My favorite planner just keeps getting better…

I have been a fan of the Well-planned day planner since my first year of homeschooling. They keep improving it every year and this is the best one yet. You can tell right away that this planner was created by a busy homeschool mom, because Rebecca Scarlata Farris has thought of everything.

The Well-Planned Gal provided me with a copy of the planner for my use and evaluation. All thoughts/opinions are my own. You can trust that I only share products that I genuinely use and love!

Well Planned Day Main

This is a homeschool planner, but it’s not just a homeschool planner. It’s also a mom/life planner.

You can go here to check out all the features including the new ones for this year.  Tip: Click on “peek inside” so you can flip through all the pages and see all the awesomeness.

For now, here are the top 5 reasons I love the Well-Planned Day planner!

Plan Your School Year

The well-planned day is a homeschool planner. There are weekly spreads which allow for lesson plans for 5 subjects each and up to 4 children, with additional space for extra items. I love to use my Flair pens to color code students so that I can quickly glance and see the assignment for each child. I think this would be especially helpful if you’re using the planner for the max of 4 children.

There are also record-keeping pages at the end of each semester for attendance and grades.

In addition to the weekly spreads for the lesson planning area, there are big-picture planning pages for each month which include:

  • Books to read (with lists for each student, for read alouds, and for library books with due dates)
  • Field trips
  • Goals & Objectives for each student
  • Seasonal learning ideas and suggestions

Plan Your Home and Family

However, this is more than just a homeschool planner. This planner helps you with planning for your home and family as well. It includes: a house cleaning schedule, and perforated chore charts for your children. The chore charts/cards are perfect to laminate and use a dry-erase marker to check off tasks each day.

Each month also includes perforated shopping lists and a space for planning things like special chores and projects, notes, and “needs and dreams.”


You might know about the family magazine put out by the creators of the Well-Planned Day planner. You will see evidences of this throughout the planner with articles full of tips and encouragement each month.

You will also find inspirational quotes and scriptures throughout the planner. It even includes what seems to be a neat Bible-in-a-year reading plan. Whereas my reading plan includes 4 sections each day, this reading plan breaks it into sections and you read from a different section each day of the week. That might be nice for variety!

Teacher Tips & Ideas

In addition to the encouragement for homeschool moms, you’ll also find teaching tips scattered throughout the planner. Each month includes suggestions for seasonal field trips & activities, assignments, and a fun fact.

The planner includes a How To page at the beginning which will walk you through getting the most out of your planner and exactly how to use each page or section.

All the Extras

In addition to these things, there are extra pages scattered throughout the planner. There is a page for a “Summer Bucket List” and vacation plans in the summer. Between November and December there are holiday planning pages.

I personally love all the little reminders of self-care including sections on the planning pages, articles, and a page full of tips and ideas.

And, I can’t forget my favorite thing…the Well-Planned Day offers a full year of planning! So many school calendars only offer the traditional 9 months of planning. As a year-round homeschooler, I greatly appreciate that this planner offers a full year of planning. However, this is also important for general life planning. You won’t have to hold a separate calendar/planner for other life events, since this one covers the entire year.

The planner offers both a monthly spread each month, with tabbed pages marking the beginning of each month and special holidays notated. It also offers weekly layouts for lesson planning and various home/life details as well such as meal planning and to-do list.

This is truly an everything planner for me and I love it! It starts with the month of July, so you can get yours now and be all ready to go.

Click here to get your Well-Planned Day!

Pssst…Not a homeschool mom? The Well-planned Day is my favorite of their planners, but they also offer several others, including student planners, and the new Well-Planned Prayer! That one is beautiful, and contains all of the home planning and encouragement from the Well-Planned Day but instead of homeschool planning, there are prayer and faith/Bible pages. It’s awesome and you can check it out right here.

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