Essential Oil Spotlight: Ajowan Seed Essential Oil

EOS Ajowan Seed Oil H

A couple of years ago, when I was going through my Aromatherapist certification, I wrote a post about my 5 must-have essential oils (and how to use them). These are the basics, the building blocks of my essential oil collection. I know that the world of essential oils can be very overwhelming at first and I wanted to give you a basic list of some multi-purpose oils to start with.

However, my collection has grown in the past few years and I am starting a new series to highlight other oils and teach you some ways to use them. Some of these may be ones you’re familiar with, while others will be lesser known.

We are starting today with Ajowan Seed Essential Oil.

Ajowan Seed Essential Oil

Information & History

Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi
Other Common Names: Ajwain, Indian Thyme, Bishop’s Weed

The Ajowan plant and seed has long been used in traditional medicine in the areas where it grows locally, including India and others.

Common Uses & Applications

  • Improved digestion (rub diluted oil onto abdomen)
  • Antiseptic and Antimicrobial properties
  • Anasthetic and pain-relieving properties
  • Can aid immune system in recovery from cough, cold, and respiratory ailments.
  • Can reduce inflammation
  • Can help stabilize mood
  • Added to an insect repellent
  • Note: Can be used interchangeably with Thyme essential oil.

Cautions & Other Notes

  • This is considered a hot oil. Please follow proper dilution rates! [You can also get my handy one-page printable with everything you need to know about dilution rates]
  • Not recommended for use while pregnant
  • Has a strong aroma (a little goes a long way!)

In short, Ajowan Seed essential oil is a versatile, and affordable oil that deserves more love from the EO community.

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EOS Ajowan Seedoil

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