[Book Review] More than Meets the Eye by Karen Witemeyer

More than meets the eye

More than meets they Eye by Karen Witemeyer

I’m a big fan of Karen Witemeyer, so I’m always excited when I hear she has a new book coming out.

Recently, I shared on instagram that I was happy to have this book to keep me company during a rough few days of vertigo. That company didn’t last too long, though, because it was too good to put down!

Confession: I love to read, and this genre (Christian historical romance) is hands down my favorite. However, I sometimes find it difficult to relate to or like some of the main female characters in stories. One of the things I appreciate most about Karen Witemeyer’s books is that her heroines don’t stoop to tearing down men in order to show their own strength. Her female characters are loving, kind, and absolutely personify strength in womanhood, without crossing that line.

Eva is a beautiful, kind and fun. She has this tender, positive spirit that sees the best in everyone, despite the difficulties she has faced in her life. This speaks to me because so often I feel that some parts of me have been hardened by difficulties, but Eva is still so soft-hearted.

Logan has been hardened to some extent by his life’s experiences, but at the same time we see that part of that is just a veneer created to protect himself. He, too, is soft at heart. Even the revenge he hopes to exact is driven by a need for justice, and a need to protect and care for his mother.

Although I wanted Eva to see his side of things a tiny bit more, overall I was happy with the way both characters grew and changed throughout the story. So often, it seems that authors, in a bid to create “strong” and feminist stories, tend to make their men have to do all the changing. I love that this story shows that they both needed to change and grow.

I loved the subtle way that this story weaves in some gray area in the midst of Logan’s quest for justice. Sometimes it’s so easy for us to label others into boxes of “good” or “bad.” Witemeyer challenges those labels with this book, showing us that some people can be good and still make mistakes–both in the character of Logan and Zach. She also explores the consequences of those mistakes, in spite of the noble reasons behind them.

And of course, there is a beautiful romance blossoming the entire time as well. a great story if you’d like to read about forgiveness, redemption, and some good historical clean romance.

Though this is a complete story with a satisfying conclusion and can be read as a stand-alone, it is part of a series. Zach’s character is so intriguing to me, I can’t help but hope his story will come next!

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