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Do You Long to Instill In Your Children A Love For God’s Word

You believe that God’s Word is alive and active, it’s a shield and a sword, and it contains everything your child needs for a blessed life. You’re convicted of your responsibility to teach this Word to your children, and your heart is happy to give them such a gift.

But do you struggle a little bit to teach God’s Word to your children like you want to?  Maybe you feel like you’ve given them some appetizers, but you long to spread before them a feast they will savor throughout all of life’s battles, victories, and assignments. Perhaps you get a bit weak-kneed when you consider the gravity of the task before you.

You’re not alone. And there’s a reason for your struggle.
Sweet Friend, That Beautiful Child Of Yours Has a Bitter Enemy.

A fierce enemy; seeking to steal, kill, and destroy your children. He is bent on preventing you from giving your child a love for The Living Word of God, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen.

He will use every distraction, weakness, fear, and struggle to:

  • Convince you that other tasks of the moment are more urgent; You’ll practice your Bible verses tomorrow.
  • Steal your confidence to teach God’s Word. You don’t know how or where to start.
  • Capitalize on the immaturity of children and put strife between you and your child; They’d rather watch videos than memorize scripture.
  • Lull you into complacency; Making your church-life easy and convincing you that Bible class at church is giving them what they need.
  • Distract you with the priorities of the world; School and activities come first.

Your child’s enemy is crafty. He knows he doesn’t have to steal your passion for Jesus or even your desire to give your children the most precious gift of all; God’s Word. He just has to diminish your effectiveness; throw you into confusion, slow you down with procrastination, convince you you’re not equipped, remind you that “tomorrow” is a good day to begin.

Nothing would satisfy him more than to see you arrive at that day when your child becomes an adult and you are faced with the reality that you have allowed the days and years to slip by, only giving your child a hint of the treasures that have been waiting for him between the covers of his Bible.

Oh, dear friend, how I want the opposite for you!

To send your child into adulthood fully equipped by The Word of God, having already experienced such love, grace, and truth that he will never depart from his first love; The One True God.

Here’s the absolute truth that you need to know if you’re going to win this battle:

The Enemy Can’t Win If You Don’t Let Him!

God is on your side, my friend! He has prepared the way for you and your child to experience the full extent of His blessings as you seek to know Him. You can give your child the richest gift, the most satisfying adventure, and the unshakeable truth that will serve them throughout life.

Training your children in the Lord is likely the highest calling God will ever place on your life, and He most assuredly will not leave you to your own devices to accomplish it. God promises in His Word that He has equipped you with everything you need for a godly life (which includes raising your children to know Him) and that His Word will never return to Him without accomplishing His objectives. His objective is for your child to know and love Him.

Another truth…

It’s Okay If You Need A Little Help From A Friend!

God designed us for community and placed within each of us a gift that contributes to the well-being of the body of Christ. He doesn’t want you to do it alone.

I’ve been right where you are, wanting to teach my children the Word of God but not sure where to begin. In his infinite mercy, God showed me that though this is a task of immeasurable importance, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

In this book I’m sharing what I learned and what is working for my family so you can join me in that place of confidence and joy of knowing your children are being taught by the Lord.

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It’s called Planting Seeds because that’s all we’re called to do. We know that we can’t save our children; that’s something only God can do. But we can, and must, teach them diligently. We are to plant the seeds and rest in faith, knowing that God will water the seeds and cause the growth.

My heart burns for the children of the Lord to know him, to love him, and to be secure in his Word. I want to come alongside of you as you seek to experience the most amazing journey, hike the most rugged trail, and see the most glorious views as you walk, hand-in-hand with your child, savoring the sweetness of our Lord.

If you love the Lord and want to write his Word on the hearts of your children, but need a little help, This book is for you.

Through the pages of this book, my goal is to equip and encourage you to:

Prepare your child for battle

  • Gain a renewed understanding and conviction of your role in the spiritual growth of your child (and a relief from a burden that isn’t yours to bear).
  • Let go of the lie that says you can’t, or you will… later.
  • Show them that God’s Word isn’t like Calculus; they’ll actually use it in their everyday life!

Redeem the time

  • Discover times and ways to incorporate Bible learning into your normal day.
  • Recognize how you might already be teaching them more than you realize.
  • Incorporate these game ideas into your family game night.

Lose the overwhelm!

  • They don’t have to learn it all this year. Begin with one of these suggestions and enjoy the learning journey!
  • Learn simple tips for effective Bible study.
  • Gain confidence to deal with difficult passages.
  • Turn Bible memorization into an enjoyable, doable adventure.

Model a love for God’s Word

  • Know what to prioritize in your own life.
  • Let them catch you doing these things.
  • Have them help you accomplish your Bible memory goals with these fun ideas.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to banish the obstacles and give your child the greatest gift of all, the time is now.

For the price of a coffee and a donut, you can get started on (or resume) your Bible training journey today.

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Wondering what other moms have to say about the book?

Here are a few words from happy customers…

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write this resource. As a homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for the ‘best’ resources for teaching each subject/topic. Because I’ve never found something I really loved for teaching Bible, I allowed my highest priority to take the back seat. This year, God has impressed upon my heart that my children deserve more from me and that it’s not too late. And that’s just when I found out about this book.”


“This book, in its simplicity and heartfelt encouragement, empowered me to start where I am and choose small, doable steps over waiting for a perfect plan with all the right printables and activities. I can open this book and take action. And with consistency, those actions will accomplish the goal of helping my children write God’s Word on their hearts.” – Elizabeth C. from Nashville


“The most important job we have as parents is to teach our children to love the Lord and to love others. Planting Seeds is an extremely helpful and practical guide, full of tips, and every Christian parent will be excited to find several ideas to implement with their family. These games, tips, and songs will captivate your child’s heart and your heart, too.” -Sarah Hardee from Christ-Centered Mama


My goal is always happy customers! If for any reason this book does not meet your expectations, please send an email to Crystal (at) Serving Joyfully (dot) com, within 30 days, and I will refund your money. I only ask that you tell me why you’re requesting a refund.

Your happiness and satisfaction is my priority!


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