Learning about Heroes of the Faith {Torchlighters Series}

Our family is loving the Torchlighters–Heroes of the Faith series of videos from Christian History Institute and The Voice of the Martyrs!
torchlighters series

What is the Torchlighters Series?

If you aren’t familiar with this series, here is a bit of basic information:
Torchlighters® are action-packed, award-winning animated DVDs, featuring real-life faith heroes that kids can depend on. Each DVD features a full-length documentary; four-lesson leader’s guide; complete, reproducible study materials; English and Spanish tracks; subtitles and more.
These are very well-done animated videos, each lasting approximately 30 minutes, and each tells the story of a martyr or missionary–heroes of our Christian faith. Each story also includes a bit of necessary and pertinent background and historical context for greater understanding.
As you might imagine, there are so many lessons and take-aways to be found in each video–both for children and parents!

Stories Available

There are currently 15 stories available about the following faith heroes:

The videos retail for $14.99, with most being available for around $10 each at Amazon. However, you can purchase the entire set of 15 DVD’s + Book for $79.99, which is a phenomenal savings! That is the set we have.

You can also find a partial set (14 DVDs) on Amazon.


Resources Available

The Torchlighters Website is full of fantastic free resources to go along with the DVD series to help you and your children learn about the missionaries and their stories.

Activities for children

The website contains related activities to go along with each episode. Click here to see all of the activities available by episode. Some are online activities while others are printable. These activities include quizzes, memory games, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, online paintings, printable coloring pages and more.

Teaching Resources

The website also has lots of great teaching resources to help you and your children get the most out of the DVD’s.

How to Use the Torchlighters Series

The Torchlighter Series is a perfect addition to your family’s DVD library, regardless of what you do with it. Here are just a few ideas for using the series with your family:

  • Have a fun family “movie” night.
  • Watch and discuss during family devotion time
  • Use the DVD’s and study guides in your homeschool
  • Sunday school or VBS groups

Go to the Ministry Ideas page on the website for more ideas.

A note about licensing:

Although we ask that you purchase a CVLI license for public showings, you may show Torchlighters to small groups of children at church or in your home without a license.

Our Thoughts


We love these DVD’s and use them in our homeschool. I love that my children can learn valuable, Biblical lessons through the videos, while they are learning about the history of their faith. The teaching resources make it easy to expand on the videos to create full lesson plans or unit studies around the videos.

They are a treat for my boys and we watch them on Friday afternoons.  The stories provide a basis for a lot of great conversation about living for Jesus, ministering to others, and much more. These DVD’s are done in such a way that they can speak to both adults and children. I highly recommend them. Start with 1 DVD at a time to build your collection or save money and buy the whole set.


  1. Sarah says

    we love these too, just wanted to add that they are actually free on amazon prime! my kids and I love them, they have been a great find.

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