Manly Man’s Guide To Preparing Meat Products


Cooking was not always considered the manliest of manly things to do but that has greatly changed over the years. Today, nothing is considered manlier than a man stooped over a hot grill flipping juicy pieces of meat and crunchy vegetables over. Cooking is highly rewarding and allows a man to be in charge of what he consumes, rather than being dependent on his wife or his local drive-thru restaurant. More importantly, when you cook your own food you know exactly what is in it – no hidden ingredients. If there is anything a man should know how to cook, it is definitely meat. So here’s a manly man’s guide to preparing meat products.

The Meat

The first step in preparing meat is buying it of course. The best place to buy meat is at the butchers, not the grocery store. Meat in a butchery is generally fresher and you can ask the butcher – who knows his stuff – for tips on how to prepare the selection of meat you have purchased. And you’ll definitely look more manly coming out of a butchery with a huge chunk of meat than you would in a grocery store.

So what are some popular meats you can start with? How about beef, chicken, pork, or sausages. Sausages are great to have and most men want to know how to make sausages. There are many ways to do so including frying, grilling, and baking. Beef is great too and the most common way of cooking beef is grilling it as steak. Chicken is very versatile and can be cooked whole or in pieces. Pork is absolutely delicious and can be cooked in various ways depending on the cuts being used. Pork shoulder and pork ribs are the best.


A confusing aspect of cooking meat is how much heat to use. Here are two important things to keep in mind – high heat develops flavor and low heat preserves moisture. Searing your meat in a pan before cooking it helps to bring out the flavor. Just add some oil in a pan, get it real hot, add in your meat, and let it brown on all sides. Make sure the meat is dry when adding it in to avoid water getting into the pan. Once your meat is browned cook it on a low temperature to keep the flavor and moisture intact. You can never go wrong with low-and-slow cooking. Remember to keep track of the internal temperature of your meat so you can cook it to your preferred doneness.


Here are some other basics to keep in mind:

  • Always let your meat warm to room temperature before cooking it. Cold meat is tough meat.
  • Understand the cut of meat you are working with in order to match the cooking method to the cut. Understanding how all the cuts of meat are cooked can be daunting so stick to familiar cuts.
  • Always – and I mean always – rest your meat before serving it. Otherwise, all the lovely juices inside will come flowing out as soon as you cut into it.
  • Seasoning can be a confusing and treacherous step but the good news is simple seasoning can have great results too. Some kosher or sea salt, ground black pepper, and quality oil are all you actually need for delicious tasting meat.

So there you have it, a manly man’s guide to cooking meat. Preparing meat products does not have to be a difficult task. Take the guesswork out of cooking meat by fully understanding the cut of meat you are working with. Follow the basics and keep a close eye on the temperature – both internal and external. In no time you’ll be impressing your family and friends with your cooking prowess.

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