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Daily Cleaning Checklist (& Free Printable)

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist from Serving Joyfully

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Cleaning Routines

So, I mentioned last week that I thrive on a routine. Although I am certainly not a schedule-every-minute type of gal, I need a basic foundation for my day, a checklist of things that need to be accomplished to keep me on task, and sometimes even a loose schedule to prove to myself that everything will fit–and usually with room to spare. Otherwise I tend to stress about such things.

Between my depression, and the busyness of later nights and traveling, every semblance of structure has seemed to fly out the window this summer. So, with the back-to-{home}school season upon us, it’s as good a time as any to try and get back on track. And, because I love lists, I decided to create a printable schedule to share with you all as well :)

My goal moving forward is to work more on maintenance. For those of you, like me, who aren’t natural born housekeepers, that would mean spending a few minutes each day/week/month on a chore rather than letting it build up to crisis point and spending 2-3 hours trying to catch up.

Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.


Anyway. My list of daily chores, and because I like pretty things I decided to create a printable to go along with it. I’m still working on the printable lists for weekly, monthly, and “spring cleaning” cleaning tasks.

PS–if you’re like me and your house DOES sometimes reach a crisis point, I strongly recommend the blog A Slob Comes Clean, just so you know you’re not alone! And Dana’s eBook, “28 Days to Clean.” . I found it very inspiring, although I didn’t complete the entire challenge.  It’s about creating better overall habits.

My Must-Do’s

Because I suffer from depression, there are days when we are in survival mode. And I’m trying to learn the balance between pushing myself and letting go of the to-do list. This basic, survival-mode, bare bones to-do list will be different for everyone. For me it includes making the bed and feeding the children. Yes, unfortunately, some days really are that bare-bones. Although most days also include at least our (3) Ten-minute Tidy sessions.

However, for the more ideal days, here is my cleaning list.

I created it so that you can laminate it or put it in a frame and use it daily with a dry erase marker if you want :) And, it includes a blank version so that you can write in your own preferred cleaning tasks instead if you’d like.

Additional Articles & Resources

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Get your free printable

Just click the image below or click here to print or download.

Daily Cleaning Checklist from Serving Joyfully

Enjoy :)


A Peaceful Home: The Toddler Room

Photo Credit

I mentioned here and here that I’ve committed myself to making our home more peaceful.  Obviously that means more than just keeping it clean, but for us, decluttering is a part of that.

I have also committed to sharing my BEFORE pictures, no matter how embarrassing they may be! So, here goes.  My boys share a bedroom.  Also, I have to say, their room wasn’t always quite this messy, but this day it was, probably because I let it go for a couple of days in anticipation of the fact that I was going to be doing a huge overhaul anyway:



A few notes:

1.  Too much stuff.  Yes, when all this stuff was put away, their room still looked neat, but overall, I felt like they didn’t need half of this stuff, so I did a MAJOR pare down.  I probably got rid of about 70% of the stuff in this room.

2. The TV.  I never really felt great about having a TV in their room, but my friend gave it to us when she got a new one, so I did it.  But I never really felt comfortable with it (even though the didn’t watch it much and when they did it was only DVD’s) so the TV is going bye-bye.

3.  Overflowing closet.  As I post more before and after photos, you’ll notice a recurring theme.  Closets get out of control fast around here, and usually end up to the point of avalanche.  Since they were “babies” (or at least used to be), I felt like they didn’t really need closet space, so I used it to store clothes that didn’t fit anymore, etc.  But, they would get in there and drag things out and we would dig around to find something, and it ended up looking like that.

4.  The walls.  I am terrible at choosing paint colors.  The color might look perfect on the card, but that never transfers to my walls.  Once it gets on the wall, it looks awful, and that’s what happened here.  This was painted when I was about 7 months pregnant with Caeden…since then things have been kinda crazy with being pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, and having infant/toddlers…so I just now got around to fixing it.

5. Chaos.  So, I know that some people might say a peaceful home has nothing to do with it’s state of clutter or organization, but when I look at these pictures, it stresses me out.  It just gives a sense of chaos.

Now…here are the AFTER pictures:


Ahhh…isn’t that much better???

Like I said, I got rid of about 70% of the stuff in their room.  And as you can see, they still have plenty of stuff.  I put their stuff into the closet.  I actually moved the dresser in there for now.  They are actually currently sharing a dresser while we are getting rid of the old changing table dresser combo.  But, it works since summer clothes take up less room than winter clothes.

No t.v. anymore, which makes me feel good.  And, the pale blue walls look much better than the old colors.  I really wish their beds matched, but it’s really not worth spending that much money on a new bed when Caeden is about to outgrow the toddler bed anyway.

As you can see, I moved the beds around as well.  This actually works better for us because as you can see in one of the before pictures, we always had a problem with that rail falling off easily.  Now that it’s against the other wall, we use mostly the other rail, which is much sturdier.  After we get the changing table out of there (listed on craigslist and someone is supposed to come get it today), I might experiment with some other ways to arrange the room.

But, the bottom line is that with some of the clutter gone, the room is much more peaceful now!


The Peaceful Home: Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit


A few weeks ago, I mentioned my commitment to providing a peaceful home for my husband to come home to.  Obviously, the idea of providing a peaceful home has many facets.  For my husband, a big part of that is having our home be clean and free from clutter.

I have found that a clean, clutter free home goes a long way in the peace of mind department.

However, since both of us tend to accumulate stuff, this isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish.  I have decided to confront the problem head on, through a major spring cleaning and decluttering effort.  I am greatly reducing the amount of stuff we have, and organizing/decluttering as I go.  My aim, for now, is to tackle one room or area per week, just until I get it under control and then I can hopefully get a normal cleaning schedule into my routineI have always been a minimalist at heart, now it’s time for my belongings and household to reflect that.

I have been working for a while toward this purpose, but have mostly focused my efforts on common areas, I’m trying to expand to the “hidden” areas–you know, where anything we don’t need or use goes to hide away.

I will update as I complete each area and hopefully take some before/after pictures…Bolded areas are done :)  Pink areas are linked to the coordinating post, most with before and after pictures.

1.  My closet/dresser
2.  The boys’ bedroom and closet
3.  Food storage-pantry, kitchen cabinets
4.  Food storage-fridge/freezers
5.  Utility/Laundry Room
6.  Spare Bedroom
7.  Spare bedroom closet
8.  Under the bed storage
9.  Kids/Guest bathroom
10. Master Bathroom d
11. Bookshelves


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