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Day 3: Discipline in the Small Things

Self-discipline Challenge

Thanks for joining us for the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge!  See what it’s all about here.  If you’re just joining in, you can get the book here.

Today, we learn about the importance of the small things. They add up.  Crystal says:

Remember, moving in the right direction – even at a microscopic rate – is always faster
than standing still.

This is the problem with an all or nothing mentality.  There are so many things to change about myself.  So many shortcomings, so many things on my to-do list, and I get overwhelmed. I buy into the lie that my small changes aren’t enough. I end up doing nothing instead.

It’s important to remember that it’s the small, daily things that define who we are.

My husband has a cell phone for work that he also uses for personal calls, and pays for at a rate of $.10/minute. A few months ago, his bill was nearly $50! A dime isn’t thing much, but all those “little bits” can add up to a lot.  The same is applicable in our lives, both good and bad.

It’s the little things we do that can add value and character.

Assignment 1: Follow through on yesterday’s “small thing”

My “small thing” was to get dressed and make my bed as soon as I got up. I was actually doing really good at this for a while, but had kinda fallen off the wagon, so I’m getting back to it with two days under my belt.

Assignment 2: Life Hack

The assignment is to choose one bad habit to break or a positive one to implement. If we didn’t already clean our kitchen at night, I would probably choose that as well because I agree with Crystal that having a clean kitchen (and living room) to start the day off with just makes such a big difference in my day.  However, I already do that.  So, I’m going to start working out again. Some of you followed my weight loss goals back in the spring. I have completely fallen off the wagon (and got run over by it???).  And, mentally, the feeling of “failure” involved with that has been such a drain on me. So, even though it’s not really a chore, I’m going to work out because I know that the mental victory of getting back on track (I’m going all the way back to my workout jar), will be a huge motivation to me in every area of my life.

Assignment 3: Continue w/ the mega project

Today is the final day of the kitchen.  I separated it into 3 parts so that no part would be overwhelming.  I have organized and purged the cabinets and reduced clutter.  Today, I’m tackling the freezer and refrigerator.  Kinda looking forward to getting out of the kitchen tomorrow! Lol

As many of you have stated in your posts and comments, I’m finding that the mental victory of being more productive leads to even more productivity.  It’s a great feeling!

How did you do today?  Come back when you’ve finished and let us know.  What is your life hack?

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Day 2: Self-Discipline is a Process

Self-discipline Challenge

Thanks for joining us for the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge!  See what it’s all about here.  If you’re just joining in, you can get the book here.

I am so excited about all of you joining this journey!  Except that I’m reading your mega-projects and thinking “Wow!  I should do that!” …so your great ideas are adding to my to-do list! lol If you’re just joining us, you can get your book here.

Day 2: Discipline is a Process

I know that this has been one of my problems.  That all or nothing mentality that leads me to try and “fix” the bazillion problems I have with myself all at once.  I’ve written before about my lack of follow through. And it’s a prevailing problem for me.  Which is why I was so excited to start this, because I agree that discipline is a process.  It takes long-term commitment and patience, two areas of struggle for me.  I’m so glad for the practical application “assignments” each day, and for this group of encouragers we have assembled to go along together.

I read so many self-help books that basically just restate the problem and solution as we know it.  Because, let’s face it, we already know what to do, it’s doing it that is the problem.<–Tweet This

Think about it.  We all know that to lose weight we need to eat better and exercise.  It’s the application that gives us problems.  But, if we can be patient about it and make smaller changes consistently, they add up. Crystal says:

Making small changes over time cements new habits in a way that quick, drastic changes cannot

Assignment 1: Choose one small thing to change today, & follow through.

For myself, I have found that the way I start my day sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If I wake up and head straight for the computer to my blog/social media, then I’m far more likely to spend too much idle time on it.  However, if I start my day instead, by doing something productive (including having a nice quiet time w/ the Lord), I will be more productive all day long.  So, my plan is to make my bed immediately upon rising.  This has kind of always been a thing for me, but I’ve gotten hit-or-miss with it, and I want to get back to it.  For me, a made up bed just makes the room look so much neater, and again, it starts my day off on a productive note.  I’m also committing to have my quiet time before I touch my computer in the morning.  It’s another thing that I have kind of fallen away from.

Assignment 2: Complete the second part of your mega-project.

I’m continuing on in the kitchen today. Yesterday, I organized the dishes in my upper cabinets.  Today, it was the food in the upper cabinets. Creeping along, but it still feels good to be productive and

How did you do today?  Come back when you’ve finished and let us know.  What small change did you commit to starting?

This post contains an affiliate link (which is now actually So if you purchase the book through this link, you’ll be helping to support my site.  Thanks!


The Peaceful Home: Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit


A few weeks ago, I mentioned my commitment to providing a peaceful home for my husband to come home to.  Obviously, the idea of providing a peaceful home has many facets.  For my husband, a big part of that is having our home be clean and free from clutter.

I have found that a clean, clutter free home goes a long way in the peace of mind department.

However, since both of us tend to accumulate stuff, this isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish.  I have decided to confront the problem head on, through a major spring cleaning and decluttering effort.  I am greatly reducing the amount of stuff we have, and organizing/decluttering as I go.  My aim, for now, is to tackle one room or area per week, just until I get it under control and then I can hopefully get a normal cleaning schedule into my routineI have always been a minimalist at heart, now it’s time for my belongings and household to reflect that.

I have been working for a while toward this purpose, but have mostly focused my efforts on common areas, I’m trying to expand to the “hidden” areas–you know, where anything we don’t need or use goes to hide away.

I will update as I complete each area and hopefully take some before/after pictures…Bolded areas are done :)  Pink areas are linked to the coordinating post, most with before and after pictures.

1.  My closet/dresser
2.  The boys’ bedroom and closet
3.  Food storage-pantry, kitchen cabinets
4.  Food storage-fridge/freezers
5.  Utility/Laundry Room
6.  Spare Bedroom
7.  Spare bedroom closet
8.  Under the bed storage
9.  Kids/Guest bathroom
10. Master Bathroom d
11. Bookshelves


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