My Favorite Prime Day Deals (+ 2 ways to get a free $10 Amazon Credit!)

Prime Day 2018

It’s still prime day! It started yesterday and goes through today and I wanted to share some of my favorite deals, along with some other ideas to make the most of it.

Sign up for a Prime Membership

First things first, you need to sign up for a prime membership.

Amazon offers a 30 day free trial membership, so if you haven’t done that yet click here to sign up for your 30 day free trial (you can cancel before the 30 days ends to avoid being charged.

If you have already done a free trial, Amazon has started offering a monthly payment option rather than just annual! So for $12.99, you can take advantage of all the great deals, get free 2-day shipping for a month, and also take advantage of the other benefits of prime membership for the month (streaming tv, music, books, etc.). Several of the deals I’m going to share are still amazing deals, even if you factor in the $12.99 cost of the membership!

Note: I like to set myself an alarm on my phone to remind me to cancel things like this. Right now I have one set to remind me to cancel my Kindle Unlimited trial.

My Favorite Deals

1. Instant Pot 6 qt, 7-in-1, $58.60

instant pot

I have heard so many people RAVE about this thing. I have looked at it every time it goes on sale, but decided against it because I’m just not sure I’m up for the learning curve. Most things I cook are set-it-and-forget-it, hands off type of things…or at least easy peasy. So, I’ve been scared of the learning curve of having to wait for pressure to build, set the timer, release pressure the right way, etc. I’m hoping that I can learn it and do it enough that it will seem as easy to me as my crockpot or stove cooking. I am definitely drawn in at the promise of certain dishes being faster (roast, etc.), and possibly taste awesome. We’ll have to see I guess.

Anyway, this is by far the cheapest I have ever seen one of these, so I went ahead and bought it. Better hurry, though, because they are almost out of stock. If this sells out, the 8 qt is also on sale.

2. 23andme Ancestry/DNA testing, $55-$99


I have had a few people (including a practitioner), recommend that I get this testing due to my health problems. However, the varied reviews left me unsure about it. This is another product that I have been kind of following, watching for sales, etc. Up until now the best prices I have seen are 30% off. This is 45-50% off.

You can get the basic test for $55, or the Ancestry + Health test for $99.

3. Save $5 on $20 Book Purchase


I always look forward to these deals! Amazon already has such great prices and the opportunity to save even more is great! Click here to browse books.

You can also think outside the box:

Perfect for homeschool shopping :)

4. Amazon Devices


Lots of Amazon Devices on sale. Tablets for just $29.99. My boys got these for Christmas and they have been great for them, and so affordable! Also, kindle devices are on sale, and many more.

Go here to see all the great Prime Day Deals!

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