Road to Recovery: What Happens To Your Body Once You Stop Drinking



While growing up, we were informed of the many dangers that drinking alcohol can bring to people. However, on hitting 18, we came across reports that said alcohol couldn’t be a problem. That’s if it’s consumed in the right amount. Yes, according to science, a glass of wine is healthy as it can help with the digestion. The problem arises when that glass becomes two, then three and before you realize, you’re spending the whole night drinking. Alcohol addiction is a real problem and can ruin one’s life, both socially and financially.

A lot has been said on the many ways alcohol can ruin one’s life. But little has been told about what happens when one decides to give up on booze. Quitting drinking isn’t that easy as many people put it. It’s a hard path, and only a few people manage to cross it without backsliding. In this article, I will provide you with a few things that happen to one’s body when they decide to quit drinking alcohol.

1. Sleeping like a child

According to The Recovery Village, alcohol is a drug like any other and causes disrupted nights of sleep. Alcohol is known to cause the frequent visits to the restrooms to urinate, and with this, I’m sure one ends up spending most of the sleep time awake. Thus, quitting means one is likely to miss the visits to the toilet and hence a sweet sleep.

Also, a recent study revealed that alcohol triggers the alpha wave patterns in the brain. These are cerebral activities similar to those that usually occur when we’re awake but resting. The aftermath is usually a disrupted sleep.

2. Clear skin and great appearance

I know this statement sounds like black magic. But, trust me, it’s the truth. We’ve seen people with faces and body shapes that appear older than their age. That’s how much alcohol can mess with one’s system. Most alcoholic drinks are full of calories. It’s these calories that result in an unwanted tummy and excess weight. After avoiding alcohol for some time, one is likely to witness a cut in weight and belly and hence a sexy look. Besides, alcohol drinking makes one visit the restrooms frequently and thus dehydrating the skin. Hence, giving up on the drinks means fewer visits to the toilet. Therefore, those quitting should start experiencing brighter eyes and clear skin.

3. Delirium tremens

As stated earlier, avoiding alcohol isn’t that easy as many people make it sound. For the heavy drinkers, quitting isn’t a thing that you can wake up and decide. Without proper planning, the action can even lead to death. For the first 48 hours of quitting, the heavy drinks may start experiencing delirium tremens, which comes in the sought of confusion, shaking, hallucinations, increased heart rates, and even seizures. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult with a professional in case you happen to be a heavy drinker and decide to quit. Remember, quitting alcohol is necessary, but your life always comes first.

4. Reduced appetite

Various studies have shown that drunkards tend to eat more than the sober people. In other words, we can say that we eat more when drunk than when sober. According to research, alcohol heightens our senses of smell and thus the appetite for anything that comes along the way. Therefore, quitting alcohol means that one’s senses remain normal, and so, one ends up eating less food as compared to when high on alcohol.

5. Weight loss

As stated earlier, alcohol, especially beer, has a lot of calories. Consumption of liquor means high-calorie count in one’s body and hence the excessive weight. Quitting alcohol implies a drop in the daily calorie intake and therefore a reduction in the body weight. Besides, quitting alcohol reduces one’s cravings for food and thus healthy body weight. Although these weight changes may take a little time to be noticed.

Alcohol is both good and bad. When it takes control of you, it’s advisable to quit. Quitting isn’t that easy, especially when it has power over you. In this article, I’ve provided you with five things your body is likely to encounter when you quit. Some are instant while others may take some time to be noted. Please read and understand all of them. Good luck in your sober life!

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