DIY Fibro Relief Cream

DIY All-natural Fibromyalgia Relief

I’ve shared a bit about my chronic health problems over the past couple of years. Though there are still a lot of unanswered questions, I am currently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (among other things).

One symptom that I live with daily is pain. Joint pain. Neuropathy. My skin hurts, feeling almost like a sunburn all over my body, but there is nothing there. My muscles ache. My bones ache. My body hurts all the time.

There are days when it’s merely bothersome, and days when it’s more severe. I needed relief.

But I wanted it to be something natural and without the horrible side effects of prescription medications.  So, of course, I turned to essential oils.

In completing my aromatherapist certification, I was able to learn a lot about essential oils and their uses and benefits. However, there is very little research and information about using essential oils for fibromyalgia specifically. I’m sure this is because there is very little knowledge about fibromyalgia in general. Even doctors aren’t quite sure what causes it (and therefore how to fix it).

I was able to take what I do know about essential oils and fibromyalgia and experiment with some combinations, which resulted in this cream.

Is this a miracle cure? No.

It will likely not take away all your pain, or heal all aspects of your fibromyalgia. However, it has provided measurable relief for my fibromyalgia pain, restless leg syndrome, neuropathy, and more. As a bonus, the peppermint is invigorating and helps to combat fatigue.

DIY All-Natural Fibro Relief Cream

What you need: 

Put hand & body cream into jar. Stir in the essential oils. Use as needed.



Fibro Relief Cream


  1. Sarah says

    THANK YOU! I have been looking for something like this. I already have some frankincense and unscented lotion, just ordered some Nerve Support.

  2. Vanessa Ward says

    I’ve been taking the Plexus supplements. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, as well as other health issues. I also deal with severe depression. I was introduced to Plexus by Kelly Thorne Gore (iBloom) and her team (amazing people! Especially Dawn!) Honestly? When I take them like I’m supposed to…they work. My nerve, muscle and joint pain subside. The inflammation recedes. Best of all? The depression monster is beaten back to his cave.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      so glad! Plexus did not work for me, but every one is different and I’m glad you found something that helps you :)

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