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Serving Joyfully is dedicated to encouraging and equipping women to serve God and their families with a joyful spirit. It is built upon the principle that everything we do should be done in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God (Col 3:17; Col 3:23; 1 Cor 10:31). Our very lives should be poured out to Him in worship, whether He has called us to missions, the workforce, or motherhood (& everything in between!).

It is my hope that you will find blessing, encouragement, and inspiration here. That you will find ideas and articles to help you live out God’s purpose in your own life.

This small but growing blog comes with costs associated with it. So, occasionally if there is a company or product whose mission I can get behind, I will accept sponsorship in the form of sidebar advertising, reviews and/or giveaways, and affiliate links.

Rest assured that my integrity is very important to me, and you—my readers—are very important to me. My promise to you is that I will be honest. I will not advertise something I don’t believe in.

My first priority is to honor God with my life and this blog and no form of advertising or income will take precedence over that.

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  1. Liana Watashi says


    I have purchased The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2016, and I loved your ecourse Essential Oils for Health & Home! Thank you for all the great information.

    I just need a little help, I couldn’t print or save the pdf Essential Oils Printable Notebook. How can I do that?

    I couldn’t find any email address on the website or blog, so I hope it’s ok I contacted you by a comment.

    Thank you very much!

    Liana Watashi

    from Brazil

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Hi Liana, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course! :) My email is Crystal (at) Serving Joyfully (dot) com. It’s in the instructor section, but I will try to see if I can put it in a more obvious place. Thanks for letting me know you couldn’t find it. Beneath the preview of the document, there is a download link. I hope this helps!

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