How to properly dilute an Essential Oil Blend

Dilute EO Blends

I own a lot of essential oils, many of them single oils that I use and mix/blend myself (my course has an entire section devoted to creating your own EO blends).

However, for a variety of reasons, I sometimes purchase essential oil blends.

I have shared before that I love Rocky Mountain Oils and I wholeheartedly recommend their company. While many of you have purchased from them and fallen in love with them like I did, a few of you have had some reservations. Particularly in that they have some essential oil blends which include carrier oil.

The FCO is not included in all of their blends, but it is included in some of their blends, and is listed clearly in the ingredients, so there is no funny business going on. There are several reasons they do this, and one of the biggest ones is affordability. RMO strives to make essential oils accessible to everyone. Most of the blends which include FCO are those which include premium, very expensive essential oils. By adding FCO (partially diluting it for you), they are able to make these very expensive oils accessible when they would otherwise be very cost prohibitive.

Also, I wanted to note that RMO is working to provide neat versions of each of these blends for those who prefer the neat versions, with many available already and more to come.

Perspective is an example of one of these essential oils. Perspective is a mood-enhancing blend that contains some high-dollar oils, such as sandalwood. RMO offers both a 5 ml “neat” version of this blend, and also a 15 ml version which contains 80% FCO.

Note: Both versions are on sale right now for 50% off! (Sale ends 5/14/2018)

How to Correctly Dilute EO Blends

Because a few people have expressed concerns over this, I wanted to share how to properly dilute essential oil blends which already have some carrier oil included.

For most essential oil blends, you dilute them just like single oils. 

However, the blends that include some carrier oil are a bit more complicated. With the exception of their Blend of Rose, most of the RMO blends are not fully diluted, so you need to do a little bit of math to discover how much oil to use with your additional carrier oil.

  1. Click here to view safe dilution rates for your situation. [You can also get my printable dilution and safety chart here].
  2. Look at the information on the blend page to find the ratio of FCO–click on “elements” to find all oils included, including the carrier oil.
  3. Subtract the carrier oil % from 100 to find the ratio of each oil. (for example: 80% FCO would mean 20% EO’s).
  4. Do the following: Divide 100 by the EO percentage number. In the above example, it would be 100/20, or 5.
  5. Multiply the result (in this example it was 5) by the number of drops needed to get the equivalent. (see example below).


A typical dilution for everyday use would be 2%. So, that’s what I will do for my Perspective blend. I know from the product page that my oil is already diluted, and contains 80% FCO.

I calculated that the blend is 20% EO. 100/20=5.

I’m making a 5 ml roller bottle of my Perspective blend, so I will need the equivalent of 1 drop. So, for this oil I will use 5 drops, which would be the equivalent of 1 drop, since each drop yields the equivalent of 1/5 of a drop.

I have tried to be as detailed as possible with this explanation, so it makes it sound a bit more complicated than it is. It’s actually quite simple.

A few more examples where I’ve done the math for you: 

  • If the FCO is 80%, multiply the number of drops needed by 5
  • If the FCO is 75%, multiply the number of drops needed by 4.
  • If the FCO is 66%, multiply the number of drops needed by 3.
  • If the FCO is 50%, multiply the number of drops needed by 2.

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A certified aromatherapist shares how to dilute essential oil blends that are already partially diluted. Great tips!


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