My Scrapbook Space.

Here is the big picture. I have some alphabetical labels, but some are kind of hard to see in the picture. All of the letters follow this big picture, but I have included a few closer photos as well. A. My curtain rod storage system. I did a post about these recently. I spent around $5-$8 on them, … [Read more...]

An organized space.

A few weeks ago, my scrap space had hit an all time low. It was so cluttered and messy that I didn't even want to go in there! And if I did have to go in there for something, all I wanted to do was turn around and walk back out! It was not at all inspiring. Finally, I decided that enough was … [Read more...]

The great thing about organizing…

Is that I always seem to run across things that I didn't know I had! This time around, it was an extra set of Studio G Christmas stamps! So, I am going to share those with someone. If you would like to receive this set of stamps, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about Christmas. … [Read more...]

Simple Paper Storage

Today, I wanted to share a storage solution that I use. I’ve always struggled with how to store my 12x12 papers/etc. So, I finally got a 12x12 hanging folder filing system for them. At first I purchased the 12x12 filing folders to go with the system. However, after using them, I found 2 problems … [Read more...]