Cardboard Testimonies


On Easter Sunday, we were blessed to participate in cardboard testimonies at our church. If you’ve never seen (or heard of) cardboard testimonies, you can see an example here. It’s an incredibly moving presentation of people sharing something God has done for them, or something God has helped them … [Read more...]

Saying yes.

Decorating Cupcakes

Today has been one of those days...we've had a lot of them lately.  Something about that lost hour has really affected my boys this time around, and we're just now getting back to normal around here.  So, I decided to drown my grumpiness in cupcakes. The boys, of course, were quite excited as … [Read more...]

You are not JUST a mom!


Photo Credit I've noticed a disheartening trend in the mommy blogosphere lately, with the whole "just a mom" phrase.  The phrase itself is nothing new.  I've heard it many times over the last 5 years.  It's the perpetuators that are surprising.  Because the comment hasn't come from working moms … [Read more...]