A Peek Inside My Agendio Planner

So, last week I told you guys about the Agendio planner, and many of you wanted to see more of the choices that I made, so today I’m giving you a closer look at my planner.

The Cover


We’ll start with the cover. They offer a couple of different options:

  • Sleek, synthetic leather wrap-around covers that lay flat and hide the wire binding. They are more professional and come in your choice of 9 different colors
  • Soft covers with a plastic protective overlay (which is what I got). These come in a large variety of colors and designs, and they can be personalized.

Since the Lord saved me, I have always felt very strongly that my one goal and purpose is to glorify Him.  The Bible speaks to this as well. Every other goal or purpose is secondary and should support that goal. So, I put that on my cover as a constant reminder.

Also, I just love how happy and cheerful this cover looks!

My Weekly Layout

I choose a weekly planner, with the configuration MMPPWWPP. Head on over to the site and that will make more sense, but basically there are extra planning pages built into the planner, mingled in with the monthly and weekly pages.

Also, this is not a great photo. If you’d like to see more detail, you can click here and then click on the photo to zoom it.

weekly spread

There were some things about a daily planner that I liked the idea of, but I didn’t want the bulk of the daily planner. Plus, I wanted to be able to add more hand-selected extra pages.

However, because of the customization options, I was able to incorporate many of the things I wanted from a daily planner.

The Elements of my weekly layout:

  • I like the idea of a rating system for my day. It’s nice to have that mini-reflection time, and also to look back and see trends and causes. So, I used my “activities” section as a place to rate each day in 3 categories: health, mood, and overall. In addition, I added another simple reflection activity with my final box. “Overall, this week was…”
  • Rather than using a separate meal planner, I changed the last section in my Morning/Afternoon/Evening to be “meals” and that is where I will plan meals for the week–right in my weekly planner. All of those labels are customizable, so you could also have something like: Work, Home, School. Or you can have an hourly layout.
  • A habit I’ve been trying to cultivate is a Sunday evening planning time. I have done that before and it worked so well, but have kind of gotten away from it. Sunday is intentionally a low-key day of rest for us, and it’s a great time to do something that is helpful, but still relaxing. So, I incorporated this habit prominently into my layout with a checklist.
  • I have also built some things into my weekly layout to help me focus on positive things.
    • Gratitude. I have a daily gratitude journal where I record 3 things each day, but I thought it would be nice to have this front and center in my weekly layout too, just to keep that on my mind.
    • Something to look forward to. We are in a tough place right now and going through a lot of trials. I saw this in a different planner and wanted to incorporate it into mine, just having (or even creating) something each week to look forward to.
  • There are several sections devoted to random planning and priorities:
    • Projects
    • Focus. It’s so easy to get distracted by things that come up through the week, so I want to be able to have 1-3 items that I can make a priority for the week and be sure they get completed.
  • Weekly Bible verse. I love having a particular verse to meditate on throughout the week during my morning and bedtime, plus throughout the day as desired. I read through it during these times, meditate on it, really study on it and let it sink in. Usually also memorizing it. That is important to me and I wanted to include it in my main weekly layout.
  • Character trait I’m working on. I find it very helpful to have just one character trait that I’m being intentional with. Sometimes it will change every week and sometimes I will focus on one for a few weeks. This is just a gentle reminder for me to be glorifying the Lord with all of my actions.
  • A medium-sized shaded section to be used for whatever is needed each week.

So, that’s what I chose to include in my weekly layout. I am using this as a planner and goals planner combined, so I have some extra sections. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Also, there are many different layout options to choose from. And then there are many, many different ways to customize each layout.

My Monthly Layout

Monthly Spread


A few other things you can customize on your monthly layout:

  • Calendar style or list style
  • Starting day of the week (Monday or Sunday)
  • Shaded or unshaded weekends–Don’t be like me. I had planned to have shaded weekends, but in all the calendars I tried out before choosing one I must have accidentally messed that one up and I did not get shaded weekends. Ooops. I figure that I can highlight them if I want them to stand out.

My monthly layout features

  • Holidays. Agendio makes it easy to have holidays included in your monthly layouts. You can choose your own holidays and they have a TON of holidays and occasions to choose from, including religious holidays and/or state and federal holidays.
  • List style. I am a list maker and in some cases I really like having my calendar days as a list rather than calendar style. Since Agendio offers that as an option, I decided to try it out for this year. That also allowed me more space for monthly planning on the opposite page.
  • Projects. I allotted a large section for a special to-do list for monthly projects.
  • The shaded area at the bottom is for monthly goals. This will allow me to have a few key focus areas for the month, and keep those front and center.
  • There is a small section for monthly priorities. Similar to the weekly priorities, this is just a space to note a few non-negotiable items. This is helpful for me because sometimes I am not able to get to everything, both with my illness and with our circumstances right now caring for my mother-in-law. I need this reminder of what must be done. It’s also a way to celebrate these things even if other things aren’t completed.
  • A notes section for general notes.
  • Encouraging words. I plan to use this space for motivational and inspirational quotes.
  • Highlight of the month. I want to write in one especially good moment from each month.

These are my main, basic calendar layouts for my monthly/weekly planner. This post is getting rather long, so I will save my other pages for another one. I have planning, goals-oriented, and reflection pages after each monthly and weekly spread. I also have a goal planning section in the beginning of the planner, and some other pages in a section at the end of my planner.

I may also do a facebook live to show you all my pages in video form as that might be a bit easier.

At any rate, you can get your own Agendio Planner by clicking here.


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