My Favorite Way to Diffuse Essential Oils {+ A Giveaway}

I’ve been talking a lot about essential oils lately, and the response has been amazing! I’m learning that a lot of you really want to learn more about using them. I’ve been very excited about today’s post because this is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils. Drops of Joy Jewelry sent me some things to try out–a beautiful necklace for myself, and a couple of leather bracelets for my boys.

At first I was a bit skeptical because I don’t usually wear jewelry, but I have found that it is such a great way to use my oils, and I thought I’d share some of the reasons I love essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Drops of Joy EO jewelry

1. It’s Portable

I love my regular plug-in diffuser, but I can’t exactly take it with me everywhere. I love that I can put a a drop or 2 of essential oil in my diffuser necklace and take it with me wherever I go. I can also change out the oils very easily by changing out the little pads in the necklace. This is very convenient.

I love that I can have the therapeutic benefit of essential oils with me all day long.

2. It’s pretty

Okay, as I said, I don’t wear jewelry very often, and I dress very simply. However, I can still appreciate pretty things. I know a lot of you wear jewelry, and this necklace is beautiful! I get so many compliments on it when I wear it out, and it’s also a great conversation starter for me to help introduce essential oils to my friends and family who could benefit from them, and to share my faith since so many of these items are based upon Bible verses.

This isn’t a great picture of the necklace, but my oldest son had clipped a rose for me and wanted to take a picture.

diffuser necklace 2

3. Wear it instead of perfume

I don’t wear perfume. Though I used to wear it occasionally, I have become more sensitive and cannot handle all the chemicals in commercial perfumes and body sprays anymore. Furthermore, I’m concerned about the effects of all those chemicals. With essential oils in my essential oil diffuser jewelry, I can smell good, and know that my “scent” also has therapeutic benefits. Love that!

4. Personal air-freshener

Okay, this is pretty random, but definitely one of the perks. Recently our family was driving along and came across a skunk—YUCK! I pulled up my essential oil diffuser jewelry necklace and had a lovely aroma of peppermint and orange while everyone else in the car was gagging about yucky skunk. Yep, definite perk!

5. Kid-friendly options

This was very important to me as both of my boys love my essential oils. They will beg me to smell my oils, and they love doing it. I love using all sorts of essential oils for them–for calming ADHD, calming at night time, headaches, bug repellant, stuffy noses, etc. For many of our uses, I can add a couple of drops to their leather bracelets.


That’s my oldest son, modeling his leather bracelet from Drops of Joy Jewelry. He’s trying to pose like a “strong man.” Not sure if you can tell from the picture below, but there are 2 size settings for this bracelet, so it’s adjustable. He is wearing it on the smaller setting, and it will fit most adults on the larger setting.

My husband just left on Saturday to go fight wildfires for 3 weeks in Idaho. He took one of these leather bracelets and a mini-medical kit with True Blue (he’s not as young as he used to be), Immune Strength, Lavender, and Peppermint. I loved being able to at least feel like I could somehow still take care of him from 1,800 miles away.

Chad Alaska 2

An Affordable Option + Discount Code

I’m so excited to announce that you can now purchase my favorite essential oil necklace right here at Serving Joyfully! The beautiful blossom design has a slightly antiqued look and is just lovely. I love it when practical is also beautiful.

Use code newjewelry to save 20% on your purchase of this essential oil necklace.


Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace




  1. NT says

    These diffuser jewelry items are so beautiful and I didn’t know they could be so varied! I love essential oils and would love these!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      So sorry Judith! Not sure what happened there, I double checked everything. Thank you for your diligence. It is fixed now.

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