Perfect Supplements


Y'all, I have stumbled over into an unknown world...the world of supplements. I shared before that I've been trying over the past few years to be healthier. I've read about so many vitamins and mineral supplements, but also some great superfoods that contain those vitamins and minerals naturally. … [Read more...]

40% off Essential Oils!!!


I love it when one of my favorite essential oil companies has a sale, and this is a great one! I'm looking forward to stocking up and trying out some great oils from Rocky Mountain Oils. They are having a great sale with savings up to 40%!   I'm going to share a few of my favorites, … [Read more...]

When Your Body Says, “Enough.”

So true! So often we keep pushing ourselves, but this mom shares her story of why she should have listened to her body. Great lessons to take away from this post!

Even though I've been transparent about so many struggles, this post is difficult to write. It's so hard to admit weakness. But I want to tell you my story in hopes that at least one of you can learn from my mistake instead of learning for yourself the hard way like I did. The downward … [Read more...]

Why You Should Filter Your Water

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A few years ago, I posted some tips for how we save money on groceries. It has been my most popular post to date, with around 70k+ repins. In that post, I mentioned that one of the things we do to save money is to drink tap water. Water is healthier than sugar-laden drinks, and much more … [Read more...]