Cardboard Testimonies


On Easter Sunday, we were blessed to participate in cardboard testimonies at our church. If you’ve never seen (or heard of) cardboard testimonies, you can see an example here. It’s an incredibly moving presentation of people sharing something God has done for them, or something God has helped them … [Read more...]

We’re HOME!!!!!!

Yep, we're home! I can't quite say that we are back to normal yet, but we are home and we are working on it. So, hopefully we will soon be back to our regularly scheduled blog programming of scrapbooking fun, and this will all just be a memory :)Logan is doing fine. As far as how everything will … [Read more...]

Light at the end of the tunnel?

I have always loved this song, "While I'm Waiting" by John Waller, since the first time I saw the movie Fireproof. But now in the past week, it has taken on a whole new meaning to me and my life. It's all just a waiting game, waiting to see what will happen with this. The song helps to remind me … [Read more...]

MRI Results.

The MRI showed that there is a spot on his brain. Damage caused by a bleed. They aren't sure what exactly caused it or when. Bottom line is that they don't know how it could affect him and his life. Best case scenario is that the other parts of his brain will compensate for the damaged part and … [Read more...]

Doing the MRI

They are finally doing the MRI that has been ordered for a few days now. Now that they are actually doing it, I can't help but worry about the results. It could be significant, or it could be not the problem at all. Hopefully we'll know the results soon...the test itself takes about 45 minutes or … [Read more...]

A good day.

All the big stuff is still the same, but we just have to take things a step at a time and focus on the positive things as they come, so here they are for today:1. I got to spend lots of good time with Caeden today. Before my in-laws brought him this morning, I told Chad that I needed some alone time … [Read more...]


Things are pretty much the same with Logan. He sleeps all the time because of the anti-seizure meds. The extreme sleepiness makes it even harder in trying to get him to nurse, but I am still pumping as faithfully as possible with our hectic schedule.They still haven't done the MRI to see if the … [Read more...]

God Provides…

i think everything is just catching up to me right now. I'm so spread out trying to be a mother to both of my babies, but being separated from them both. No one else understands what its like (like my extended family who just don't get why I want to try and see Caeden, and/or why I want to try and … [Read more...]


It has been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm still trying to use this hospital TV based internet, so I can't really sign in to most of my boards and I can't reply to emails, but I can update my blog, so here I am again. I want to remember this stuff anyway.LIke I said, today was a roller coaster of … [Read more...]