The Only Planner You’ll Ever Need

I’m a bit of a planner nerd. I’m also quite picky about planners. It’s a bad combination. I have tried many, many different planners and there are always things I wish were different. In trying to find a planner for 2019, I scoured Amazon and found about 10-15 possibilities. Thought I did find one I thought I could live it, it still wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I found myself wishing I could combine all the best parts of the planners, and leave out the things I wouldn’t use.

Unfortunately, that just wasn’t possible…or at least I *thought* it wasn’t possible.



When someone first mentioned customizable planners, I was cautious. There are a lot of planners that offer personalized covers, etc. Then I went to the site. The Agendio planner is truly customizable. Everything.

You can choose and personalize your own cover though–isn’t mine lovely? I’m so excited about it!

Customize as much or as little as you like

First of all, I don’t want to freak anyone out–you don’t have to customize anything. They have a very simple process through which you could create an “off-the-rack” planner in just a few minutes with some simple selections:

  • Monthly, Weekly, or Daily planners.
  • Each type of planner also includes different configurations that you can choose from (i.e. planning or note pages between the months/weeks, 7 daily pages or just 6 with the weekend days combined, etc.)
  • Extra pages–they have a variety of ready to use extra pages that you can easily insert into your planner.

Their builder is incredibly user friendly so you can create your planner with just a few clicks. I am not very tech savvy and I had no problem at all using it. You can click here to see the weekly layout I created. You can also see other samples to get an idea of the layouts offered.

Note: If you want the option to use their planning pages, you must choose the Personal Year planner and not the standard planner.

When you create or customize pages, you can save them to your library so that you can easily insert them to future planners.

Truly an all-in-one planner 

This year, I had lots of planners, notebooks, and printables that were all separate. Having 3 different planners + notebooks and printables has felt a bit overwhelming, which has resulted in my not using them as effectively as I wanted to. With Agendio, I was able to create my own all-inclusive planner.

They offer the option to add pages to the front and back of your planner, in addition to the notes or planning pages within your monthly/weekly pages. Because of this, my Agendio is taking the place of my:

  • Goals Planner (I used a rather expensive one last year)
  • Weekly + Monthly Planner
  • Health Tracker
  • + A few more things not listed.

Though I am usually the queen of frugal, this is admittedly not a cheap planner. However, it’s a great value. Since it is taking the place of several planners, the price was actually less than I would have paid for those planners separately, plus it is easier to use since everything is in one place. Furthermore, it’s worth a little extra to have a planner that is custom made by me to be exactly what I want it to be.

Speaking of price, the cost will vary based on the configuration you choose, the size of your planner, whether or not you add accessories, etc. You can also save money by having it printed in black & white rather than color. I chose color for mine, but I actually love the look of black and white and will probably get black & white next year. Yes, I’m already planning my next Agendio because I love it so much.

While Agendio rarely offers promotions or sales, they do offer a referral program and you can earn a $10 credit each time someone clicks your link then makes an account and purchases. You must be a customer to participate, but this is a great way to save on future Agendio planners.

Be sure to check back next week as I will be walking you through my Agendio planner and sharing some of the pages I created, as well as the customizations I made.

Note: Because each planner is made-to-order, the expected delivery in the US is 13-20 days, so be sure you allow enough time and plan your start date accordingly.

Create your own Agendio.

P.S. You can even customize your start date! No need to wait until January 1st :)

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