Chocolate Chip Muffins: Before & After

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Muffins

Yesterday, I posted about my very high calorie, chocolate chip muffin recipe.  I also posted some strategies for making any recipe healthier.  And promised a before and after comparison of my chocolate chip muffins.  (The photo above is the new, "skinnier" recipe) My original chocolate chip muffin … [Read more...]

Make Any Recipe “Skinnier”

How to make any recipe "skinnier"

Sometimes, you have a great recipe, that you LOVE…but it just has too many calories!  For me, the culprit was chocolate chip muffins.  Delicious, but 267 calories each!  So, I wanted to “skinny up” my recipe.  I decided to share these strategies in case anyone else was interested.  These tips are … [Read more...]