My Must Have Essential Oils & How I use them {With a Great Giveaway!}

You do NOT have to have a huge collection of essential oils in order to get benefits from them. These 5 essential oils are must haves. If you're beginning your own collection, these 5 oils are the ones to start with and here's why...

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I discovered essential oils several years ago, and they have been such a blessing to my family and I. When I was first starting out, though, I struggled. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start.

So, just in case you’re feeling that way right now, I wanted to put together a list of my top 5 essential oils. While my collection has grown and I now have many oils that I use on a regular basis, these are the ones that I use every single day for our family’s home and health. If you’re wondering where to start, this is it. 

Note: each of these oils has many, many more uses. These are just the purposes that I personally use them for on a daily basis, and what I felt like was a good starting point to avoid being overwhelmed. As you get more comfortable with using essential oils, you’ll be able to add more oils and uses. Also, be sure to properly dilute your essential oils and use them safely.

Disclaimer: For information purposes only. The following is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical illnesses. Only your doctor can do that. I am only sharing my personal experience with these oils and your experience may vary. I am an affiliate with Rocky Mountain Oils and if you purchase any oils through the links in this post, I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. 

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

RMO peppermint


My very first personal experience with essential oils was in October of 2012. I was at the Allume conference and I had the worst migraine of my life, and that’s saying something because I get migraines and severe headaches a lot.

Anyway, my new friend had some peppermint essential oil, and she rubbed it on temples and across my forehead. It didn’t completely take my headache away, but it made it more tolerable (which is something the over-the-counter meds I had with me hadn’t been able to do).

I still use this quite often for headaches, and have been very pleased with it’s effectiveness.


I discovered by accident that essential oil helps with fatigue. I have been battling extreme fatigue and weakness off and on for quite a while now. Doctors originally thought I had MS, but my MRI was clear, so now I have no idea what is causing it. Anyway, one night it was so bad I could barely walk to the car. But we’d promised the boys we would take them bowling and I didn’t want to disappoint them, nor do I want illness to interfere with our lives, so there I went, wishing during the whole 30 minute drive to the bowling alley that I could just get out of the car and lie on the grass. That is how weak and exhausted I felt. I also had a headache so I dabbed on some peppermint oil. As the night progressed, I had a bit more energy. It wasn’t a huge change, but it was enough to make a difference and help me get through the night. It happened a couple more times before I put all the clues together and finally looked up peppermint oil to see that, sure enough, energy is one of the things it can help with.

As a side note, citrus oils can also be invigorating. I love adding a drop of peppermint and a drop of orange or citrus to my diffuser necklace–it’s a great combination for energy throughout the day, and it also smells great.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

RMO lavender

Lavender oil is pretty much the all-purpose essential oil. I am only listing a few here, but lavender oil is probably the best to start out with because you can use it for so many things. It is very beneficial for both mood and skin, and it has a lovely, soothing scent.


Lavender has a great calming effect. I use it on my pillow at night to help me get to sleep. I also use it in my diffuser necklace on days when I am stressed or battling anxiety. It has a more subtle effect than you might be used to if you’re used to taking medications, but it does help to calm, and it helps me get to sleep.


Since many headaches are stress or tension related, lavender can be a powerful tool against headaches, especially when used with peppermint oil.


Lavender is very soothing and it’s natural antiseptic, antifungal, and analgesic properties help with the soothing and healing of mild burns, scrapes and other abrasions. It also helps soothe itching and promotes healing of bug bites. My son gets severe bug bites. For most people, a bite will puff up and itch but be gone in a day or so. For my son, each bite turns into a sore and they last for 1-2 weeks. So every summer his legs and arms are filled with sores from bug bites, no matter how much we try to avoid the bugs with repellent, etc.

I made a spray using lavender and tea tree oil, and it has made an amazing difference for him in this.


I like to use lavender as a room spray. It’s great for refreshing the room with a lovely scent, and as I mentioned above, it is also calming and soothing, so that is a nice added bonus. I would much prefer a room spray whose side effects are soothing and calming, as opposed to one filled with cancer-causing chemicals!

3. Immune Strength

RMO immune strength

I started out using Thieves oil from Young Living (why I don’t recommend Young Living), so I was very excited when I discovered that the Immune Strength blend from RMO works just as well, and for less money. This oil is absolutely amazing. I have shared before that I was very skeptical when I first heard of essential oils. I fully expected them not to work. However, I have been surprised over and over again by just how effective they are.


This oil has natural antimicrobial properties, and is a great natural alternative to harsh cleaners. It’s also very effective at helping your family avoid germs. I use it for cleaning all the time, and diffuse it and/or clean with it especially when there is any sort of illness in the house. It helps to keep those illnesses from spreading. I mix some with a bit of liquid castile soap and water to make a foaming handsoap to help stop the spread of germs.

Fighting Cold/Sinus/Cough/Flu

This oil isn’t just preventative. In our experience it also helps your body recover from certain illnesses. Last winter was the first time in 12+ years that I haven’t had a severe cold, flu, sinus infection, or other respiratory illness that lasted for 3 weeks or longer. The things that usually last less than a week for most people last 3-4 weeks or longer for me. I have had 1-3 bouts of these sicknesses every winter for years.

Now at the first sign of one of these illnesses, I start applying Immune Strength, and it stops it in its tracks. This has worked for our entire family.

4. Lemon Essential Oil

RMO lemon

There is a reason that so many household cleaners smell like lemon. Long before that scent became a chemically-manufactured one, people recognized lemon as being effective for cleaning. We now know that lemon essential oil is great for cleaning because of it’s natural antibacterial properties. I use lemon oil in cleaning every day, but it also has many other great uses.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Essential Oil

RMO tea tree

Tea tree essential oil has strong antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. This makes it excellent for use in cleaning, and for use in first aid. I use this oil quite often for both of those purposes. As I mentioned earlier, we use a first aid spray that has both tea tree and lavender, and it is very effective to help smooth and heal small scrapes, and to help relieve itching.

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  1. Sabrina says

    I was introduced to RMO company several months ago and I just love everything about the company and their oils. They have truly been a gift to me and my family. Would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for offering it! :)

  2. Kristin says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been hearing so much about essential oils over the past year or so. Would love to win to give me an introduction to the world of essential oils. Thanks!

  3. AMSE&M's mom says

    I’ve been curious about essential oils for a while, but haven’t been brave enough to try them

  4. Nicole Sparks says

    I am a newbie to essential oils and love the ones from RMO that I have so far. I would love to win this set because several in it are on my wish list but not in the budget right now.

  5. TallulahJane says

    I have just gotten into the essential oil lifestyle. I love peppermint oil for my headaches…it really helps me.

  6. Kory says

    I have started using essential oils and would love to try immune strength & purify. (I have the other oils, but I would love to have a back up for when I run out.)

  7. Emily says

    I’d love to increase my essential oils variety! Really excited at the prospect of safer alternatives for health, wellness, cleaning, etc!

  8. says

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post explaining about having 5 essential oils available for use. However the cost is totally prohibitive for me. We live on our social security and thanks to many changes with my medicare provider I have medical bills which eat up extra money I have left over, lol. Maybe I will try to see what I can find at Sprouts, buy one oil at a time. Would love to try RMO oils but just not possible for me.
    Enjoyed your comment about YL oils in another post.
    Have wonderful weekend

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I completely understand the concern about cost. It took me a long time to start using them for the same reason. Plant Therapy is another very affordable option.

  9. says

    Great article! My absolute favorite essential oils are lavender and eucalyptus. Both calming and energizing. Thank You

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