The Homemaker’s Quiet Time Journal

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Personal Bible study is vitally important in our lives.  But sometimes it can be hard. Life gets busy. Parenting, laundry, and dirty dishes can seem to take over our schedules and often daily Bible reading is the first thing to go.

Contrary to the popular trend, I’m not here to tell you that you should give yourself permission to neglect your quiet time. Why? Because I don’t believe that would be doing you any favors. Instead, I want to provide you with practical tips and inspiration.

It’s our time spent with the Lord that gives us the strength we need to make it through the rest of our busy lives with grace. It leads us to thrive instead of just survive. It is water to our dry, thirsty souls.

We need time in His word.

I love the passage found in Matthew 6:25-34.  We are told not to worry or be anxious, and it culminates with this, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33).

Seek Him. Spend time in His word, He will work out everything else. You might be surprised at how much more time, energy, motivation, and joy you seem to have when you start your day faithfully with the Lord.

Getting the Most out of Your Quiet Time

I’ve always held the belief that time in God’s word is very important. But, sometimes I would feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by circumstances, a lack of a plan, etc.

Maybe you can relate. 

Maybe you’ve been struggling to make time for a daily quiet time. Maybe you believe, as I do, that it is vitally important, but you just haven’t made it a priority. Isn’t it funny how our actions sometimes defy logic that way?

Maybe you want to make it a priority, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Or maybe you already have a dedicated quiet time, but would like some direction with journaling through it.

If any of these describes you, then I believe this Homemaker’s Quiet Time Journal can help.

When I did a survey here on Serving Joyfully, the overwhelming majority of the readers said that the number one way to go from just surviving to thriving, is by reading God’s word and spending time with Him, daily. But so often, it’s the first thing we let go when life gets busy.

I challenge you not to let that happen. Get in His word!

Help For Your Quiet Time

As I said above, instead of giving you permission to forego this time with the Lord, I want to provide you with practical tips and resources to help you in setting up your own quiet time. In this book, you will find:

  • More reasons that daily Bible Study should be non-negotiable for us;
  • Practical tips for scheduling your quiet time;
  • Practical tips for getting the most out of your quiet time;
  • A suggested quiet time routine with several components and how I use them in my daily study;
  • 31 days worth of journaling sheets. Each journaling page has sections to coordinate with the quiet time components, along with a suggested Bible verse to inspire your time;
  • An Index with more than 50 Bible verses, arranged by topic, meant to inspire you with a desire to study God’s word.

It is my hope and prayer that this resource will help you in your quiet time.

The journaling sheets offer the following sections (which are explained in more detail in the book):

  • 3 Things I’m grateful for;
  • Character trait I’m working on;
  • Who/What I’m praying for;
  • Bible study (includes passage/key verse/thoughts)
  • To-Do List (explained more in the book, but I believe praying over our to-do lists is a simple thing that can be life-changing)
  • Top 3 priorities for the day
  • A verse to inspire your quiet time

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A Note About Format

Between printing and shipping charges, it would be cost prohibitive for me to offer a printed version at this time. So, I chose to offer it as a more affordable PDF file. This way, you can print the 31 journaling pages over and over as needed. You can print the entire book, or you can choose to only print the journaling sheets. You can have it bound, or store it in a 3-ring binder, which is what I do because I often add notebook paper for additional writing space.

Note:  If you are struggling financially, but believe this journal could benefit you, please email me at Crystal (at) Serving Joyfully (dot) com.

Also, in the name of authenticity, I feel obliged to say, you do not need this journal for your quiet time. You don’t need any fancy schmancy anything. Just a willing heart and your Bible.

If you purchase the journal and are not satisfied with it, please contact me at Crystal (@) serving joyfully (dot) com for a full refund

This is a PDF file and will be delivered instantly. please contact me at the above email address if you encounter any problems with file delivery. Thank you!


  1. Ruth Meacham says

    I just started digging into your Bible study and it is Great!!! Thank you so much for putting it together! God is really using it in my life! :-D

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