Help for the Hardest Job

This is not a mommy wars post. I’m not here to argue that being a certain kind of mom is harder than being a different kind of mom.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that being a parent is hard. Period.


Raising kids is awesome. They can make you laugh with their hilariousness. They can make you melt with their cuteness. They can inspire you with their kindness.

Being a mom has given me more beautiful moments than I ever thought possible. But still, it’s hard. And it’s hard in more ways than I had imagined.

Between temper tantrums, the constant noise and mess, feeling their pain more acutely than your own, teaching them all the life skills they’ll need as adults, and continually wondering whether we’re screwing it all up… well, it can actually be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

Our children don’t come with an instruction manual. And no matter how prepared we think we are, there will always be situations that pop up and surprise us–don’t worry, if that hasn’t happened to you, you’re time is likely coming.

The cool thing, though, is that we’re all in this together. It’s true we don’t enjoy the kind of close-knit communities that once existed, but, we can still learn from one another and work together in this thing called parenting.

One way that we can do that is by sharing and gaining wisdom from one another.  If you’ve ever had conflicting feelings about parenting, I have something for you:

The Parenting Super Bundle.

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It’s a collection of 35 eBooks, 23 printables, 10 eCourses, 9 workbooks, 2 audios, and 1 membership site, designed to help you:

  • Become a kinder, more intentional parent
  • Choose consequences that are more effective
  • Raise kids you actually (ahem!) like and want to hang out with
  • Find healthy ways to release your frustration
  • Eliminate the “gimmes” and teach them to serve others
  • Plus, so much more!

The combined value of the resources in the bundle is over $1,270, but you get EVERYTHING for 98% off!

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What You’ll Get

I’m a visual person, so I thought I would share a bit of what you will get. Each of the resources below is invaluable, and you get them ALL, along with some neat bonuses as well!













If you want to put more joy back into your parenting, the Parenting Super Bundle is here to do help you do just that.

Worried you won’t know where to start with all the resources in the bundle? Don’t be! Inside the bundle you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can find just the right tools for the things you’re dealing with today.

Get the Parenting Super Bundle!


P.S. Remember to buy the Parenting Super Bundle before it expires on Monday, August 14th, at 11:59 PM EST!

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