If Your Children Like Legos…

When my oldest son turned 6 (4.5 years ago), our neighbor gave him a life-changing gift–his first set of Legos. It was a 3-in-1 set that could be made into 3 different things with the pieces provided. He promptly built all 3 things, and never looked back.

[Here is a photo of my proud then 6-year-old with that first set]

Lego love

For the last 4.5 years, both of my boys have requested Legos for every single birthday, Christmas, and random time throughout the year. It’s the only thing they ever ask for. And our house is over run with Legos.

I don’t mind at all because as toys go, Lego is one of the best:

  • They encourage creativity and problem-solving.
  • We use them to supplement our homeschool–they make great math manipulatives for counting, adding, multiplying, and fractions.
  • They are timeless, and last practically forever (we even ran over a minifig and he survived to tell the tale…though I don’t recommend putting that to the test!).
  • It encourages interaction. In a world where even children are glued to iphones and tablets, this is huge! It’s also huge for my son with high-functioning autism. Legos are universal. Children can play together and bridge lots of gaps that would otherwise be barriers.

A Monthly Surprise + Challenges

logo-club-transparent-png-1To put it simply, we are huge Lego fans.

Which is why I was so excited a few weeks ago when I discovered a monthly club for Legos. Yes, I said a monthly club for Legos!  

It’s called Booster Bricks. I reached out to them, they sent us a box, and my boys were on cloud 9! The club includes community, challenges, and, of course…Lego Bricks.

The Monthly Kit Club Includes:

  • A challenge box with over 250 Lego pieces + a mini-fig with 10 accessories.
  • An interactive story with 5 challenges to complete.
  • Exclusive membership to the private Booster Bricks Facebook community to share your creations+ get tips and access to additional challenges and contests.
  • A chance to win prizes each month.
  • Access to Flash deals in the Facebook group.

Things We Loved About Booster Bricks

My boys were very excited about their Booster Bricks experience, and so was I (from a mother’s perspective). For some of the challenges they worked together, and for some they shared the pieces to work independently.

bridge challenge

Everything is LEGO Brand.

I have seen some kits that advertise themselves as a building kit and use the name Lego, but in the fine print, what you’re actually getting are “lego-compatible” bricks. We have tried many of these, and while some are okay, none of them really compare to the Lego quality. So, I am very pleased that with Booster Bricks, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the top quality bricks.

The pieces are repurposed!

You all know how committed I am to being friendly to our environment (God’s creation!). I have written many posts like this one, about going green. We love repurposing things, so I was thrilled to learn that Booster Bricks are repurposed!

Lego bricks are made of a special type of plastic that makes it impossible to recycle. Booster Bricks is doing their part to keep them out of landfills (oh, how sad that is to me when perfectly usable items end up in landfills!). The bricks go through a stringent sanitizing, sorting and resanitizing process. The bricks we received were all in great condition.

The Unique Assortment of Pieces.

Each month’s kit comes with over 250 Lego pieces, in a variety of different types. Some of these pieces come from different sets, and are pieces that may be difficult to find or purchase individually. Our kit for March included a separate specialty piece with some history and fun facts about that particular piece. Each kit also includes an official mini-fig + an assortment of 10 mini-fig accessories. My boys love adding to their collection of mini-figures (or the less official “Lego guys” as they still call them).

The Interactive Story + Challenges.

Our box included lots of fun pieces as discussed above, but the neat thing is that they were sorted and labeled to complete the separate challenges. These challenges were a part of an interactive story, and each one had other stipulations.

  1. Minifigure Challenge
  2. Spotlight Challenge
  3. Blindfold challenge
  4. Microbuild Challenge
  5. Premier Challenge

My boys worked together on these challenges and had so much fun! They read the story, and the story indicates when they should stop and build each challenge item. The tasks were a lot of fun and certainly encouraged creativity and problem-solving skills.

blindfold challenge

The Community.

The facebook community is a fantastic way to connect with fellow Booster Bricks members (parents, please use caution with your children on social media! I post for my children in this community). Members are encouraged to share their creations, and it’s so neat to see how differently the challenges were interpreted by each person.

In the group, Booster Bricks offers exclusive Flash Deals, and also facilitates more than 20 giveaways each month, where members have a chance to win more bricks!

Booster Bricks Join

In order to better serve all club members, Booster Bricks only opens for new members a few times each year. You can head over to this page and sign up for the waiting list to be notified when they open again this summer.


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