Bible Study

God has written his children a love letter, rich with love, direction, and encouragement.  I’m inviting you all to read it with me–an online Bible Study if you will.

I would love for you not only to read my musings, but to share your own thoughts as well!  It is proven through studies (according to my grad classes that is!), that discussion leads to discovery and increased understanding.

So, let’s discuss!

Think about it.
Consider other thoughts and perspectives.
Share your own thoughts.

But above all, pray about it, and I pray that God will speak to us all through His living word, and give us fresh revelation and understanding as we engage in conversation about Him and His word!


I will add studies to the page as I complete them.  Click on the links below to choose a study:



I love to hear your feedback and value your thoughts! All I ask is that we remain respectful and civil, even when we disagree. Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate you!

Thank you for joining in the discussion!