My embarrassing essential oil story…

When I first learned about essential oils a few years ago, I was a mess. I knew that I wanted something different, something better for my family’s health. But, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Finally, one night after thinking about it and pondering it, I decided to bite the bullet and try these “essential oils” that I kept hearing about.

Small bottle of essential thyme oil

Embarrassing Mistake #1 

In spite of all my thinking about it and pondering on it, I still didn’t know much concrete information about EO’s. There is a lot of conflicting information out there! And, we were still in our broke phase. I wasn’t really sure we could afford the essential oils, so I did the worst thing I could have done, and I spent $75 on a box of completely random oils that nobody would even use, from a company that wasn’t the greatest. [This is a big reason for my 5 must-have oils post…because I want you to start with the oils that will be most useful for you!]

So, the oils came in, but I still didn’t know what to do with them! So, they sat in a box in my closet for about 6 months.

Finally, I felt guilty about the money I had spent on them and started digging deeper and sifting through all the misinformation and trying to figure out what to do with them.

It was then I learned I had made very impractical choices, and that my oils were stinky and didn’t seem to be effective.

I was done. I had wasted $75 on these essential oils and they didn’t work.

Embarrassing Mistake #2

In spite of thinking I was done, done, and done with this whole essential oil mess, I just couldn’t stop hearing about it! I saw so many people seeing such great results. I finally decided that my oils must not have worked because they were a poor quality (partly right), so I went to the opposite extreme.

We had gained a bit of wiggle room in our budget by this time so I signed up with a very expensive MLM company. I figured that I couldn’t go wrong if I went with something so tried-and-true.

Turns out, I could go wrong with something so tried-and-true, and my MLM essential oil experience was a terrible one.


Though my experience with the MLM company was a negative one, the oils were indeed a high quality and I now knew that they really could be effective for my family’s health needs. I also realized that even though that former brand of EO’s wasn’t the best, I also didn’t need the most expensive. So I found a few companies that I know I can trust, and I invested in many educational books (and eventually an aromatherapist certification course), and I finally found my way.

But, as you might have garnered by now–it was much more difficult a journey than it needed to be! Ahem…I rarely do things the easy way.

But, that whole experience showed me 2 things that I was sorely lacking that could have helped me out so much at the beginning of my journey. I know I’m not the only one because many of you have reached out to me to let me know that you’re lacking these very same things.

  1. Quality, trusted educational resources;
  2. Affordable high-quality and trusted essential oils.

I am so excited that I am working with some partners to address each of these concerns this week. I will be sharing more information over the next few days, but for now you can check it out right here:

  1. Information. 26 quality trusted digital information resources at a 93% savings + $100 in bonuses!
  2. Affordable high-quality oils. Save 30% on essential oils (bonus–they are all safe for children, so no guesswork there!)

I love to hear your feedback and value your thoughts! All I ask is that we remain respectful and civil, even when we disagree. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you!

Thank you for joining in the discussion!