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Marriage is a beautiful thing. God saw that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and so he created him a helpmeet. Throughout scripture, marriage is shown as a parallel to the sacrificial and unconditional love that Christ has for his church.

But what about the times when marriage doesn’t feel so beautiful? What if it gets lost in the shuffle of life, jobs, kids, and bills …and sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the effort?

Then it’s time to get intentional.

What does an intentional marriage look like?

Love is an action more than a feeling. An intentional marriage is based on the decision to love your husband, regardless of how you might feel. 

An intentional marriage means that you are making a choice every day to put him first, and to demonstrate your love.

This ebook can help!

Not sure how to be intentional in your marriage relationship?  In the book you will find:

  • 31 Daily readings, plus a bonus devotional to inspire to you keep going.
  • Each daily reading includes a scripture with application to your marriage
  • Each daily reading includes a specific challenge to inspire you to be intentional in loving and serving your husband.
  • Bonus resources include: 101 Ways to Bless Your Husband; 101+ Free/Cheap Date Night Ideas;  and 101 Conversation Starters.

Download a free preview of the introduction and Day 1.

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My favorite thing about this ebook, aside from the fact that it is blessing marriages, is that it’s not just about marriage. Because when we are seeking God’s will for our marriage, and living out His love in our marriage, it affects every aspect of our lives.

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Intentional Marriage Cover 3D 200 px


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