Our Real Food Journey (Week 1)

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Well, we survived our first week of non-processed food! I thought I'd share some general observations from our first week. But first, I will recap our "rules." Our Rules (For now). We are not doing the 100 Days of Real Food pledge, but we are following similar rules as far as what constitutes … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Muffins: Before & After

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Muffins

Yesterday, I posted about my very high calorie, chocolate chip muffin recipe.  I also posted some strategies for making any recipe healthier.  And promised a before and after comparison of my chocolate chip muffins.  (The photo above is the new, "skinnier" recipe) My original chocolate chip muffin … [Read more...]

Make Any Recipe “Skinnier”

How to make any recipe "skinnier"

Sometimes, you have a great recipe, that you LOVE…but it just has too many calories!  For me, the culprit was chocolate chip muffins.  Delicious, but 267 calories each!  So, I wanted to “skinny up” my recipe.  I decided to share these strategies in case anyone else was interested.  These tips are … [Read more...]

30 Day Shred

30 day shred

I started something new last week!  I have been losing fairly consistently (albeit slowly) with a few fluctuations here and there. But, I’ve been looking for a way to give myself a little boost.  I came across several blogs where ordinary people were posting before and after pictures with great … [Read more...]

Get Healthy Goals

Last week, our weightloss Wednesday prompt was about goals, and I wrote about how my main goal is to prove myself faithful to my Savior.  With that being my motivation, I do have some more specific goals as well: To conquer eating disorder. My God is amazing.  When He gave me the word back in … [Read more...]

Setbacks and Motivation

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Photo Credit   It has been a frustrating week for me.  I've been losing weight slowly but surely.  Sometimes the weight stays nearly the same for a couple of weeks, but that's okay because overall the number is going down slowly and I'm feeling better, which is the important thing.  But this week … [Read more...]