premium Starter Kit and Essential Auto-Ship just to become a distributor but this happened again because I didn’t thoroughly have all the information upfront – which is what most company websites do in order to prevent you from abandoning your decision. The ‘black and white’ happens after you sign-up… and my husband nearly had a heart attack after hearing what I spent. I hope this box has large bottles to appear to be worth the investment otherwise I will simply use the products and cancel membership.

    My point here, I had to read your user experience and all these comments only to confirm a few negative thoughts I have had before and during sign-up regardless of all the great praises of their products but I will however use my entire 350 euros worth of products before I conclude on cancelling and sharing my experience. Thank you for sharing your post – now if only the box can arrive before my excitement diffuses :(

    Let me know if they ever apologised – customer service is huge deal breaker for me and I may very well be in the same shoe with them soon if I have to cancel.

    • Sherri H. says

      You sign up, you decide on auto ship orders but it’s the best way to go bc you qualify for a lot of free products the more you spend, absolutely no hassle to do the business side, YL has added addtl warehouses for quicker shipping recently and continue to improve as we can. Being that YL does things the right way it takes a lot of time and effort to fulfill orders. If they were to cut corners the quality wouldn’t be the best in the industry. We work through major customer service issues everyday. We have lots of growing pains but that’s a good thing. I’m in the business side bc #1 is loving on ppl and education of a better life. I love the product so much that I use it everywhere and ppl take notice. If they ask me about the product and where to get, I will give them my information and I get rewarded for it. YL has the best compensation model around and the tax benefits are absolutely amazing. We have a variety of options for shipping according to your needs. I will admit that shipments overseas, military bases and around the holidays can be challenging. Personally, I’ve never experienced any issues with shipping in my 3 years with the company. I had one issue with the auto shipment, Essential Rewards (ER) auto ship program. When I was on ER, I would always call in if I wanted to change my order. I placed my order with the agent and asked to cancel my ER program but for some reason it didn’t get done so the next month when I got a ER order, I called YL back and they made it right. They refunded my money in my account and they let me keep one product for free. Issue resolved! We are always improving our level of service bc we care about ALL of you🙂. @Crystal Brothers, in response to your statement, “distributors seem to have a cult like relationship with Gary Young.” That is an inappropriate and untrue statement so please refrain from spreading things like this bc it doesn’t help your credibility ma’am. Thanks in advance.

      • Crystal Brothers says

        I’m glad to hear that they are improving upon this, because having customers wait 3 weeks for an intro order with no apology, is not acceptable (and no I was not shipping overseas, to a military base, or around the holidays). I now use 3 different companies that are all very high quality and offer third party testing results to consumers. The shipping from these companies is all 1 week or less, so it is a fallacy to say that reasonable shipping can only happen if quality is compromised. That is not true at all.

        I am glad you haven’t had any problems, again, I *wish* that had been my experience as well. I wanted to love this company! Unfortunately, I had nothing but problems from the get-go, and many, many calls to customer service just to get what I had already paid for, and never an apology. I wish I had an experience like yours! Instead, they sent me something extra that I didn’t even order (not a recurring shipment or anything, just a pure mistake on their part that they accidentally sent me 2 of something.) I did the honest thing to tell them about it and offered to return it at their expense, but instead they said I would have to pay for it and were going to bill me! I had to call them many times to get that settled so that I didn’t have to pay for this extra thing that they sent me that I didn’t want or need–again, completely their mistake! I’m glad you got your issue resolved so well and in your favor so nicely, but that is not always the case, unfortunately.

        @sherri H, please re-read. I did not say that distributors have a cult like relationship with Gary Young, that was another commenter. Please read clearly before making accusations against me. Thank you in advance.

        • Bethany says

          I guess the problem that so many are commenting on is your experiences versus ours. It’s like night and day. Over and over again I among thousands of others have received top notch customer service. When they send double orders they let us keep them. When we contact them they are the nicest people ever, no exaggeration. It is just so hard to believe we are talking about the same company. I have talked to customer service a dozen times and every single time they have gone above and beyond to accommodate me. We in no way gain from telling our experiences and you will never meet us, so there is no reason for us to be dishonest. Your experience is unheard of in our group of 40,000 plus people. That is the one compliment I hear the most is how great customer service is. The shipping did get rough for a little bit, but that is to be expected when your sales increase in the billions like it did when they introduced the makeup. They answered with a new distribution center. I really hate that you had those experiences. I just want your readers to know that isn’t the norm.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Hi Bethany! If you read through some of the other comments, you’ll see that I am not the only one. Several others have had negative experiences as well, it’s just very hush-hush, and unfortunately many are scared to speak out about it because of the backlash they will receive :(. I have received a lot of it for sharing my experience here, and I continue to receive it both publicly and privately. That is why more of the negative experiences aren’t shared–because some people don’t want to put up with that. Again, I desperately wish that your experience had been mine. I had to call them over and over to get my various issues resolved, so they had many opportunities and it was many different people, so it was not just one CS rep having a bad day. It was multiple phone calls over a period of months.

            Unlike you, I am not accusing you of being dishonest. In fact, I have said over and over in these comments, “I am GLAD that you had such a great experience.” And I am. I am glad that you got a double order and were allowed to keep it. I got a double order and when I brought it to their attention (there was no paperwork on it), they told me they would bill me for it, or I could send it back at my expense and then they would refund my payment. When I argued with them, they said they would charge me “only 50% for it”–again, this is something that was completely their error and not mine, yet they were forcing me to pay for it!

            I am the one who has been accused of lying about my experience and I have nothing to gain from sharing it. In fact, I have lost a lot. I have been called names and had horrible comments left for me both here and privately. I lost my investment and the chance to earn income with them, which I had hoped to do eventually. I lost that because of my experience and from sharing it. But I had to be honest, even though I knew it would cost me.

            Also, my experience was long before the introduction of the makeup so that was not a factor. And again, I certainly wish that I had been treated with the kindness and respect that many of you have said you receive, because I really wanted to love them and was prepared to be a loyal lifelong customer and distributor!

          • Sherri H. says

            Bethany I agree. This is unheard of and what @ Crystal Brothers might not know is that our upline leaders silver and above can also call YL on our behalf to help with issues like this and resolve for us. They have a special leadership line they call to help in anyway possible. I’m apart of a few different YL training Facebook groups and never once heard of anything like this. YL have made great strides in improving all aspects of the company. I had a significant Essential Rewards issue that was handled professionally and quickly. I didn’t have to pay to have it shipped back in the company and they let me keep one product free. I just don’t know where this is coming from. There are some things that are wrong in Crystals account of how the company works as well. May have been the distributor she was working with too. Everyone I’ve worked with has been nothing but good to me and even has sent me free products and samples for fun promotions and drawings we do frequently.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            I actually DO know about that special leadership line, as it’s how I finally got my products after 3 weeks, and why they finally agreed to send me a postage paid return box for the extra item they sent me (rather than making me pay for the unwanted item or ship it back at my expense)–my upline called on my behalf. Sherri, there is nothing wrong. It is all completely accurate and factual.

            I have said repeatedly “where this is coming from.” This is what happened to me. I am sorry you don’t believe it. No one was more surprised or disappointed than me. I really wanted to love YL and was prepared to be a lifelong, loyal customer. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way for me. I have no reason to lie. I gain nothing, and in fact have lost a lot because of it. Again, this has nothing to do with the distributor I was working with–it was all directly with the company and with customer service.

            If you continue to call me a liar, I will no longer approve your posts. You’ve made yourself very clear and we are not going to do this back and forth as that is not what my blog is about.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      In months of my calling them over and over (just to get the product I had already paid for!), they never did apologize, sadly :( And, no, to this day they have not apologized. The person who reached out to me was a third party company who was preparing a report for them. I really hope you have a great experience with these oils once you get them!

  54. says

    Bethany, I can certainly understand your frustration. I would be just as upset as you are had I been in your shoes. A lot of things have changed since you wrote this though. I wish you the best.

  55. K says

    I seriously love your honesty and have actually had some pretty bad situations myself which is why I’m leaving! Major props for speaking out against the crowd. YL really does “hush-hush” their bad situations or things that may may them look bad. I have also seen how fake some people can be in the uplines and it’s truly sad.

    • Sherri H. says

      Hello, I personally regret to hear ty you’ve had anything less than desireable service with YL. I’ve only had one issue but it was quickly resolved. The upline has a special line they use to call the company for very involved issues. They can have it taken care of very quickly. Perhaps you considered this route I’m not sure. If you let me handle your issue, I will make sure it gets resolved in a timely manner, K. I will need to know who your upline leader is and the issue you are having and also your member id😊

  56. Karolina says

    Hello! I’ve enjoyed all of the viewpoints here. Thought I’d add my experience, as I’ve just very recently purchased a startup kit from Young Living. By doing that, I have joined the Reward Program. I’m not selling, until I have used the product for some time and tested the service as well.

    The product – used it for the first time last night. Too soon to report.

    The service – 3 things that I’d like to share, that some may find helpful:

    1) Since I’m new, I had some questions. I called the customer service line, and called the US in error. They were super, the lady there advised that I do need to call Canada, gave me the # and we had a good conversation and a few laughs. I called the Canada line and got the information I needed. They were very friendly and answered all of my questions.
    2) From there, I wanted to email my ‘upliner’ or the gal that I bought from, but when I went to email her, I found the email she sends me monthly is a ‘no reply’ email. She does give her phone #, but in this day and age, email is where it’s at. Will contact her and ask for an email address.
    3) I find the emails I receive a little, shall we say, ‘culty’? I’m not looking for a religion or a family or a cult. This will be a real business. MLM or no MLM, I don’t have an opinion. I hear people say ‘nasty things happen in MLMs’ but I haven’t yet heard what that means. If I choose to sell, it will be in a business like manner, without the cult-like language I’m seeing. I hope that’s a personal choice on the part of the members, and not a requirement. Will see…. I will post my experiences as I have them, I hope this is helpful to some. If anyone has any advice, I would be happy to hear.

    • Sherri says

      I don’t know what you mean by cult language but the only language required is FDA compliant way of presenting the products just like all other oil company. Welcome to the family!

    • Desutho says

      Karolina, I too recently “joined” YL.

      I repeatedly told my friend that I would not sell, just wanted the oils to try. The cheapest way, as communicated to me, was to join YL and get the kit at a reduced price (when looking at “per oil”, that price would make the diffuser “free”), and I would only be considered a member if I didn’t check the box when signing up for monthly product. Well, I did all that and I’m still listed as a distributor. I’m told that’s because I could decide to sell any time with no hassle.

      This was near the end of May. I seriously do NOT want to be listed as a distributor, nor did I want to be listed in all of “my upline”s Facebook groups and emails! All of which, I might add, talk about getting more people to join, commissions, and sales. I seriously just wanted a starter kit to try and even “at cost” it was pricey. This person was the one who got me interested in essential oils so I do have to give her the credit for that and that was why I thought I’d try the oils she was using. Anyway, two weeks later I’ve received my YL and since then have done lots of reading on the internet, including this blog and replies, I’ve just written a letter to YL to terminate my membership, told my friend thanks but no thanks, etc.

      I’ve found sites by many highly regarded people both in the US and abroad… certified aromatherapists, holistic practitioners, and others who do not say YL or DoTerra are bad… BUT they won’t use their oils because of safety concerns (ingesting, usage on children, using oils neat on skinl), and no 3rd party testing! Generally, I’ve seen that Florihana oils (made in France), Edens Garden, and several others have great 3rd party tests, are available at less cost and directly from the non-MLM companies. I have to say I’m in love with Florihana and Edens Garden but want to try several others with high marks as well. I get Lavendar in every brand to compare.

      All that said, I will not say anything bad about the YL oils themselves because I just don’t know for sure how good or bad they are. I can’t say they are good without the outside tests to prove, but likewise I won’t take their own word for it. I can say that every MLM I have ever dealt with uses questionable practices IN MY OPINION. Just step away from the kool aid and you realize that you were marching in lockstep with the other stepford wives — I know, I’ve been there in other MLMs so I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just saying that’s how I look at all of them now.

      This entire reply is JUST MY OPINION, but I wanted to voice it for those who feel the same and think perhaps they are alone. If you are selling YL or DoTerra, making a good living at it and doing no harm, yay for you. I just don’t want to do it myself. I want the freedom to buy the best single oils I can at a price I can afford, and common sense tells me they are not ALL going to have the same brand name on them. Therefore I can’t pledge my allegiance to just one company…. OR have my name listed as a distributor of it. MY CHOICE FOR ME. You do whatever you need to do for you.

  57. Kim says

    Excellent, excellent article. My experience with them was similar. I have been using EOs for about fifteen years, thanks to my grandmother who always used them as well as my experience with them in massage school. I will admit that I was suckered into the intro package from YL because it is very aesthetically pleasing, but I quickly realized that the MLM model and the terrible customer service were too much. I also realized quickly that the quaity of the oils is sub-par… if you put them up against oils from Living Libations or Mountain Rose Herbs, you will immediatey note the difference. And finally, I agree that they promote dangerous usage of EOs internally. This is absolutely maddening to me, as I know many people who now take these oils internally without any research on their part. The people who sell these oils think they are experts on aromatherapy, yet most have never read a book on the subject nor realize there is a professional association of aromatherapists who disagree with many of their practices and suggestions. Anyway, thanks again – I will definitely be sharing this post with others.

  58. Anonymous says

    That’s just not true.. I just signed up a few days ago and you literally check a box to choose one or the other..

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Maybe they have changed it! I hope that’s true. My experience was 3 years ago, so they may have changed some things since then. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you have a great experience with them :)

      • Sherri says

        No company is perfect with customer service nor can claim that everything is peaches and cream. We like true purity and Young Living is very attractive. The great customer service I’ve had is one of the main reasons I stay with them and I can trust their products. If I want to, I or any YL customer can go to any of their farms and go through the complete seed to seal process including the in house and third party testing so we can see with our own eyes that it’s done the way YL claims. Young Living is the only company to allows this which screams transparency 😀 yes I confirm that we no longer need to provide our ssn# unless you want receive commissions that total over $600 in a years time. At that time, it’s lawful to include the ssn# for tax purposes. It’s pretty plain to see that YL cares about their members and customers bc they are constantly changing to be better.

        • Chris says

          Reputable EO companies will post third party testing results on their website. I do not see those results on YL.

        • Paige says

          It’s interesting to me that people commenting are still touting the “transparency” of YL as well as their “Seed to Seal” practices. I wonder how many of those people have noticed how much wording YL has had to change because of the recent lawsuit.

          • Anonymous says

            I think its interesting too. Dont distributors get that the only reason there is a YL company is because distributors fund the company. It wouldnt sell if it wasnt an MLM.

          • Sherri H. says

            As a distributor/business person, you have to use/purchase the product to see the benefits so you can tell others about it. Also here are ppl that don’t do the business and get there 24% off and free stuff every month OR non member retail customers that fund YL bc they have to make money. They just can’t give away more money they bring in…they will go under. YL pays distributor for sharing/selling the product and everybody wins. Opportunities everywhere to get free stuff or cash points to be used to get free products. It’s a win win for me. I’m not making any money with YL. Just taking it slow and building relationships first and everything else will come organically.

  59. says

    Thank you for this article. I have been looking for ways in making additional income and I have friends who have been with YL for a few months now and have been asking me to try it or join or buy the starter kit etc… although, I want to help her out with the business side of YL, I just can’t find it in my heart to try something I don’t believe in. Anyway, nothing against those who are using the YL oils. I believe, that they believe, that it is beneficial to their life and help them with their wellness and health but, it’s just not for everybody. I also don’t agree in the MLM way of the business… MLM is just a professional name for Networking which I have always thought as a scam.

    • Sherri H. says

      Hi.. network marketing is very popular amongst honest, scam free businesses. It gives people a job that if worked hard at the potential to earn a great Living but have to treat it like a job but treat prospecting customers respectfully. At Young Living, our motto is friendship first and sales later. I have met some of the best friends through network marketing. To me it’s no different than shopping at your local retail store… bc all the workers and store owner get a portion of the money you pay for your items. Same with Young Living, many ppl get a portion of your purchase from YL. You can become a retail customer and not participate in any group and not have a sponsor if you don’t want to but you will pay retail pricing. Just like with Costco, if your not a member then you don’t get wholesale pricing. A lot of people shy away from MLM but really there isn’t a lot of differences in the way YL does things and the way some other businesses do things. I’ve been with YL for 3 years now and the ppl I’ve met and fun I’ve had is unmatched. Customer service issues probably will arise just like any company but if you have an upline they can call on your behalf and resolve the issue very quickly. Hope this helps everyone😃

    • BLea says

      If you read the actual claim…. individuals stole the rosewood oil and YL decided to investigate their own employees and pay the fines for the mistakes of employees who were stealing products and illegally shipping them for a personal profit. Just like embezzling money from a Fortune 500 these employees stole oils for their own gain and YL stopped it as soon as it was caught and turned it in to cooperate with Federal law…. that is 100% commendable!

      • Sherri H. says

        You tell em girl!!! You are so correct! Although yes questions will arise and people will always assume. We are here for all people to provide straight forward information because we (YL) don’t want to be wrongfully accused …ever!

        • Crystal Brothers says

          There are no wrong accusations. You may disagree with my final assessment of the company, but everything is completely true and accurate.

          • Sherri H. says

            I’m not disagreeing with your final assessment but their are wrong accusations indeed! All we ask is to investigate yourself and when you read about YL in the headlines, most ppl find out from an unreputable source or doesn’t get the full details. Most people have issues with different companies but most cases are handled smoothly. Believe me, I will be the first to blast YL if they wrong me and not make it right.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            Thank you Sherri. Your last statement is exactly what happened to me–they wronged me and did not make it right. I could not keep silent about that. And since I have spoken out, even though I knew that it would lead to many attacks against me, I have seen so many others coming forward with similar experiences that were bullied into keeping quiet about them. That’s not right.

          • Sherri H. says

            Right I don’t know of anyone bullying in the YL arena. I know numerous ppl in YL and they are nothing but understanding and compassionate. I have no reason to defend YL because I’m not making any money with the company but I do love reaping benefits of the pure quality offered with company and I won’t use anyone else bc I don’t trust anybody that doesn’t have an open door policy and transparent.

          • Crystal Brothers says

            I’m so glad you haven’t experienced any of that Sherri! Many of us have and it’s not pretty. Blessings to you.

  60. Karla says

    Thank you for this wonderful article. I am a huge fan of RMO myself. I stand behind you and your article 100%.

  61. Chris says

    Thank you, Crystal. Whew, quite a read with all the comments! As a person who strongly believes that knowledge, and the search for knowledge, are our best tools for safe useage of any product, thank you for your well-written and thoughtful post.

    I am here as a result of my own need to research oil options, and evidently your original post touched a raw nerve for many readers.

    I think the take-away is that everyone should do their own research before leaping into a relationship with any one company and be open to the possibility that no ONE company is the pinnacle of perfection. Read, know what you are getting into before blindly signing up. Understand that what works for you may not be financially or medically appropriate for someone else. Too often we see someone buy and receive a kit, then a week later they extol the company’s virtues and offer advice with zero credibility, experience, or education.

    I shake my head at people who continually respond with rabid intensity. Rather than being positive, the posts have the opposite effect of negating any positive attributes of the product or company they are trying to support!

  62. Laura says

    Great job Crystal on this post and I could not agree with you more. I’ve had very similar experiences with YL and after much much research, I can’t support this company anymore-for MANY reasons. Like so many said above, research for yourself-it is an absolute and key to discovering the truth!

  63. Priscilla Miller says

    These oils are highly concentrated. They could be dangerous to ingest if taken with certain prescription drugs. Some of these oils could cause miscarriage. I won’t support this business because they tell people that the oils cure certain illnesses (they cure nothing!) and that it is “okay” to ingest the oils. It’s not, it can be very dangerous. All MLMs follow a pyramid model that is based on recruiting people to work under you. MLM stands for Most Lose Money.

    • Anonymous says

      YL representatives aren’t supposed to tout “cure” anything. So those who are, are in violation of YL’s rules and regulations, which those people sign when they become a wholesale member. It’s the person not the company. Just like there are bad police officers, bad doctors…. but if you’ll check out draxe.com. Or Dr. Eric Zelinski’s websites, or do your own research from other than MLM companies, THEY TOUT “CURE”. Research French essential oil practices, they do as well. And they are really the worldwide pioneers of essential oils and aromatherapy.

  64. KatieinBoston says

    I know this was posted several years ago, but I only recently found your site. I just want to say I really enjoy your writing style and your candor. I signed up for YL and had the exact same long wait time and experienced a change over in kits (different diffuser), which the representative did not tell me about. At the time of the order, I also paid extra for expedited shipping. Despite this, my order took three weeks to arrive. When I called about having paid for the 2-day shipping, they would not refund the extra shipping cost to my credit card, but did issue a credit for a future purchase. Which meant that if I wanted to get my money “back,” I would have to make another order.

    I enjoy the oils overall, but they are not the only great oils out there. As someone in the medical field, I have to eye-roll about how so many reps promote these oils internally and imply that they will cure disease — I belong to a FB group that makes me cringe every time I see another person describing how rubbing oil on your feet will “cure” the flu or prevent a norovirus from taking hold. That is not how biology works. To be fair, there is some scientific research that indicates that certain smells can have biologic effects on the body — they may calm, stimulate, even kick in certain hormones — but they cannot cure a disease or prevent a virus from getting in.

    I am not surprised by the huge push back you got from folks who are deeply enmeshed in this MLM company. They are not reading your review with an open mind. This company has almost a cult following, and it is the nature of such relationships (your best friends are people who also sell the product, attend workshops and conventions, and support your beliefs) that cause them to rally and defend their choices. You are challenging their very belief system–a system that they have invested thousands of dollars in. Your experience is your own, and I appreciate your unbiased and very well reasoned/supported review.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Kate! I’m very sorry that you, too, had a poor experience. That is exactly the kind of thing that ruined me on this company. I know that mistakes are going to happen, it’s how they respond that makes all the difference.

  65. VIKKI ogden says

    Im a YL member since 2016. Ive had nothing but great service from them- to date.
    When I first started using oils I also wanted to avoid MLM all-together and researched allot of companies over about two years. I found RMO to be one of my favorites. But then I noted their prices, and realized they were about the same, (YL wholesale vs RMO retail) On some they were even more expensive than YL.
    Since by that time I knew I would always be a EO user, and would be ordering regularly I went with YL because at least if I decided to business build at some point I would have to opportunity to, I would receive money and points back on purchases- and If I didn’t business build, I would be spending about the same on my oils either way.
    Im sorry you got some bad customer service, I think all businesses are going to have their “moments” or employee mess ups from time to time. But I do understand how that can put a person off of a company.

  66. Anonymous says

    The taxes on shipping and items all has to do with your state. But that’s the least of your troubles. I am curious how many of you VET WalMart, or Costco, or Target, or any other store – and if you’re as meticulous at going over “business practices and ethics” with those companies, in ALL areas, as you are with Young Living. If so, do you still shop there? My guess is you didn’t do the homework on every business you associate with or shop with. Just because it’s an Essential Oil Company and people are uneducated they can go off. No Company is perfect, just as no people are perfect however if you are wanting the best support for your body and systems and you are looking toward an essential oil for that support then NOBODY beats Young Living and the Seed to Seal Promise – Period! This is why Young Living sets the standard and is the World Leader in Essential Oils.23 years and going strong, and I am honored to be a part.

  67. says

    I loved the products but when two out of ten orders were totally wrong, missing or wrong products, and a month after getting the wrong diffuser I’m still waiting for them to send a shipping label to send the wrong one back. The customer that wanted it now says “forget it” because of the delay so I’ll be left with a $300 diffuser no one needs or will pay me for.

  68. says

    I wish I had read this information before ordering a $160 kit. Ordered three weeks ago and no product is in stock and no one from customer service can tell me when it will be in stock. Ok, except they have already charged my credit card and was warned by a supervisor, Kevin, that if I stop payment on my card, I will have consequences. I asked what and he said they will file a charge of fraud against me. Hoping to get out of this mess. Great company, not.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! It’s crazy to me how some people have such wonderful idyllic experiences while those like you and myself have such horrible experiences :( I hope it gets worked out and resolved well for you.

  69. Amy T says

    Thank you for posting this. I agree with you and am turned off by MLM companies constantly trying to get you to buy buy buy and with YL’s misleading claims about therapeutic grade. My guess is people distributing for YL actually loose money in the long run. One of my major issues with YL is people distributing for them are often not qualified aromatherapists. This is misleading. I have found a more honest company to purchase from.

    • Anonymous says

      Ask your more honest company if they use chemicals to distill their oils. Bet you’ll change your mind about more honest.

  70. BeDe says

    So my wife signed up with YL after I begged her not. The girl she used to sign up with she says is “knowledgeable” but turns out she is just brainwashed by YL. After a few weeks YL charged my wife another $171 and the customer service told my wife to go pound sand. The girl who signed my wife up gladly bought back the kit of course b/c she got a $50 cut + commission from YL. Almost all MLM are scams. If you do just a little research you will find YL has been caught using synthetic ingredients. Certified USDA organic is the first most basic step in the right direction. The girl who signed my wife up tells us you do not need any schooling or certification to become an expert in essential oils. So basically YL has an army of idiots prancing around acting like they are experts about essential oils. Why does the naha.org not endorse YL? Why do all top notch aromatherapy schools not use YL? Any answer you get from a YL disciple is just YL jargon. Talk to an expert herbalist or a certified aromatherapist if you want the truth. No legitimate apothecary would endorse YL.

    • Karen says

      I’m an aromatherapist and the oils I use are for 95% YL
      I do know were I’m talking about and I’m always helping and teaching my downline.
      I do agree that there are people around who think they know it all, but I can point those people in every single store or any other kind of business.
      The oils of YL are as pure as pure can be. One of the people I know did test them in a laboratory and the conclusion was ‘pure’.
      Maybe, the way of working with people is different here in Netherlans, than it is in the US. I don’t know, because I’ve never been there.
      Talking about me, because I can not speak for somebody else, I care more about the people than the money.
      If people choose to become a member of YL, I’ll give them all the help they need, as long and as often they think it’s necessary.
      Most if the people ordering a product by me, because they don’t need the oils frequently.
      If they start to order a lot, I advice them to buy a starterskit and if they don’t want to order every month, I advice them to step out of the Essential Reward. If they wanted to stay a member of YL, without starting a business, all the need to do is ordering € 50 on a yearly base.

      My English is not as good as yours, but I do hope that it’s understandable enough.

      Thank you for reading.

      P.S: Our clientservice, which is settled in the UK is very good and helpfull. And products I order, are with me, within 2 working days.

  71. says

    Great post. I can also suggest to visit Utama Spice. Its a 100% natural skin care company based in Ubud, Bali. We focus on applying traditional herbal knowledge to create products that not only enhance your skin’s natural beauty but also inspire you with the raw power of nature. We do this by using only 100% pure natural ingredients.

  72. says

    Thank you for helping me not make a mistake. I trust the Young Living Brand, but I hate MLMs. Since I often promote wellness products in my blog, I see the fine print as being a conflict of interest. So glad I read your post! Liz

  73. Christina says

    I feel as though this is all based on a bad experience. I really dislike blog posts like this. I had a bad experience with Plexus and LipSense, but I’m not going to write a blog post running their name into the dirt. It was MY experience. Others love their products and have had great experiences with them.

    Same goes with essential oil companies. In every MLM oil company you will find misinformed distributors who will give you bad information, or no information at all. There are distributors from other oil companies that I have seen giving the wrong dilution ratios for topical use, or saying an oil will “cure” something when it doesn’t actually cure anything and is just an aide to the natural healing process. It has nothing to do with Young Living specifically.

    And with all due respect, a lot of the information you have given here is false. You don’t have to sign up as a distributor. You can sign up as a retail member. You just don’t get all the perks and benefits with that. Also, if you sign up as a wholesale member (or as you called it, a distributor), you DO NOT have to sell anything or spend a certain amount every month. I have a member that I signed up, who hasn’t sold anything, and she only buys when she needs something which isn’t very often. To keep your account active, you only have to spend $50 A YEAR. So you could make one order a year worth $50 and still be a member. Also, everyone’s starter kit takes a few weeks to receive. Your enroller should have told you that. As for customer service, we all run into people who provide us with poor customer service. How many people complain about customer service at retail stores like Walmart? Customer service with any company is hit or miss.

    No matter what oil company you choose to go through, if you question anything they suggest, find a certified aromatherapist to ask and clarify, read books on essential oils before using them, join oil educational groups on Facebook. Don’t just take advice from a stay at home mom who is trying to make some extra money to help make ends meet. That’s like taking medical advice from Google.

    • gsquared0 says

      Coming from a person who used to use Young Living oils and who kept staying in the researching aspect because talking to others in the business was always terrifying for me, I can safely say a lot of her information is true. Yes, a lot of is her personal experience and opinion which she has stated, but she backs it up with facts about the company.

      Honestly, with a few changes with the company, I could’ve stayed with them. I do like some of their products. I never noticed it, but I even had a sniff test with my SO who actually liked a lot of the oils I use now over the Young Living because they had an almost dirt smell to them. His words. That’s just opinions though. That’s all I’m expressing here. I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers here either.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I never said some of the things you said were “wrong” so there is no issue there :) The beauty of reviews is that people can share their personal experiences and others get to make an informed decision. There are fewer negative experiences shared because of the extreme backlash. I have been judged, called names, threatened, etc. by those who sell YL, just for sharing MY experience. Because of the lack of real information available, I felt the need to share my experience, both to address questions of why I don’t sell it after I had announced that I would be selling it, and to put the information out there for others like myself. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  74. gsquared0 says

    Thank you for the taking the time to research and write this. I have felt some of these issues. Not all, but some. I had a switched over to another company as well, not because I didn’t love Young Living products, but something just didn’t sit right with me with them. Thank you for being so courageous and inspiring to share your experience and backing it up with sources and facts. I’m sorry that other readers only saw it as slamming a company, but I do not believe that was your intention. I would never condone slamming a company either.

    I have found oils and other products with the same quality as Young Living, but a whole lot cheaper and in my mind, if something is natural, why do we have a to pay an arm and leg for it. It did not make any sense to me. I support my friend in her entrepreneur endeavours with the company, but I just couldn’t believe in the company like she could. At times, it still irks me how she and others I know have a kind of ‘it’s the only good option’ approach or despite their researching, they still come up misinformed by other companies.

    Thank you for adding the therapeutic grade term as well, I wish I could’ve conveyed that across to my friend and others, but they just keep believing it means something when it’s just merely a gimmick.

  75. Jan says

    I am working on my Aromatherapy Certification and am well into my training. For the coursework, we must have access to GC/MS reports for every oil in order to calculate expiration dates of our therapeutic blends and to know when it’s time to replace an essential oil (and yes, in contrast to what YL tells people, essential oils do have a shelf life). I asked YL for GC/MS reports and they refused to release them stating that the information was “proprietary.” This is simply not true. Nothing proprietary about any essential oil unless you’re talking about a signature blend comprised of several oils. I was only asking for individual oils since I make my own blends. Also, some oils only grow in certain regions of the world and all companies purchase their oils from the same area…nothing proprietary about that. Also, when you are working in a clinical setting, you absolutely must have GC/MS reports to reference when doing constituent blending since constituents and their percentages can often vary greatly from one batch to another. So, I called YL 3 times and explained all this and repeated my request for GC/MS reports. I was never allowed to speak to a supervisor or anyone in the company. I came away feeling like they were hiding something and very disappointed in the company. Many companies are posting their GC/MS reports online now and they are linked to the batch #s on the bottles. There is no reason why YL can’t follow, unless there is something fishy going on. And, yes, there are many excellent companies out there and they are much less costly.

  76. Kay says

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I completely agree with your assessment and have had similar negative experiences with YL. The level of service wasn’t up to par, I experienced several situations where their customer service fell very short with orders, points, reactions to their products and how it was handled. Additionally, the ER membership was lacking, I am a member and subscribe to several companies monthly and this was the only one who still charged me for shipping for a monthly membership that required a minimum. Additionally the ”rewards” earned back for placing monthly orders had limitations on what they could be used for plus paying separately for shipping on those orders as well. These are just to name a few things I didn’t care for.

    • E says

      Hello, thx for sharing your experience. I can relate to the part about those that stand to gain financially. Me upline had her mother in law at the head of one of her legs, probably just to build under her name to rank up. When I brought my niece on board she showed great potential and became my first builder. I THOUGHT she couldn’t be poached…but the upline recommended her mom in law to sell her business, and offered it to my niece. She moved up, above me, and took hubby with her. Somehow that cut my ogv in half and broke my heart. Poaching, by my own upline? And family to boot. Not over it yet. The company allows for it and they” don’t call it poaching’. Of course not,

      • Crystal Brothers says

        Wow~ I wouldn’t have thought something like that would be allowed :( I am so sorry that happened to you!

I love to hear your feedback and value your thoughts! All I ask is that we remain respectful and civil, even when we disagree. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you!

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