Why I Don’t Make All My own Essential Oil Blends

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In my course, Essential Oils for Health & Home, I have an entire section devoted to creating your own custom blends. In that section I offer recipes, tips, troubleshooting, and other suggestions to get you started in creating your own custom blends. I also share some of the reasons that I make a lot of my own blends.

So, it might surprise you to know that I don’t always make my own blends. Today, I wanted to share some reasons it might make sense to purchase pre-made blends rather than creating your own.

EO Blends

Practicality & Cost.

Many times, it’s more cost effective to buy oils and make your own blends. This is especially true of must-have oils that you’ll use a lot anyway. However, there are some times when it’s much more cost-effective or practical to buy a proprietary blend.

  • To discover new oils. Essential oils are quite expensive. A few companies offer samples, but most do not. It can be intimidating to think of purchasing a $20+ bottle of oil and then not like it, not respond to it, etc. It can be helpful to get a small hint of the oil in the midst of a blend. I have discovered some oils that I ended up liking and ordering later because I was first exposed to them through blends.
  • You won’t use the oil very often. There are some oils that have very specific purposes, but that I wouldn’t necessarily use otherwise. In this case, I can sometimes find a blend to meet my needs that is already mixed up, and not have to worry about buying an entire bottle of an oil I won’t use often.
  • The oil is very expensive. Rose oil is amazing (once diluted–the concentrated, pure oil doesn’t smell so nice!), but it is very expensive. I can’t afford to spend $250+ on a 5 ml. bottle of rose oil. However, I can find that rose oil already blended into a 5% dilution, or get it in other blends that will help me get the benefits, such as this one for skin care or this one for mood.

Perfected Recipes

After going through my Aromatherapist Certification course, I have enough working knowledge that I can put together effective blends. However, sometimes a company with chemists and testers can really perfect those blends and just a tiny difference in formula can make a big difference.


I will just go ahead and state the obvious here. It’s more convenient to buy blends.

It’s very easy to create your own blends. And, again, I walk you through the process in my course. However, it does require some forethought and planning as you need to:

  • Buy the individual oils needed for your blends, if you don’t already have them.
  • Have proper containers to mix the blended oils into–extra glass bottles, etc.
  • Have carrier oil(s) for diluting.

You might also need special tools like pipettes, etc.

It’s not hard, but when life is busy (or if you are suffering from chronic illness), you may truly need to cut out every extra thing, because even if it’s easy enough, all those simple things add up.

Proprietary blends can be very convenient, removing the need for counting drops, finding recipes, buying extra oils, and in some cases, even remove the need for carrier oils and rollerball bottles!

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