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I’ve shared a lot over the past months (and years), about the chronic health problems I have struggled with. There are several things that I have been doing to try and get better. One of the big parts of that is supplements.

Why You Should Be Taking Supplements

Confession: I used to be kind of against taking supplements. I thought we should all just eat healthier diets instead and we could get everything we needed from foods.

However, there are a couple of problems with that:

(1) Our modern diets simply do not get us adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals that we need.  Most of us are not eating the nutrient-dense foods we need to get the vitamins and minerals we need. These days, even most “healthy” diets rely heavily on processed foods, which are very poor in nutrients. Would it be ideal for us to all get our nutrients from our perfect, optimal diets? Sure. But that isn’t usually the reality. So, supplements can help us bridge the gap.

(2) Even if we are eating that absolutely perfect diet filled with nutrient-dense, organic, locally grown foods, the soil quality isn’t what it used to be. The fact is that our foods today–even the highest quality foods–are lower in the nutrients that we need than in the past.

Supplements are a good idea for most people, and especially beneficial for those trying to overcome chronic health issues to feel their very best.

About Tohi Supplements from RMO

As you know, I am an affiliate with Rocky Mountain Oils and often have opportunity to try out their products before release. That was very exciting this last week as Rocky Mountain Oils has created some brand new nutritional supplements and I was blessed to get to try them all.

Here are some details from their site:

Our Tohi supplement line combines powerful, all-natural ingredients from around the world with Rocky Mountain Oils’ 100% pure essential oil blends. We developed these supplements to solve your day-to-day health needs, whether you’re looking to boost your energy or defend yourself from environmental threats.

There are 5 different supplements, each with a different purpose and different focus of ingredients (I will be sharing more specifically about a few of them in the coming months).

Right now, as an introductory offer, you can save $5 on each Tohi product you purchase! Or you can save 25% on the Wellness Kit which includes Burst, Enhance, and Nourish.

RMO start shopping

A note about the use of essential oils in these supplements. If you’ve been reading for a while you know that I am very much an advocate of safe usage for essential oils. One of the many things I love about RMO is that they share my passion in this regard. The essential oils found in these supplements are carefully selected, 100% pure Rocky Mountain Oil essential oil blends. The trace amounts of essential oils used are similar to that found in commercial food and beverages.

P.S. Check out the FAQ page for even more info and the answers to some frequently asked questions.


  1. Mrs. Shelly says

    I’ve been looking for something like this. I have been wanting to try some supplements, but there are so many–thousands of them! Not to mention all the different brands, etc. It’s enough to make my head spin, so I haven’t tried anything yet. Thank you for giving me a starting point.

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